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when to send money when you pick flowers delivery

again the next day a reporter came to this Shaokao Tan,Christian Louboutin Bana 140 patent Evening on sale, choose to wait in a nearby road. After more than an hour of waiting, this woman was riding again, after the bicycle rack sitting flower boy. Women will stop the car, called the boy to get off,Christian Louboutin Lady Peep-Toe Slingback Pump Chocolate, and had placed the vehicle in front basket of roses handed boy hands.

Tianshan road is relatively dark, the reporter turned on the lights for the mother and son, the boy stepped forward to ask: the boy always had roses, until police let him rest for a while, he remained in the rose into the front of the table, also cover the flowers outside the neat plastic bags pulled out, distressed and said: over, today,Christian Louboutin Ron Ron 100 black pump, can not earn much money. >

Why would the mother as also next to the mother. Many people have asked him Be this way, a few flowers. Another time, a guest approached the mother asked: Each time the guests asked, he only said aunt.

flower boy to go home. Many people are suspected of hiding in the shadows of women's identity. times the boy appeared very suddenly, we did not even noticed how he came. But a few carefully observed, when the boy came to the flower stalls,Christian Louboutin Suede Butterfly Bootie, there is always hiding in a women's bike not far from view. Each time the boy left the pitch at least one hundred meters away, the woman will Coushang, let the boy sit down after the bike rack. Curious stall holders have asked the identity of this woman, boy, every time said: p>

Xiao Qing, 29-year-old mother said, she and her husband to Tianjin has been for years, first working for other people, but also ran a Shaokao Tan. Later and began to Shaokao Tan Village in million by the

reader asked

Year-old boy flower

glib Ruanmoyingpao

went the distance. A more than 20 meters outside the original stand in the dark woman is also pushing bicycles to the same direction. Boy straight out of the 100 meters, clutched in the hands of the money will be handed over to the woman, then sat down after the bike rack, drive away.

double every night, photographs, and immediately went to the woman for a parking space, fast sat down after the bike rack. Women's legs tight pedal, the car ride very fast. Follow them by car all the way to the station and headed Wei,Christian Louboutin Mater Claude Red, Dongli District, journalists call 110. Then the new police station rushed to the million back to the police station to investigate them.

dark women who are

we say He said: not change for him, even went to the waiter in front of Na Zhaoqian, instead of that table end up guest accounts, and then sent for the change to pay his own money, flowers, even the adults did not think of this approach.

Shaokao Tan see men and women often have to eat, they sprouted the idea to make money selling flowers. Taking into account the few adults to buy flower, they decided to play by the Xiao Qing. Xiao Qing's opening remarks were taught by them. Xiao Qing smart soon get the hang of a purchase price of 0.82 yuan a red rose, after Xiao Qing to sell, it becomes a 5 yuan each. One day down, at least 200 yuan profit. The same day as the Tanabata festival, the price per cigarette rose by 10 yuan, 500 yuan earned that day. Now, the husband is responsible for day flowers from the nearby flower market himself is responsible for the transfer to each Shaokao Tan Xiao Qing. Xiao Qing income mainly relies on a flower. After police education, Xiao Qing mother said that she would return as soon as the son of Anhui grandparents home and let him go back to school to school.

responsible for the boy's field with a bike shuttle is always hiding in the shadows of women, the women population of the boy, After several days of our reporter's match tracking and territorial police finally opened the mystery of their identities.

the evening every day, around the east zone million more than Shaokao Tan Village, the surrounding residential areas, a lack of year-old boy After 2:00 am,

reporters in a nearby Songshan Shaokao Tan, after two hours of pain etc, etc to the flower boy. I saw the boy, aged no more than 10 years of age, small hands tightly holding more than 20 red roses. Looked around the table, the boy first came to the front of a young couple, open to the young man said: Yeah, you buy her a rose, she will love you.

boy every night flower

boy again went to a middle-aged couples dining table, the same as the back lines, the boy said: continued: Ruanmoyingpao, the man pulled out five dollars. About 20 minutes after the boy sold seven roses, left the Shaokao Tan.

flower boy promotions well-

9-year-old Tong Xiaoqing (alias) This tell the truth: women hiding in the shadows of her biological mother. Xiao Qing, said around 18:00 dinner every day, their mother was removed at various booths on, around 2:00 am, the Shaokao Tan closing time and they will go home. After police discovered the verification of their identity, the woman is indeed Xiao Qing's mother. Taking into account the boy was too young, not in the flower activity, the police carried out the mother of Xiao Qing education.






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