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2010 years, the development of all aspects of China Unicom in leaps and bounds,Christian Louboutin Super Woman 120 python boots, is to grab market share in 3G, TD is not yet ripe to seize the space, quick occupancy, but can not completely optimistic hi

< p> reporter Zhang Yingjie

2010 years of 3G terminal market, because of Apple,Christian Louboutin Mater Claude 85 python, and appears to the past not the same. The first year of 3G, China Unicom can be described as spectacular. Precisely because of this, Dec. 27 message, bring their own machines for 3G users,Christian Louboutin Declic 120 suede pumps, China Unicom has started implementing the . China Unicom

but have to say, China Unicom 3G mobile phone users a lot of attention focused apple, light cover other brands were Apple, with its software and application development shop at the initial stage of 3G applications and services the killer also delay does not appear, to seize market share in China Unicom could continue to be seen. Advantage of the full use of the network, and further focus the industry applications, will be the development of China Unicom in the future choice for 3G.

Hi: Apple to force China Unicom 3G

scale after the 2008 3G network construction investment in 2009, 3G commercial trial stage in the steady growth after the dormant,Christian Louboutin Simple 70 leather pumps, China Unicom in 2010 appeared in the 3G growth by leaps and bounds. Data show that in 3G the first anniversary of the official business of China Unicom subscribers exceeded 10 million,Christian Louboutin Mid-Heel Knotted Napa Pump, toward the track of healthy development of health; As of the end of November,Christian Louboutin Fifi 85 patent pump, and its total 3G users reached 12.776 million, and the ARPU value of the super-hundred dollars.

this year, with China Unicom, iPhone, Phone music stars such as products,Christian Louboutin Yolanda Suede, strategies and channels with the two New Deal, regroup. In particular, China Unicom launched in 2010 with the iPhone 3G counterattack.

as the iPhone in the domestic market now has WiFi function iPhone3GS 8GB, promised monthly consumption of 226 yuan and the net two years, you can achieve 0 yuan purchase; September 25 this year, officially on sale iPhone4 after the stock was raised, there is data, Unicom version of iPhone 4 selling in the country has more than 60 million units, there are still 10 million subscribers do not receive products. Recently there have been indications that China Unicom iPhone 3GS 8GB version in December 25 down from the original 4,Christian Louboutin Lady Peep Patent Leather Platform Pumps,999 yuan 3,999 yuan, more than 1,000 yuan price reduction.

a series of initiatives, a series of force, and is paid for Apple Unicom; in the back, 3G subscribers rise in hot market conditions, it is Apple to bring China Unicom's . All in all, for China Unicom, in 2010, it is the least worry for the end of the telecom operators. And 3G said that China Unicom is no exaggeration as the Apple, iPhone 3G users not only to earn a large number of eyeballs, and real impetus to China Unicom users, especially in the high-end users to quickly gather, for other operators to form a strong threat.

worry: how long the influence that can be sustained?

all aspects of the year in the development of China Unicom in leaps and bounds, is to grab market share in 3G, TD is not yet ripe to seize the space, quick occupancy, but can not completely optimistic hi.

its own point of view, according to China Unicom's first half of 2010 showed a profit, the business is in operation since the early 3G, 3G revenues still can not make up for 3G network operation and maintenance, depreciation and marketing costs,Christian Louboutin New Declic suede pump, and the decline in fixed-line business and other factors,Christian Louboutin Yotruche 70 python-effect pumps, the first half of the company achieved EBITDA 30.4 billion yuan, down 5.2%, net profit of 2.45 billion yuan, down 62.3%. Thus, although China Unicom's WCDMA users exceeded tens of millions, but not to bring considerable revenue of China Unicom.

step further, as UBS pointed out, iPhone can increase the market share of operators and other indicators, but because of large subsidies to the users, operators may want to sacrifice that business growth margin of the price. Data show that the first half of 2010,Christian Louboutin Bibi 140 leather platform pumps, China Unicom 3G terminal sales subsidy expenditure was 11.7 billion yuan, accounting for about 30% of 3G revenues. The demonstration of China Unicom to promote iPhone, spent a high marketing costs, but not quickly converted into results.

addition to their own reasons, competitors follow the trend of the development of China Unicom is the According to Hunan Unicom said over million in China Unicom iPhone4 sales, there are 3-4 as are sold as gifts. China Unicom to compete for customer resources, is precisely the high-end mobile users. All this movement can not not care, it will certainly be back.

compared to previous high-profile, high-profile this year, compared with China Unicom, China Mobile this year's development can be described as low-key, but it may also From a development perspective, as of October this year, TD-SCDMA network built from the net rate of dropped calls has more than 4% early, dropped to 0.47%; 3G and 2G network handover success rate from 94% to 98.59%; connected rate increased from 95% to 99.22%. According to the In addition, China Mobile plans in February to March next year to launch OPhoneOS mobile operating system version 2.5 and will be launched later next year, with the balance of the new OPhoneOS 30 smartphone. This point of view, China Unicom can continue to seize market share remains to be seen.

to seek a breakthrough to end application and try

summary of the past year, crowded telecom market, both operators off the real BlackBerry China Mobile betting, gambling the future of China Telecom will also be the body in the BlackBerry and Palm, China Mobile and China Unicom, the iPhone and other cutting card crisis, the Competition or the application store, from which we see: the industrial chain in the telecom competition model to help achieve Tianyi the overall prosperity of 3G, China Mobile is leisurely but menacing, the competitive strength of China Unicom in order to continue, be sure to make a breakthrough. As Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Xi Guohua, has said:

terminal, according to the relevant responsible person said that China Unicom, China Unicom launched mobile Uphone the depth of customization by the end of January next year, listing the first batch will launch 5 handsets,Christian Louboutin grey patent calfskin Declic 120 slingback Evening, Huawei, ZTE, Inventec , Motorola,christian louboutin black calfskin Lina 100 banded ankle booties, five companies produced, all with the development of independent innovation of China Unicom uniplus operating system. Other analysts pointed out that China Unicom is also interested by UPhone, to develop their own application developer community.

applications, according to the latest news, China Unicom,red sole shoes, has recently officially launched the industry application partner recruitment program, will focus for the government, finance,Christian Louboutin Devalavi Chunky-Heel Slingback, media, trade, transport and logistics, utilities, retail and commerce 8 of 15 industry sectors in the recruitment of products, and industrial products company reported in units of selection.

mixed, China Unicom, both only terminals and applications to deal with the fierce market competition. Operation Market next year, the industry remains to be seen.

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