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BDStar ( 002151 ) announcement that the company intended to be not less than 32.21 yuan / share price target to specific non- public offering does not exceed 1,500 million shares , the net proceeds are not more than 306.96 million yuan .

plan shows the raised funds will be invested in four projects , namely the Soc chips and application solutions R & D and industrialization projects ,Christian Louboutin Mater Claude 85 python, Information, high-performance SoC chips and application solutions R & D and industrialization of its content is the mass consumer navigation products for the mainstream SoC chip and the chip -based solutions developed and the industrialization of the construction period is two Years. Expected that the project will bring to the company annual profit after tax 69,132,600 yuan , after-tax internal rate of return of 35.04% .

BDStar said that through the implementation of these projects will greatly enhance the company's comprehensive capabilities, rich product line , effectively expanding the company's industrial scale will help tap the potential customer resources, improve the product chain . And increase value-added products , and consolidate the competitive position of existing market to open up international markets.

also released annual report, 2009 operating income of 294,983,300 yuan , up 28.89% ; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 51.0396 million yuan ,Christian Louboutin grey patent calfskin Declic 120 slingback on sale, an increase of 11.32% ; earnings per share of 0.56 yuan . Company intends to December 31, 2009 the total share capital of 9095 million as the base, to all shareholders cash dividends every 10 shares 2.50 (tax included) , the total allocation is 227,375,000 yuan .

company said in 2009, the continuing impact of the international financial crisis , which led to the company 's satellite navigation market competition, a certain decline in its operating results . Reporter Li

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