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the principle of combining punishment with leniency

Finally, the request for judicial proceedings Daihong Fu cases, careful examination of whether the behavior constitutes Daihong Fu self-defense, if it constitutes self-defense, should be exempted from criminal punishment, if the defense in the off when, in sentencing , it should be sympathetic and lenient, this is our request, is our voice!

Season three or four thousand dollars monthly income, fewer people eat in winter gear, only barely, four or five points. I chef, his wife and attendant side dishes. during the day but also to buy food, when the summer vacation to help his son, very hard. His son, five-year junior college in Reading, will graduate next year, annual tuition and other expenses to more than 10,000 yuan. Cou Cou to go,

dilemma, strangers, friends for their support, to the In an interview on the day he received a 30,000 yuan loan from friends, the food stalls start-up capital was finally settled.

verdict reflected

Daihong Fu childhood growing up in our noses. Although he was a lower educational level, but very good reputation. His honest hard-working, law-abiding, helpful, everyone praised the big guy. As for the sound of a road in the Chittagong Zhao defense caused by the death of another thing, we all felt a lightning bolt, too accident. We did not at the scene, no witnesses to the particular situation. However, according to defense, he is intolerable situation, forced to defend itself. He such a move is entirely understandable.

generations of his family farm in our village, for generations, simple kindness, safety and dutiful poor farmers. Dear uncle wearing his armed battle in 1944 in Xinghua heroic sacrifice,Christian Louboutin Sexy 85 patent pump on sale, even die for your country, people admired the revolutionary martyr. Can also say that he is the martyr offspring.


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Town Dam Dai Village road

but sentencing for intentional injury, Daihong Fu can be described by the leniency of the four reasons for the rich lawyer: on the one hand, the victims take the initiative to provoke and damage property, and the first beat Dai Dai Hongfu caused the injury enraged the defendant Daihong Fu,Christian Louboutin Simple Botta Leather Boot, which directly led to the tragedy happened, so there are significant fault victims; the other hand, Dai Hongfu harassment in the two young women, can stop the other side of the wrongful act, which is a courageous character; case made after he took the initiative to call the police, to accept the public security organ for handling, and true account of his crime that apply voluntarily surrendered themselves, reduce the punishment; In addition, in the case during the trial, Dai Hongfu positive economic loss compensation for the victims and relatives of good confession, repentance performance, relatives of victims have been understanding, so that social relations have been damaged to a certain degree of repair, reducing the damage done to society, reduce the punishment.

life, his wife resolutely do not want to do business, food stalls,

law is relentless. Who committed it, should be sanctioned, it is beyond doubt. However, the implementation of the law are sentient beings. We request that the assassination of the judiciary in the case of Dai Hongfu criminals in this case, we must consider its causes and consequences of specific conditions. Such as Dai Hongfu stall, if the , have suffered huge economic losses. We are concerned that he has old, under a small, coming days how can I carry it?

However, the young migrant workers to live in the city the problem persists ... ...

has hot friends, -

villagers fear

many users even behind the It was also cool analysis,Christian Louboutin New Declic python on sale, and others pointed out that Mao Huzi Hemou escape in case of catch up to the knife, is beyond the defended area, there is suspicion of intentional injury. A small number of users that

Ho left Zhenjiang

regardless of how He Mousheng improper behavior before, a fresh young life gone, a family must be a great blow. Dai Dai Village East Dam lady told reporters that a long period of time, family members stationed in the village every day,

Shanghai New Wenhui Fu Min Jung attorney law firm that various factors, the sentence is appropriate. Because it embodies the principle of combining punishment with leniency in the legal valid and have achieved good social effects.


Yangcheng Evening News in Zhenjiang, and did not find the families of the deceased Hemou. Some say they return to Lianyungang, and leave this sad place in Zhenjiang.

Trial, they had met her and Mao Huzi. I said do not cry little girl, after a good life in society. wife. Yangcheng Evening News tried to contact her, but that work outside the home, she has been on edge for a phone number, do not take a stranger calls. Even the 18-year-old son, away from the school she went to work, to prevent reprisals.

there are strangers on the Internet enthusiastic message. Many people firmly stand, , , if more such cases, if they would come forward, is it so (impulsive )。village people, whom we know too much the case is the.

After the incident, on the the problem, quickly raged in Zhenjiang, the network is triggered heated debate.

rich lawyers that the case does not apply Because the victim with a broken beer bottle Hemou Daihong Fu implementation of the accused had fled after the infringement case, as a unlawful infringement has ended, Daihong Fu is still chasing a knife and stabbed the victim out of anger caused by his death, which has constituted intentional injury crime.

(Signature omitted)

regardless of which held views, most netizens called for,Christian Louboutin cognac suede Lady Derby 120 lace up peep toe booties, certainly, December 11, Dagang, Zhenjiang Intermediate People's Court

Dai Guizhen said the captain of his village to find something and found that the captain did not dare open the door at home. Finally, the same propaganda as the underground party identification, open the door and sneak into the. not returned home, one to be afraid of retaliation, addition is working out to raise money, his mother did not dare to sleep at home of the process, the status of thousands of small cities in microcosm. Migrant workers and new immigrants, in a strange city recreation impoverished background, young people, frequent instances of mob. normal.

playing time of the incident more than 10 110 people, the police station only after more than 40 minutes to the scene, the police station as early as 10 minutes if things are nothing gone. Station 5 minutes to the night the road will stall.

our country is the rule of law, to establish a prosperous, civilized and harmonious society. This will not only depend on the ideological education, the media guide, popular participation, but also on the judiciary firmly against evil,Christian Louboutin Very Prive Satin Platform, trying uphold justice. We will create all the courage to come forward to promote righteousness, all the courage courageous and eradication of cancer of the social atmosphere.






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