14 -year-old mobile phone for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, ar

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reporter Chien-Wen Peng ,Christian Louboutin Platforms

time: Yesterday morning

Location: Fortress America east of the community for a hostel in Xun

area: east of the city police station

Who would have thought that a juvenile as young as 14 years old, because stepping out on the fireworks, the girls often spend the night and different,Christian louboutin outlet, and ultimately a sexually transmitted disease. Not afford medical treatment, he heart is evil, an Internet cafe in the east of Quanzhou City and took away others phone. Yesterday, he was a look of childish, wearing handcuffs and foot to go to the province's police juvenile correctional facilities.

Zengyin theft was arrested after the release of Education

he called the Little Zhai (a pseudonym), Nayong County of Guizhou, was born in September 1994, 14 years old this year.

4 month 30 am 7 pm, a cyber cafe in the east of the city streets, little Di away a high-end mobile phone, then quickly fled the scene. Chen said the owner, who was playing computer games, watch phone is snatched away. This phone is that he spent 2,400 yuan bought.

Alarm, the east station monitor the mobilization of Internet cafes, a few days through the investigation, yesterday morning, the U.S. community in the east of Au, a hotel, police arrested the small Zhai. The investigation last September,Christian louboutin for sale, also due to theft of small Zhai Feng zeu Island border police station had been captured, as he under 16 years of age, were released after education.


his parents divorced three years ago to spring alone battles

arrest, a small Zhai said that his mobile phone stolen, has been sold to 1,000 others, in exchange for money all spent. Police surprise that the small Zhai said that he robbed mobile phones to sell for money, is to raise money to treat sexually transmitted diseases.

yesterday morning, police went to the hospital with a small Zhai, confirmed his statement --- that he really had sexually transmitted diseases. Zhai home and small police to contact the police know, 3 years ago, the small Zhai's parents divorced, and has disappeared.

small Zhai said that regardless of his parents after they divorced. To support himself, when he was 11 years old, from their homes and moved Quanzhou battles. At first, he organized a Trustee of a false identity card, a handicraft factory in Jinjiang printing work done. A year later, he saved a point of savings, they begin to patronize Diba, bath and an ice rink and other entertainment venues, to get to know a lot of girls. As others looking, admiration by many girls, there is a lot of Two years, and different girls he often overnight. Two months ago, he found himself a sexually transmitted disease.

□ dialogue

itch can not sleep at night decided to try to steal the cure

yesterday,Louboutin for sale, the police station in the east, the reporter (hereinafter referred to as Small Zhai (hereinafter referred to as He told reporters that he had a brother.

Zhai: Early last year, a skating rink in Jinjiang, I met a girl. Come talk to her, like on the. That night, I told her to open room, that was my first time. From that, I fell in love with the Diba and sauna, often about girls night out, or go to Internet cafes.

in mind: When disease is found? Find a doctor?

Zhai: Two months ago, I played a lot of pants red, itchy. I was afraid, and went to the hospital. The doctor told me the shot, and gave me a lot of drugs. Needle hit a few days later,Christian louboutin for sale, I have no money ruled. Recently, my condition still did not feel better, can not sleep at night often itch. I want treatment, no money, no way did grab the phone.

□ News extension

no guardian youth into the juvenile detention

yesterday, said a small police station east of the city, small Zhai is a minor, not their own parenting capacity, and no guardian had sent for reeducation.

Fujian Kai Lin said law firm, according to the relevant provisions of PRC Criminal Law, under 16 years of age, not at the criminal punishment, and ordered them to discipline their parents or guardians. When necessary, such as a criminal record, and also by the government for rehabilitation. Moreover, this was a snatch theft case is different, more in line with the conditions for rehabilitation.

counselor: Little Zhai also victims

happened to the small Zhai, Quanzhou blue waves studio Counselor Wang Yongmei national sympathy and shock.

Wang Yongmei, said Zhai is just a small 14-year-old boy, also a tragic victim. Parents do not fulfill the responsibility of guardians, leading to loss of small Zhai love, did not receive a good education, there is no need for self-personality and ability to distinguish right and wrong; In addition, the conscience of society does not play the necessary oversight functions.

In fact, the growth of small Zhai is a passive process, one is passive in order to survive, and second, the passive nature of consciousness. In short, the small community should reflect on the incident Zhai.






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