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To meet the demand for higher bandwidth, some operators have in their deployment of a 40G backbone network in optical transmission systems, but never see, with rich content, the explosive growth of Internet applications will remain on the network capacity can cause great stress. Nearly two years, 100G network construction are growing, it is learned, domestic and international chain operators and related industries related companies have begun testing, 100G optical transmission systems research and development is also of concern to the industry.

100G is an inevitable trend

It is understood that promote the growth of network bandwidth applications are video on demand, P2P, IPTV and other video services, and high-speed large-capacity access network construction. WTD R & D Manager Hu Yi told the insufficient bandwidth. Shanghai Bell Cable Products bidding scheme, senior bidding program director Ding Hao hold similar views, rapidly consume most of the bandwidth.

Therefore, 40G backbone network in the business just the beginning though, but the 100G application has been seen as inevitable, the industry actively develop 100G device is not hard to understand. 100G transmission has become the backbone of the overall program Ericsson important components and strategic direction, Ericsson (China) Communications Co., Ltd. broadband network solutions, said Li Xiang, senior product manager, Ericsson has been present and the number of customers world-wide MHL3000100G testing laboratory and the current network. The Ding Hao told reporters, Alcatel-Lucent with the foreign operators have made some existing network and technology validation tests and plans to launch in the second half of 2010 commercial equipment.

for the protection of customer investment considerations, equipment manufacturers also value from 40G to 100G for a smooth upgrade, Li Xiang told reporters, Ericsson fully aware of the 10G and 40G customer investment protection,Christian Louboutin Sandals, the importance of WDM that the future deployment of 100G WDM platform support through the same smooth upgrade. Therefore, the accumulation of 40G technology in the development process for the next couple of years experience will start to deploy 100G has a crucial role.

ADC and the DSP is the research focus

from the technical point of view, 100G technology is gradually maturing into, most experts believe is the weak link in terms of coherent demodulation,Christian louboutin outlet, such as high-speed ADC, high-speed DSP processing chip and so on. 40G 100G transmission impairments as more serious than that, to meet the 1500km transmission, power consumption and volume to achieve the same level with the 40G, 10G dispersion and PMD to reach the level of chips and modules to make a greater challenge.

reporter found that part of the upstream chip and module companies have been actively supporting the development of 100G devices. Vertical integration of high-end optical module companies Opnext, not only provides 100Gbps transmission customer side of the CFP module, line side of the PM-QPSK module these specialized optical devices and modules, and even developed a corresponding high-speed Mux chip and ADC chip, and the coherent reception after the side of the high-speed large-capacity ADC + DSP integration chip. Opnext sub-division into Hong, vice president of product management, told reporters that in order to effectively develop 100GPM-QPSK chip and the required certification system performance, Opnext has built a complete more than 50 films, including the self-developed FPGA demonstration platform.

Although there is no domestic enterprises to provide 100G optical modules, optical modules, but the leading domestic manufacturers have been making 100G WTD product development, Hu Yi, told reporters 100Gb/sCFPMSA standards for optical modules, WTD is currently function block is divided in stages to develop technologies and products. Short distance, the distance 100Gb/sCFP module is the focus of the current development of WTD, they will take R & D strategy of parallel development efforts to rapidly introduce new products a short distance 10km1.3μmCFP module.

optimistic about the industry and continued investment will accelerate the commercial process, 100G, 100G the next two or three years the system will continue to mature, according to experts expected, the domestic operators will start testing this year, into the commercial trial in 2011, 2012 began large-scale commercial.

100G need to consider a variety of business forms

● 40G/100G DWDM transmission is the next generation of development.

● 100G transmission need to consider a variety of business forms to rich applications.

Ericsson believes that the demand is rigid 40G/100G transmission is an important development direction of the next generation of DWDM, while Ericsson is fully aware of the client 10G and 40G WDM importance of investment protection, the future of 100G WDM the same platform can be deployed to support a smooth upgrade.

100G backbone transmission present in a large volume of business areas with strong potential demand, but the scale of deployment of 100G we predict it may still take two to three years. Of course, in this period, the early testing and deployment of 100G is a commercial-scale deployment of the next important step. 100G transmission in addition to the common platform to consider 10G/40G, but also need to consider a variety of business forms to enrich 100G transmission applications, such as multiplexers 100G forward, reverse multiplexers, repeaters and more.

currently in the industry, 100G has been started from the early laboratory experiments to a wide range of existing network and network phase, Ericsson and Deutsche Telekom in 2008, the existing network experiments carried out MHL3000100G 2009, is now in the Telefonica network to provide the MHL3000100G current network experiments.

100G Ericsson backbone transmission is an important overall part of the program and strategic direction, and we are currently a number of world-wide customers MHL3000100G test laboratory and the current network. Meanwhile, Ericsson for the next generation of technologies and 400G 100G technology research being conducted, including the modulation of Ericsson's leadership in wireless technology implementation and adaptation to high-speed optical communications. Example, is currently considering the implementation of carrier-based dual-polarization mode 16QAM subcarrier multiplexing 100G existing network test; of the four carrier DP-QPSKSCM 400G transmission technology applied to the possibility.

imbalance between the interests of the industry chain is a potential problem

● With the technology in 2010, 100G commercial device to market.

