Convenient mobile service moved spring migrant workers

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during the spring , a return of migrant workers from overseas friends in the North train station transfer tickets , the phone accidentally lost. China Mobile after the point of service staff to help convenience , through the free and home phone in time reported safety made ??contact ,Christian Louboutin Sexy 85 patent pump, the lifting of the pro- people's concerns. To do this, return home with more than 10 migrant workers sent specially thank you friends , for mobile workers warm, sincere help.

North train station is the largest transportation hub in southwest China , the main task of the spring bear with daily traffic of 12 million. Communications services during the spring for the good work as the only establishment in North train station point of the spring service communications companies , Chengdu Branch pumping to send five to deploy crack team composed of North Station convenience services , from January 18 start And from the travelers. As of February 15 , installed 10 phone free reported safety , human resources 315 passengers, a total of 19,132 reported safety to provide a free telephone service ,Christian Louboutin Guerriere 120 suede ankle boots on sale, call time a total of about 52,317 minutes ,Christian Louboutin Greissimo Denim Knot Evening, by the Dirong mass critical acclaim and praise, China Mobile shows good social image. At the same time , noted that North Station of Chengdu Mobile is planning to do promotion The high degree of recognition.

during the Spring Festival , Chengdu move to take practical measures to effectively protect the North Railway Station smooth communication . On January 10 after the opening of emergency communications vehicles , also arranged for a quiet 24-hour standby generator car , the daily allocation of test arrangement 2 groups who live around the square and the waiting room on-site monitoring, and arrange for back office staff monitoring network 3 groups Per run , real-time adjustments to cope with temporary emergency situation, emergency communications vehicles to ensure the normal operation period in the spring . Xu Nanwei






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