Shenzhen is not a bad information

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In this process, both the Jiliuyongtui sorry for people, there are some thrilling game with the crisis, more people have a first-mover to the Shenzhen Special Economic. In 2005, used the analog television set-top boxes in Shenzhen who had just seen all the charm of the figures, they quickly filled with a full switch to the peak, so that the Shenzhen rapid transition to the digital age. Two years ago, carries a flavor of 3G communications technology, but also the first to put down roots in Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province as the first TD the phone to get through the city, the rise of an influx of 3G base station competition, but also for building up the city of Shenzhen Information technology into a powerful bargaining chip, and a measure of the importance of international competitiveness of its scale. 3G, gushing out, but also for the city have been brilliant if the historical mission to do a lot through the end of life and death. Without a doubt, the 3G is an important carrier of the The next historical mission, perhaps the heat from the lives of mobile e-commerce. Shenzhen in the trade-offs and choices, everything is set to follow the blueprint to move forward step by step they match exactly.

1 from the analog, digital, high-definition interactive, Shenzhen every step to become a pioneer information technology

turn the whole TV program, Shenzhen is an important node in the information industry. As a television host and transporters, set-top box to open the digital age to remember the Shenzhen people. July 1, 2005, responsible for the overall conversion of the emperor's video into the district, Futian District 11 pilot installation for the user to register the business. August, the Shenzhen customs large-scale implementation of the overall cable digital TV conversion, as of the end of digital cable terminal in Shenzhen has exceeded 500,000. Shenzhen is almost running into the digital TV era, when few in the pilot cities, to become one of the highest conversion rate. This time, set-top boxes started to become regular equipment of the family in Shenzhen, Shenzhen has rapidly transition from analog television era to the digital age.

However, on the whole in the SAR transfer digital TV in full swing, the customs are still stuck in analog TV stage, forcing the Shenzhen authorities to accelerate the pace of contrast. October 2005, Shenzhen Media Group and Shenzhen Baoan, Longgang, Yantian District, street sign a cooperation agreement to integrate the District of Shenzhen City streets do the radio and television stations, and under the network system, the formation of Shenzhen City Cable TV Network Integration . After three years, Shenzhen has finally opened in the customs of the big screen digital TV. July 2008, Shenzhen Guangming New District started the whole turn of cable digital television work, followed by customs in the region have to enjoy the benefits of digital television, both inside and outside the industry begin to focus on the integration of cable television resources. So far, cable digital TV users in Shenzhen terminals above 110 million.

using information technology to the city of Shenzhen has been the label does not stop at the vanguard role in exploration. High-definition, digital television technology as the latest features, under the impetus of the government has taken the lead into Shenzhen. September 28, 2009, Shenzhen Digital TV Industry Association jointly held a press conference to launch the majority of the people of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Satellite TV, CCTV 9 sets of other free HD channels, promote the upgrading the digital TV industry in Shenzhen. Shenzhen as the country's digital TV trial cities, is the first batch of high-definition interactive TV trials started the city.

indescribable feeling. into the development of history. In Lv Jianjie view, with 9 sets of high-definition TV broadcasting, first, the chicken or the egg of the cycle has been broken. According to reporter observed, in fact, Shenzhen is China's digital TV industry pioneer in the development of the city. In 2000, the former State Planning Commission will be the city of Shenzhen as a pilot, and pilot a clear mission is to broadcast through the national standard definition terrestrial broadcast television. Soon, Shenzhen, China began to experiment ahead of high-definition digital television broadcast; 2003, Shenzhen successful pilot high-definition digital TV channels, broadcast two hours a day; the same year, Shenzhen TV, established the first experimental high-definition digital TV reception areas --- Masuda garden demonstration area. Subsequently, the Shenzhen high-definition television industry ushered in rapid development opportunity. In 2006, six departments of Guangdong Province jointly launched the special project development and industrialization of the reply,

favorable factors behind them, to gain an advantage in Shenzhen in the field of video operations, at every step. HD launched a month, the trend of Shenzhen to form pre-loaded, high-definition subscribers to reach 2 million, ranking the country.

by the high-definition digital TV set-top box markets derived from the more than 10 billion business, attracting a large traditional television products such as Konka, Skyworth, also make the same continent, the National Snow and other rookies eager . From Shenzhen in a crowded industry of the Championship, but also quietly kicked off here.

