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C114 YORK, March 2 pm news (Zhang Yue-hong) recently state-owned telecom operator TOT of Thailand to the private operators to demand a huge compensation AIS,Cheap Christian louboutin, Thailand's Ministry of Information and Communication Technology is ready, once the AIS does not payment of arrears, some as soon as possible to promote foreign investment in telecommunications giant AIS.

Juti Krairiksh Thai ICT minister, said yesterday: foreign operators are: Telecom Italia, China Mobile, Japan NTTDoCoMo, Korea, SK Telecom,Christian louboutin outlet, Pakistan, Malaysia Axiata and three U.S. carriers.

Juti revealed in last month's Mobile World Congress in Spain,Christian Louboutin Wedges, he has been with eight high-level telecom operators, and the board of TOT conducted talks.

Juti said he said to the foreign telecom companies, AIS pending the fate of the current, they were interested in expressing interest in cooperating with the AIS.

Juti said, SK Telecom has identified interested in investing, NTT will invest in two weeks to submit the book.

Earlier this month, Thailand's state-owned telecom operator TOT to ask private operators to 214.7 billion baht (70 billion U.S. dollars) in arrears, of which the largest private telecom operator AIS owed 740 billion baht ( 2.3 billion). The arrears due to the Government of Thailand by the previous contract term changes, and system access fees for non-payment caused.

Monday, TOT board of directors decided to set up a panel, a friendly settlement of disputes with the AIS, after, TOT AIS tend to court in violation of telecommunications franchise regulations.

from the ICT Ministry source said, AIS and DATC their position clear once again, they will not meet their franchise owners (ie TOT) of any claim.

the two companies said that if they accept compensation for the results, which means that they acknowledge their own past to comply with the Contracts Act is illegal.

AIS meeting of the Committee stated,Christian Louboutin Sandals, AIS and TOT signed under the previous provisions of the Act of franchise contracts do not damage the profits of TOT, but the changes have been after the TOT board and the lawyers passed.

AIS said that all changes are beneficial to TOT, telecom authorities and consumers, AIS insist nothing wrong,Christian Louboutin Sandals, full compliance with the terms of the contract.






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