Christian louboutin hot sale British chip maker to push the world's smallest 3G

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Communications World Network (CWW) 3 月 15 news Picochip3 British chip maker announced in Beijing February 14, launch of its next-generation femtocell SoC picoXcell the first series product to PC3008,Christian louboutin outlet, Picochip Andy Gothard, director of marketing, told reporters, equipment manufacturers can design with this device the size of U disk in ultra-small size of 3G base stations. Reporters on the scene saw the world related to sample the latest base station.

Andy Gothard said, ultra-small home base stations will enable operators to enter the utility can easily HSPA + will be the home base station functionality to, such as home gateways, cable modems and set-top box devices such . PC3008 high level of integration with 3G femtocell to the total component cost significantly reduced to 50 dollars.

PC3008 PC30xx device family is the first product that can support consistent with 3GPP release 8 7 HSPA + (21Mbps downlink, 5Mbps uplink) specification of the user. This is the second in 2006 defined the PC202 chip femtocell market and the establishment of industry-standard PC3xx series after,Christian louboutin outlet, Picochip launched the third generation of devices. Like the previous two generations, PC3008 uses field-proven solid Picochip baseband (PHY), the baseband has more than 100 million around the world to achieve the successful deployment of base stations.

ABI's latest research report: 2010 femtocell shipments of 1.3 million. In 2015 this figure is expected to increase to 70.2 million, the annual compound growth rate of 154%. ABI Research Mobile Network business director Aditya Kaul said the residential femtocell femtocell deployment to date constitute the biggest part,Christian Louboutin Sandals, and is expected in the future market development remain the dominant position. With a smaller form factor and continue to lower the cost of femtocell integrated with home gateway becomes very likely. 2010, there are 17 operators offering commercial femtocell service in 2011 is expected to achieve fast forward.

Picochip technology currently deployed widely in the vast majority of femtocell products, which are being promoted and contributed to this change. Andy Gothard said,Christian louboutin hot sale, Picochip has invested heavily in systems testing to ensure the most robust and reliable launch of PHY and the most complete reference design. Picochip China hopes PC3008 OEM and ODM could lead to strong interest from manufacturers.






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