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-> China Telecom official microblogging shot

SAN March 10 night 19:50 news,Christian Louboutin Pumps, China Telecom said in Dehong Yingjiang by 5.8 earthquake, at present, Yingjiang 39 C base station power, which points out the base station 6. The official microblogging through Sina revealed the latest progress.

2011 年 3 月 10 日 12 时 58 pm in Yunnan Dehong Yingjiang 5.8 earthquake occurred. Power system interruption,Christian Louboutin Pumps, impact on the communication network operations.

At present, the Yingjiang 39 C base station power, which points out the base station 6. Lianghe adjacent branch of China Telecom has also been some impact, but China Telecom Tianyi phone, fixed line is still open.

China Telecom, through its official release a large number of micro-blog messages revealed in micro-Bo, after the earthquake, China Telecom Group attached great importance, requiring good organization and coordination of the company in Yunnan Province disaster work, real-time tracking progress in disaster and emergency relief; with the actual disaster, has arranged emergency supplies neighboring provinces to do the reserve center support to prepare for Transportation, C network has been rushed to the emergency communications vehicles earthquake, tents, camp beds, oil machine, oil drums, flashlight and other relief supplies are being transported to disaster areas.

linkage up and down at the same time China Telecom, the first to start the communications branch Dehong contingency plans, has more than 20 rescue and emergency organizations,sanminglouboutin, commandos,Christian louboutin outlet, machine oil to mobilize support for Yingjiang 12 hit, seven emergency vehicles went Yingjiang disaster areas.

after the earthquake affected areas in Yingjiang, China Telecom Yingjiang Casualties branch staff yet, and the first time to the county headquarters to provide relief to get rich through plane 3, the mobile phone 10 to ensure smooth communication command center. Deadline 18:00, Yingjiang branch of China Telecom is still the damage of personnel for investigation of communication, and energy security team dispatched power, transmission security group, the base station security group, access the four teams to actively repair the damaged security equipment.

in good repair at the same time communication network, China Telecom subsidiary Dehong Dehong government and enterprise customers in time to the Ministry informed the state government departments, the state command center,Christian Louboutin Wedges, and actively support the coordination of radio Yingjiang. In addition, positive contact with the rescue and relief-related, take the initiative in the communication support work to ensure the smooth operations of rescue and disaster relief. (JUVENILE)

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