● imbalance between the interests of the industry chain is the 100G now see the development of potential problems.

drive 100G optical communications industry is the main driver of business development bandwidth. IP based network services business has led to traffic in IP backbone network operators to gain the absolute dominance, especially in P2P services and the rapid development of video services consume most of the bandwidth. International Organization for Standardization IEEE, ITU-T and OIF, etc. on 100GbE, OTU4 and other related compliance program will be finalized in June 2010, which developed from the technical level for the 100G equipment vendors clear direction. Thus, while the 40G backbone network is just at its early stage business, but the 100G application is an inevitable trend, the industry will actively develop 100G equipment.

2009 100G years have some manufacturers have introduced the prototype, with the technology in 2010, the commercial device to market. PDM-QPSK modulation will become the mainstream, now need to overcome some of the key aspects of technology around the coherent demodulation, such as high-speed ADC, high-speed DSP processing chip and so on.

from a technical perspective, both the 100G chipset related, router-related products, or the development of test instruments 100G may take some time, but they will continue to improve, there is no serious weaknesses. However, relations between the industrial chain business applications, the current business applications, mainly by commercial interests to obtain, although the money in building a network operator, but profits decline, the long run will affect the operators in the construction of new high-capacity network technology initiative will hinder industrial 100G The rapid development. Therefore, the imbalance between the interests of the industry chain will now see a potential problem.

foreign operators launched in 2007 to the current network testing, the testing of domestic carriers expected to start in 2010, 2011, the trial will begin small-scale commercial, large-scale commercial start in 2012, the main scenario in the backbone network.

100G Alcatel-Lucent's research and development in the current leading position in the industry, with foreign operators have carried out a number of existing networks and technical verification of the test, scheduled for the second half of 2010 commercial equipment.

100G PM-QPSK module as the main choice

● PM-QPSK coherent modulation transfer in the system has significant advantages.

● 100GPM-QPSK system in the first half of 2010 will be more field testing.

by the industry for a year or two to 100Gb / s modules research and development, 100G / s polarization multiplexed quadrature phase shift keying coherent detection module (CoherentPM-QPSK) is becoming the main choice of the industry . Compared to other forms of modulation format,Christian louboutin outlet, 100GPM-QPSK coherent modulation transfer in the system has significant advantages. It covers the vast majority of operators in metro, regional, long distance and ultra long haul network needs and applications. Recently, AT & T announced that their first use of the Opnext100GPM-QPSK-based real-time processing equipment successfully conducted 10G/40G and 100G hybrid transmission line in its core real-time field testing.

100GPM-QPSK module in the development process, the industry learned in the past the lack of development in the 40G overall investment planning, product dispersed in a variety of modulation formats on the lessons of the initiative to start the required modulation format for 100G the overall integration of optoelectronic components and the standardization of generic modules, multi-source research and development, so that the parties to focus on the industry recognized the modulation format, the common development of multi-source agreement on standardization of integrated optical modules. The main purpose of this is to reduce costs, early the 100G module on the market,Christian Louboutin Pumps, making it not only performance but also from the vast majority of the cost to deploy the next generation of carriers in bulk and large-capacity high-speed optical network, the main choice.

based on a single wavelength 100GPM-QPSK system in the first half of 2010 the number of operators in the core network to get more on-site real-time transmission testing. Intermediate in 2011, commercial products will continue, then entered the early stages of commercial testing and test start. In the next two or three years, 100G will be part of a long-distance backbone network operators to get some small quantities of trial and deployment.

high-speed DSP processing technology is the weak link

● 100G is the weak link in the current high-speed DSP processing technology and Framer technology.

● WTD sub-block is currently being phased in developing technologies and products.

to meet the bandwidth requirements, operators have plans to deploy next-generation high-speed network. For example, in long-distance backbone network, by supporting the 100GE router interface cluster systems and 100G WDM OTN system common network,Christian Louboutin Boots-Christian Louboutin-redlouboutinsales, to achieve long distance transmission 100GE; the backbone of the edge and metro core, the use of 100GE router interface to the cluster directly connected programs, large-scale simplified network architecture, enabling operators to easily cope with traffic localization business trends.

present, 100G optical transmission backbone network technology is maturing. It is mainly the key technologies are: high-speed modulation (DP-QPSK, and PM-QPSK), polarization maintaining, signal light and the vibration frequency of light (wavelength) and stable technology, spectrum compression, nonlinear crosstalk control , ultra high-speed clock processing technology. At present, 100G weak link in the industrial chain is a super high-speed DSP processing technology, ultra high-speed Framer technology.

100G optical communications applications is a major backbone transmission network and Ethernet. Which, 100Gb / s Ethernet technology is very vitality of the technology concern, we are enthusiastic, mature business is expected to go beyond 2012.

According to our research of the market demand, combined with WTD's technology base and technological strength, we think it is WTD development 100Gb / s optical transceiver module developed by the best time. Standard optical module development for 100Gb/sCFPMSA technical feasibility, WTD conducted a comprehensive analysis and research, is currently sub-blocks, phased development of technology and products. 100Gb/sCFP module is now clear the direction of the three main R & D: short-range 10km1.3μmCFP module, the module and from the 40km1.3μmCFP for ultra-long haul transmission lines CFP module. Where short-distance, middle distance 100Gb/sCFP module is the focus of the current development of WTD will take R & D strategy of parallel development efforts and quickly introduce new products, short-range 10km1.3μmCFP module.

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