Rohde & Schwarz hug for TD-SCDMA LTE

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-> R & S China Chief Representative and General Manager Wu Ke (right) in the vertical extension of the technology, on the one hand consider the technology of horizontal scalability.

test the development of the communications industry, an indispensable part in the TD-SCDMA (hereinafter referred to as TD) development, to increase their efforts on areas of TD testing Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Industry Alliance, often called TD content, the absence of mainstream international testing companies are not generally trade secret. TD Bank in this city, but Beijing station interview, the reporter found, as the world's largest wireless communications test and measurement solutions provider Rohde & Schwarz, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as R & S), is already into

R & S China Chief Representative and General Manager Wu Ke to the been involved in the terminal business, I believe TD will be more action, the development will be faster. However,Christian Louboutin Sexy 100 patent-leather peep-toe, Wu Ke frankly, after all, is a local Chinese TD technology to develop solutions in the local community better, R & S plan based on its technological advantages, strengthen cooperation with local enterprises,Christian Louboutin Flat Fur-Cuff Boot, in areas more suitable for home test business needs solutions.

TD technology to provide the first test

. We are the first TD the original technology to the test instrumentation company. Since the early development of TD technology from the cooperation of Datang and Siemens, while the same is the German company Siemens R & S is very good partners, R & S is naturally involved in the early development of TD.

and other international businesses, followed by many years, R & S has been closely tracking the development of TD. In 2006, feel the pulse of the further development of TD, after market, R & S brewing set up R & D centers in China, so close to the market can take advantage of the local advantage of tracking the Chinese domestic 3G TD technology. Year July 1 this set up R & D team, fully integrated into global R & D R & S plan, and the German headquarters of the R & D team is actually the same team, in operation for 3 years, the TD for the R & S product line and lay a solid foundation .

in the TD market a wide range of applications. and in mobile phone production, we are a unique concept testing. --- test RF wireless tester market share in China, the absolute advantage. To face the upcoming launch of the Chinese 3G market size, R & S was the opportunity to.

for new equipment based on 3G 4G

. In 2009, for the launch of the 3G market booming, R & S in China launched a new generation of wireless tester CMW500, continue its ten years with the older generation platform CMW200. Ten years ago, compared to the old products for 2G, the new tester based on 3G, for 3.9G and 4G, of course, backward compatible with 2G. Broadcasting) capabilities.

the one hand, consider the vertical extension of the technology, on the one hand consider the technology of horizontal expansion, and this is the test for cell phones said Wu Ke Currently a variety of mobile communication technology is in the first stage of development together, and the future direction of development is the fusion, R & S in this way can minimize and protect customer investment. China mobile phone manufacturing companies, no one not involved in a variety of technical standard, R & S clearly see that need.

help mobile phone companies to save test time

getting lower and lower handset prices in the present market environment, mobile phone production enterprises are facing the greatest pressure is to decrease the premise of guaranteeing quality low-cost Many testing companies also focus on how to reduce test costs brains. Unlike the cost of equipment, R & S the other

time to market for companies that won the greatest savings; from a cost perspective, a mobile phone test equipment to test more, and is equivalent to reducing the investment in equipment and testing costs.

in fact based on this concept, R & S products have been introduced in the previous non-signaling mode of the quick test, and this, R & S and the introduction of the new generation of smart meter calibration and the speed of two concepts. Intelligent calibration, the calibration tests during the phone, by way of default, the order of the indicators and some parameters are preset in, the test automatically once completed, greatly improve the test speed. Compared to traditional mobile phone test method, which allows mobile phone test more than 5 times faster. Speed ??of popular talk is a machine can perform multiple tests in parallel, the parallel test. This is an indicator of change in an indicator of the previous test, it can be simultaneously measured different indicators, which actually improve the efficiency of the approach. will be able to accelerate time to market.

LTE test equipment has become a leader

confidence. and this competitiveness will continue with the promotion of new technologies and applications emerge gradually. In fact, let him more confidence, is R & S's strength in LTE.

September 18 this year, the opening of the 2009 Beijing International Telecommunications Exhibition, R & S company exhibited a full set of LTE test solution has attracted the attention of visitors. This includes power meters, spectrum analyzers, signal sources, wireless tester, protocol tester and RF conformance test systems, including products ranging from devices to the module, from the base station to the terminal, from research to production, from the network certification to the network optimization in all test areas, both for TD-LTE equipment also apply to LTE-FDD device. 4 days later, they released a signaling call features R & SCMW500 broadband wireless communications test version, not only to support LTE, FDD (KM500) and TDD (KM550) to transmitter tests, but also support the use of ARB ( Arbitrary Waveform Generator) mode, the downlink signal generation LTE (KW500) analysis for LTE receiver. Can establish the signaling connection with the DUT based on the measured parts of the LTE emission targets for testing.

test equipment.

help TD-LTE Standard International

test instruments technically demanding, and often need to uncertainty in the technology development trend of the case to judge and to years of R & D investment, is often said that the testing industry, the industry's In the testing industry, no technology can accurately determine the trend of the vote in an area are common mistakes, R & S have had a technology to track errors. However, from now seems, in the 3G evolution path to 4G choice, R & S made the right judgments.

It is reported that, as the NGMN (Next Generation Mobile Networks) and LSTI (LTE / SAE Trial Initiative) is a full member, R & S to work closely with industry to jointly promote the commercialization of LTE, R & S in the testing group LSTI led LTETDD / FDDLSTIIOT (interoperability test) test and field test items. According to reports, R & S R & D center in China Chinese employees also participated in international meetings to discuss relevant standards, to help TD-LTE made at international conferences right to speak.

testing companies for foreign trade of the absence of TD-SCDMA field of view, Wu Ke to the So the test of foreign firms in the early intervention level will be lower. because as a business, to analyze the market and technology outlook and other factors, but also consider the allocation of resources will effectively resources into promising technology more widely. But now , TD launched to accelerate the trend of the market, more optimistic than in the past, so the concern of domestic and foreign enterprises improved by this. However, from the test point of view, because it is a local technology, the most suitable solution in the local development . Therefore, R & S's strategy is based on the basis of our technical advantage to increase the number of co-operation with local companies, so the test area in the local business needs to provide more suitable solution. p> Forward this article to a micro-Bo User Reviews welcome comment Login: Password: Quick Register new user






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