2 pass for the 40 million local phone customers to hand over delisting responses, the test of integrated communication skills

from dynamic to an abrupt end, everything is like deja vu reincarnation.

2009 year 2 months, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology paper order, issued net work back clear frequency. According to the results of the spectrum planning, frequency bands used by the PHS in 2011, back before the end of the Qing-frequency networks work, which shows that PHS is finally approaching the end of life, to make way for the mobile 3G services.

policy was now, so many people recall past lives from the PHS. In Shenzhen, PHS, then known as City Link. May 2001 by the devaluation of the City of Shenzhen, then pass in the country is exclusive, because the use of the CDM A standard and technology better, less radiation, and many people in Shenzhen this reputation was good. For operators, telephone companies large and deep technical staff recalled the development of local telephone communication is also quite proud of: it is the system uses the most advanced CDMA technology, the use of the Shenzhen Zhongxing Communication Co., Ltd. manufacture a full set of equipment can be realized with the 3G smooth transition of the unique advantages, and other cities in the development of the

no matter how advantageous, telephone, or forced to pass on the road to ruin. Phone Association, according to statistics of Shenzhen, Shenzhen last year, mobile phone production billions of dollars, even if only 5% PHS, but also hundreds of millions of production efficiency.

stripped of PHS in Shenzhen, is more focused on the mobile phone industry to improve it a dream? Association of mobile phone industry in Shenzhen, the former Deputy Secretary-General Su Jie view, many companies had been brewing for a way out, into doing C or G + C network network. In the long run it is good to PHS the emergence of a compromise, after all, come from the back to where. Moreover, China's PHS market so big you can not simply terminate.

go from here, a problem which runs through the many words of love in the city of Shenzhen through the user mind. Shenzhen Telecom's an insider told the reporter, Shenzhen, then pass around 40 million active users. Qing-frequency network within three years back, 40 million people do? Last January, in the newspaper and the Olympic Web organized by the poll, more than Bacheng users of the city of Shenzhen, then pass, Return dispute dispute, the hopeless situation is the fact that iron nails. In fact, starting from December 2008, Shenzhen City, then pass network has stopped operations. All signals show that the city would have been powerless to pass. Some industry experts told reporters that 40 million users on how to deliver a good answer sheet is a challenge to the integration of the communications industry in Shenzhen effort. Shenzhen is also not too

history is repeating. City, then through a lot of people think of life and death linked to BP machine full scene waist. Shenzhen was established in 1984 started the first paging, 1996, 1997 ushered in Shenzhen, the golden age of development of BP machine to 1999 was characterized as a sunset industry. According to official statistics, the peak paging Shenzhen nearly home, was more than 3 million subscribers. Household population by nearly a million was calculated, which is a universal BP machine age.

the rise and fall, and is responsible for the BP machine last exit work. Miss Mai memories, Shenzhen BP machine industry experienced only about 10 years time, the whole market is in the BP machine is very quiet exit, users are with, or transferred to mobile phone users in the network, or suspension of the BP machine.

view in the industry, BP machine called the communications industry in Shenzhen, 3G, gushing out, it became a city, then through the end of life and death. The general trend of history, no one can stop.

3 as the main carrier with 3G built digital city, Shenzhen, three male wrestling communications industry

City, then through the end of the mission, which means the rapid 3G launched, everything in the match exactly in advance, Shenzhen is enjoying the fruits of development information.

2008 year 4 1st, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, became the first TD the phone to get through the city, as this day began, China's first 3G network --- China Mobile TD-SCD MA Network in the Shenzhen and other 8 also try the commercial cities, Shenzhen has therefore become one of the first 3G network in the city of early adopters, 3G for the first time clearly and face the people. On this day, the Shenzhen special 3G service experience has opened two rooms, for the general public to experience the numbers and buy 3G, 3G mobile phones and data cards and other products. Office set up a mobile phone experience, introduction, introduce video phone, 3G high-speed Internet experience, and so on. The commercial 3G trial, two new business concern most users. One is the video phone, the other business is a broadband wireless Internet access.

mobile phone industry in Shenzhen, deep rivers and lakes, for the launch of the 3G business soon have their own interpretation. Optimistic that many experts, operators, equipment manufacturers, manufacturer, supporting industries and end consumers in Shenzhen are very strong, try 3G Shenzhen, China's largest R & D base is sitting on the Shenzhen production of the country 1 / 3, the global 1 / 8 phone, forming the most complete industrial chain of mobile phone parts, design and sales channel support system, the establishment of large-scale industrial clusters . With the mobile phone industry and the technical interpretation of the 3G

climax is yet to come. January 7, 2009, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the release 3G licenses, China Mobile, Unicom and Telecom, respectively, include the TD-SCDMA, WCDMA and CDMA 2000 three aces. From the trial to the official launch of the commercial, communication pattern emerged in Shenzhen male hegemony three wrestling situation. Soon, 3G base stations and coverage of distribution presented in Shenzhen, a trend everywhere.

