TCL Communication Guo Aiping Alcatel mobile phone brand strategy overhaul

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-> TCL Communications CEO Guo Aiping (SAN with map)

SAN FRANCISCO Feb. 16 message in today's 2011 World Conference on Mobile, TCL Communications to the media brand of 2011, Alcatel's Mobile's new strategy, the Alcatel brand extension for the ALCATEL ONE TOUCH. TCL Communications CEO, said Guo Aiping,Red sole shoes, which will be sold overseas, TCL Communication's flagship brand.

post new Alcatel mobile phone brand strategy

2010 year, TCL Communication worldwide mobile phone sales of more than 3,600 million units, a substantial increase of 125% over the same period last year as the world's top ten mobile phone manufacturers the fastest growing companies.

TCL Communications CEO Guo Aiping, said: , we can achieve sustainable growth. Alcatel brand has been used for many years,louboutin sale, in the new era of mobile Internet, the brand also needs to change, so in 2011, TCL Communication ALCATEL ONE TOUCH launched a new brand strategy, and with the 2011 Mobile World Congress this great opportunity release,

flagship brand overseas sales

learned, ALCATEL ONE TOUCH TCL Communication will be the main brand in overseas sales, the brand concept is designed to provide users with easy to use,red soled shoes, modern design and have the price advantage of the high-tech products and services to mobile communication technology has become easy and convenient, at your fingertips. Simple, smart, unique, ALCATEL ONE TOUCH rich mobile product line, will provide each user a unique human experience, make your mobile life different.

Guo Aiping that TCL Communication is a key strategic move, he said,christian louboutin on sale, provide users with more stylish,christian louboutin outlet, more intelligent products. brand manufacturers face difficulties in foreign countries because, neither can be used to sell its own brand, can only do OEM (OEM). It can be said TCL Communication is the internationalization of Chinese enterprises the most complete first enterprise. (JUVENILE)

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