New pedestrian bridge across Xiang'an Avenue to open in May - What's On Xiamen

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Pedestrians in Xiamen will soon find it much easier to cross Xiang'an Avenue. Construction of a new pedestrian bridge in front of the city's Human Resources Building is nearing completion,, and is expected to ready for foot traffic by the end of May.
The main structure of the bridge was completed a year or two ago,, but construction has been delayed due to a dispute over compensation from the local government to seven households affected.

According to the builder, the pedestrian bridge will be essential to facilitate pedestrian traffic on Xiang'an Avenue. Near one end of the bridge in Xindian Town are the offices for more than 10 government agencies,, while close to the other end are Dongkeng and Hongcuo villages with tens of thousands of residents. "With the pedestrian bridge, local residents can cross the street in a minute or two, but without the pedestrian bridge,, it would take five or six minutes,," the builder said. 






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