Mobile said, according to Shenzhen, Shenzhen TD quietly upgraded the network downlink speed 3.5G (TD-HSDPA), rates rose sharply from more than 100 KB 1 MB, the family has no less than the existing fixed broadband, the public to enjoy video on demand, live TV shows such as the majority of business will be more fluid, the use of wireless data cards more quickly. Up to now, Shenzhen has built nearly 2,500 base stations opening TD, the network covering the city's six administrative regions, airports, Guangzhou-Shenzhen, Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway and other important transport hub and the trunk are a good signal. China Telecom is not far behind. According to the latest test showed Shenzhen Telecom, EVDO network coverage of 99%. The end of January next year, will complete the second phase of the local EVDO network expansion, will then be able to meet more 3G users at the same wireless Internet surfing. Shenzhen local network will be upgraded to the B version of next year, when the highest Internet speed downlink 9.3M / s, upstream up 5.4M / sec. 4M / s download rate. Currently a small number of imperfect coverage of remote areas, the phone will automatically switch to the 2G network smoothly.

terms for the construction of Shenzhen, 3G can not be denied. capability of independent innovation, promote industrial chain rapid development of many small and medium enterprises, to contribute to sustainable economic development of Shenzhen Power.

under the effect of in 3G, mobile phone users in Shenzhen reached a historical peak, even more than the total population. In December last year, the

However, Shenzhen's April this year, insiders said China Mobile the second half of the construction in three coastal cities, TD-LT E (4G) test cities, Shenzhen, a temporary missed. Although the official did not confirm the statement made, but the printing of speculation is swirling. Shenzhen 4G strategy is out of favor? Operators in the 4G and the battle for the city before, and who may come out on top? Or dense fog in front of Shenzhen.

4 fight with the strength of Shanghai, Hangzhou, mobile e-commerce as a new topic

with 3G of the east, since last year, and wireless e-commerce technology is closely related to the various types of applications continuously came out, cell phones wallet, mobile payment, mobile Shenzhen Tong, mobile phones and other communications housekeeper is a new concept of the information constantly updated index of Shenzhen.

of Shenzhen, the mobile e-commerce applications Zhengshi an attractive cake. Government level in the planning of Shenzhen, Shenzhen is the first e-commerce model city, at present, Shenzhen's e-commerce and Internet industry is evolving rapidly and has become a strategic industry and the promotion of economic development important component. Mobile e-commerce is the future direction of development, and livelihood-related, have important potential for development.

starting in 2010, began a comprehensive mobile e-commerce Zuoqi with mobile phone at the sensor area, the door automatically opened. want to e-business, business in the future only one message, Huaqiang North will be able to fully understand the value index of electronic market that day. Start now based in Shenzhen city for the RFID (radio frequency identification)-SIM technology, multiple mobile e-commerce applications, covering the public travel, mass consumption, and government and enterprise sectors.

a good foundation and advantages, all parties should seize the opportunity to work together to jointly promote e-commerce industry in Shenzhen to enhance the high-tech industrial level, long-term development for the city rules and layout. He hoped that Shenzhen will speed up the business in mobile e-commerce and other new trial, the birth of a new mobile e-commerce service industries.

In fact, the field of e-business communications applications in Shenzhen, the city has endless opportunities. According to official figures, 2008, Shenzhen e-commerce transactions amounted to approximately 1,500 billion yuan, accounting for 6.25% share. Last year, Alibaba, Baidu should have settled down in Shenzhen of South China regional headquarters of the Centre, it can be said for the city graced. Not long ago, a sudden visit to China Mobile president Wang Yulong Shenzhen enterprises and Tencent, all sorts of signals that Shenzhen is accelerating the expansion of mobile e-commerce.

