Location services outlook

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According to The emergence of Foursquare location services in the Internet and mobile phones become the new favorite, since March 2009 Foursquare in the United States since the on-line, with less than half the time Twitter achieved one million users, the current number of new users every day are more than people, so many people shouting

in the country, along with the 3G network, widely used in smart phones, the Internet giant in the telecommunications industry and strong advance, the location service is quietly rising tide. According to Ai media marketing consultancy predicts that by 2013, China location services market will exceed 7.0 billion. With the expansion of the market, more and more users will enjoy the convenience brought by geographic location service.

location service outlook

location services, mainly through mobile terminals and mobile network,Christian Louboutin Fifi 85 patent pump, mobile users to determine the actual location, providing users with the location of the required service information relevant to a mobile communication and navigation integration services in the form. In other countries, mobile Internet and mobile phones with the development and popularization of access to the rapid development of location services. Market research firm Berg Insight research report published in 2009, location-based services in Europe, the total revenue of 2.7 billion.

As needs change, the location service is moving more and more interactive,Christian Louboutin Greissimo Denim Knot Evening, more intelligent direction. How to make outdoor travelers find a place to stay, eat,Classic Collections-Christian Louboutin, how to make hotel, restaurant,Christian Louboutin Patent Leather Pumps, their information will be passed to the surrounding timely and effective manner to consumers,Christian Louboutin Very Prive black suede, which are essential. Advantage of location services fit the needs of these two mutually connected, which needs both for the location but also the development of services provide a solid foundation.

in the United States, referring to location information service,Christian Louboutin Decolette Patent Pump, the first time we will think of Foursquare. Foursquare encourage mobile phone users to share with others their current geographical location and other information. Social networking site Facebook has decided to offer location services. Facebook's intervention, to 5 million registered users a new choice of location services, together with its users can directly upload the application on the platform, interesting, profitable location service applications will be endless.

Ai media market, according to consulting research data shows that over the past three years, location services market in China maintained a rapid growth trend, the market size in 2008 was 3.35 billion yuan, a sudden increase in 2009 is 6.44 billion By 2010, the data rewrite 9.98 billion. 2013, China's geographic information services market will exceed 7.0 billion, five-year average growth rate of more than 100%.

domestic enterprises have to increase investment

Foursquare web application the typical Web2.0 mash together, the traditional Internet and mobile Internet had a very good fusion. Location services with foreign advanced level, domestic-related services is still relatively backward, but more and more domestic enterprises to see the development prospects of the industry, have started to provide location services.

According to report, in the country, the major Internet giants have launched a geographic information services, such as the grand launch of the play, Sina, Tencent and Netease are generous layout of the location information service. Recently, where to network with Nokia to deliver the domestic market first location-based search for hotels and attractions and travel destination management services. Users can navigate through the Ovi Nokia Maps for free. It is reported that this hotel based on location,Christian Louboutin Lady Glitter Slingback Nude Evening, destination attractions search service, covering more than 1,Christian Louboutin red patent calf So Private 120 slingbacks,000 cities 24,000 and 80,000 hotels and other attractions information, while providing convenient travel to the user management. The industry believes that the software to meet the location-based services, the trend of mobile Internet applications, will significantly improve customer travel management efficiency. It is reported that the salient features of this software service is a strong play to the hotel where the network resources. For travel in different places, unfamiliar customers,Christian Louboutin Cate patent calf boot, log in through the Nokia smart phones where to network, Nokia Ovi navigation map in real time the specific location of target customers, and made according to the customer multi-dimensional search around the hotel, and you can browse a large number of reviews message to select the most suitable hotel. Nokia mobile phone users to log on to where the nets can also be in accordance with the travel, leisure, attractions type, suitable for people, the season in January, to the selection of side attractions, a flood of comments message will provide customers with a large number of attractions outside of the official description Places of Interest.

meet consumer demand for anytime, anywhere

present, most of the time mobile phone users has far exceeded the time using the PC,christian louboutin ivory leather and suede Zigounette 140 ..., which will move the development of the Internet have a profound impact. In Beijing and Shanghai, the buses, the subway, many white-collar workers the gap in the car using a mobile phone chatting,Christian Louboutin Simple 70 leather pumps NEW style, reading novels, listening to music has become a King. Prior to that, although the SNS rage, but transportation, real estate,christian louboutin black leather Et D un Plato 140 platform ankle ..., recruitment, part-time,Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 polka-dot pumps, second-hand, vehicles and so on. Mobile Internet is useful in daily life from entertainment to rapid change.

industry generally that It is reported that this .

But in the Internet celebrities Liu Xingliang that although the location-based services in the local advertising market with good prospects for development, but the application of the basic conditions have not significantly improved,Christian Louboutin Flat Fur-Cuff Boot, user education,Christian Louboutin Hassaneta 120 leather and linen sandals, user behavior, the scale of growth and need to experience more long period of market cultivation, seize market opportunities and business development into the rhythm is critical. Also, due to lack of business model innovation, lack of local product service and development capabilities, more critical point is that the local advertising market is currently insufficient to support the position of social networking ecosystem development, can only say, expanding the individual pay Shichang profit model is to explore the direction.






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