Couple failed to pick anyone to go for raising children with cerebral palsy 12

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Shapingba Yang from the right and his wife, Jane Yu Tang is Red Rock line of retired workers living in the tomb of Yang Shan 112 martyrs, the couple's son Yang Jing, aged 24 years old, and a patrol.

1997 年 5 12, Zhazi Dong Tang Zhen Yu encountered in the embrace of a pair of abandoned babies and old couples, saying the baby would like to find a good home.

old Yang was very angry wife attracted trouble, friends persuaded him to let the child pick up street people to go. Son Yang Jing saying 3 days, old Yang kids to do child protection inspection, I discovered that she was a cerebral palsy. Lao Yang and his wife agreed, no matter how difficult the future, must accompany the child go, and Lucy Tang for her name: rice side down feces urine, body scrub, with her doctor, after his wife of 10 years old Yang has become the most important thing. colleagues and old neighbors. She said that urinary barrel, bench and plastic bags are old Yang necessary three-piece out for the adopted daughter. Wang Yan Ru said that once, clinic buy some of the prevention of influenza vaccine, Wang Yan-Ru notice old Yang took his son to the vaccination. education model woman. That cerebral palsy patients, such as the bone marrow transplant between relatives, is expected to be recovered, old Yang and his wife decided: Looking for Lulu's birth parents. Yang right to an enjoyable






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