Association executive vice president Hao Jianqiang that the strategic cooperation agreement signed, have a lot of opportunities for e-commerce market. On the one hand, whether the government or large and small businesses, can take the opportunity to change its image, improve production efficiency; the other hand,christian louboutin black patent Lady Sling 120 slingback, if the increasing popularity of e-commerce concepts and methods, but also to solve a large number of laid-off workers re-employment. modernization level of the enterprise. (Southern Metropolis Daily Southern Network)

Shenzhen Dream Digital

1800 万

2009 year 10 end of the HKMA from Shenzhen Tong Statistics show that Shenzhen, the city's number of fixed telephone subscribers 5,152,700, an increase of 6.96%, the province accounted for 14.96%. Mobile users (phone number Telephone Number amount) 18,087,600,Christian Louboutin Mater Claude Nude, an increase of 4.48%, accounting for 20.83% of the province. Internet broadband access users 2,Christian Louboutin Sexy 85 patent pump on sale,284,100, an increase of 28.82%, accounting for 18.62% province.


Shenzhen exit in three years,Christian Louboutin Flat Fur-Cuff Boot on sale, then pass the news, many sites and institutions have done public opinion survey. In Shenzhen, the public opinion argument more consistent, more than 80% of the users of the city of Shenzhen, then pass,

500 亿

2009 year 8 months, the Shenzhen Municipal Government and Guangdong Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom and other three telecom operators signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Under the agreement, the next 5 years, Shenzhen, Guangdong Mobile will invest over 10 billion yuan in the implementation of the start-ups.

3000 家

Shenzhen Mobile latest statistics show that Shenzhen can use the of about 300 businessmen, is expected to be covered during the year in most areas of people's daily consumption and the main business, cooperative business up to 3000.

110 万

digital cable TV, Shenzhen is the first pilot cities, the entire transfer of work since the start of 2005, cable digital TV users in Shenzhen exceeded 1.1 million terminal.

Shenzhen dream witnessed

Shenzhen people are expected to experience the first five minutes of economic living area

trial from 2008 to 2009, the first commercial launch, to the three major networks this year, go hand in hand. This is a blueprint for some 3G, and the old leadership of Shenzhen Liu Yingli, roughly tracing the original agreement. As early as 2004, when Vice Mayor of Shenzhen Liu Yingli in the inspection made after the telecommunications industry, telecommunications industry to face new challenges in the new stage. For the possible arrival of structural adjustment and the challenges of new technologies such as 3G, he reminded the industry of Shenzhen, to examine new technologies, new business is really to promote the formation of new industry profit growth. Everything the real needs of the customer as the driving force, the use of advanced technology, develop new services to meet market demand, creating new profit growth point. He also believed that the telecommunications industry become bigger and stronger, we should solve the problem of information sharing, since if the opening of 3G services,Christian Louboutin Lady Glitter Slingback Nude Evening, there is no source of information, then the related services are not running smoothly.

Yi Tan, general manager of Shenzhen Ridge Consulting Shenzhen communications industry, the country witnessed a small to large from the single to three-dimensional multi-faceted development process. In his creed, the Phone companies gathered in Shenzhen, the industrial chain is perfect, potentially very strong R & D advantage. To fast as the core of this round of innovation in the communications industry, will make the mobile phone industry chain manufacturers and equipment manufacturers usher in the spring.

stand point of the city's humane care, 3G gateway Xiangdong, president of Shenzhen has been concerned about the public communication process. Said Zhang Xiangdong, 3G gateway, a background data show that 40% of its registered users who come from Guangdong, including Shenzhen, Guangzhou, the user only to users in Guangdong province, the second tier mobile Internet crowd. Xiangdong said that the Shenzhen people always communications equipment and data flow in the siege, the phone can not be replaced with other media advantage is particularly evident in Shenzhen's characteristics, they are one of the earliest developed commercial society crowd.

In his view, based on Shenzhen's industrial structure and a high degree of medium and large enterprises has been basically achieved the status of information technology, Shenzhen people are expected to advance through the That is, any demand for payment of life, the process can be resolved within 5 minutes, its core value is not whether the technology is sophisticated enough, but in such a way of life is to be accepted. In his view, more developed in e-commerce in Japan, it has been used to solve all problems with the phone, it contains the electronic money, credit cards, employee cards, membership cards and transport tickets and other functions. China is bound to be representative of this city, the first is the most developed coastal areas in Shenzhen.

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