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3 has been found early in the morning 6 am,Christian Louboutin shoes, police in the tea market Shawodi milkman come across a man , the man said before he was sent to the neighbor lady had milk, milk delivery men, then in Under the leadership of the police will be the old lady back home. But police found the old lady is a live , but also in helping to find a lady neighbor 's family .

Nanchang News Chen Hongqing

newspaper reporter , following Hu , interns Jiashun Yuan reports: People often say that sleepwalking can not frightened . 3 am , a snack stall sleepwalking scared confused old lady does not light. Last Patrol was removed several times , before the old lady home.

3 pm , the reporter learned Yuzhang police station ,Christian Louboutin Fifi 85 patent pump, at 2:20 on the 3rd Xu ,Christian Louboutin Babel 85 Veau Velour, Aiguo Road, the Riverside in the patrolling officers found a hotel door old lady covered in scars . According to police briefing, when found , the old lady dressed in pajamas , slippers feet , leaning on a cane , slowly walking leisurely . When police approached the inquiry , found the old lady eyes still closed ,Christian Louboutin Very Prive Satin Platform Pump, the mouth, muttering that Told police he saw the old lady from the direction of the tea market Shawodi came , because of walking with eyes closed , the old lady fell several wrestle . However, both near the stall holders do not know the old lady said , police had to hold on patrol first lady , looking for people who know her .

just get on , the old lady on the mouth to speak, to find her daughter a drink at the same time shouting heat. Police bought drinking water , a little while, the old lady opened her eyes ,Christian Louboutin Cate patent calf boot, the police quickly Yu Chang Road, along with the old lady began to find her home.

According to the family of the old lady , old lady two days the temperature may be due to the high heat of the uncomfortable sleeping at night to cool to go out subconsciously .






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