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WASHINGTON Recently , Motorola joined hands with Beijing Telecom to launch a new high-end business phones based on the calls XT806 packs , the packs you can buy 6180 yuan the handset , while giving up to 6180 yuan in High charges. It is worth mentioning that , XT806 is a well-known

Motorola XT806 is customized and China Telecom, a flagship Internet phone , the same with the MOTO-XT800 , using the popular Android system, but also of China Telecom 's / EVDO dual-network dual standby functions , while supporting China's WAPI standard wireless capabilities and international Wi-Fi standard. Obviously, this is entirely targeted at the high-end designed for business people , its important landmark feature is that this is a history of the classic Motorola Dual standby mobile phone and powerful. At the recent CommunicAsia ,Christian Louboutin Guerriere 120 suede ankle boots on sale, the phone booth debut of China Telecom , given rise to concern. This is the Beijing Telecom 's second hand Motorola mobile phone packages. Before Beijing Telecom launched a high-end business people for MOTO-XT800 matching calls packs , priced at 4280 yuan, includes the market retail price of the MOTO-XT800 4680 yuan and 4280 yuan a phone calls .

Beijing Telecom, Motorola introduced together these two high-end mobile phone packs all those who are in support of CDMA + GSM dual-network dual standby 's Android smart phones. But compared to it , MOTO-XT800 launch date earlier, but lower prices ; the XT806 is the latest model , and is

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