Misuse to the machine shop filled 500 million more than the Lord calls

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-> Pang SMS balance of 5,012,142.72 yuan showed reporter Zhou Ge photo

he hit 200 calls per month, this calls enough to play in 2088

but he did not even make 10 more phone , returned to this

boss acute panic recharge point:

If not admit that the owner, where she can afford to lose?

Trustee of the charge 50 yuan bill, the results appear 5,012,142.72 yuan phone card balance. He played an average of 200 yuan per month, enough money to play in 2088. He played more than 10 consecutive calls, returned this ill-gotten gains. Staff error,Christian Louboutin Noeudette 100 patent sandals, until the top-point communications company boss received a phone call do not know their own accidentally hit the keyboard enter a 5 digit number.

asked people to charge 50 yuan bill, the balance jumped to 500 million

Pang is the Fuling District, who, after graduating from university this year to the longevity District yanjia a railway construction site work, site Shaxi nearest market town has several kilometers. Recently, he found the phone cards used by more than the balance,Christian Louboutin Simple 70 leather pumps, Master Chen then asked the driver to a mobile phone recharge point charge Shaxi 50 calls.

yesterday about 10:59, Mr Pang's cell phone received a text message,Christian Louboutin Simple 85 Suede Pumps, indicating the balance of his cell phone cards are 5,Christian Louboutin Patent Slingback,012,142.72 yuan. Pang shocked,christian louboutin black calfskin Lina 100 banded ankle booties, immediately call the customer service phone, I heard the a clear female voice: human services, to remind each other find out.

Unexpectedly, the customer service inquiries,Christian Louboutin Greissimo Denim Knot Evening, told him he did was to charge more than 500 million.

Trustee confirmed charge 50 yuan, 500 million come from

soon,Christian Louboutin New Simple Pump, Master Chen returned to the site, Mr Pang to get recharge invoices, shown above, recharge his balance after indeed 5,012,142.72 yuan. Mr Pang told the workers more than 500 phone calls into a million have come to see unheard of.

Master Chen can not tell them why, President said that as he is now an average of about 200 calls a month calculating that more than 500 million by 2088 enough to get him, and then a generation of people under 30 years of calculation, the card can pass the 70th generation of his descendants.

Pang again call the customer service phone and asked how to do. Customer service that can not be verified as to which link in the chain is the exception, will be back in 48 hours.

13:00, Pang again call the customer service telephone inquiries, or did not find out why.

creating a sense of worry about the owner: how to do this money gone?

recharge points were definitely wrong,Christian Louboutin black patent Lady Sling 120 slingback, but does not rule out someone deliberately messing around, if the money suddenly disappeared how to do this? Pang immediately call the newspaper, want a reporter to accompany him to the recharge point to explain the situation.

support the mobile phone credit card spending, if the money was stolen the above, how do want me to pay?

hang up the phone before, Pang urged reporters, >

boss acute panic recharge point: how to do the owner to admit its fault?

Yesterday morning, Until about 1 pm, she returned to the store, shop, and she found no abnormalities.

1 pm However, Ms. Dai received the longevity of the communications operator at the telephone company complaints, inquiries after the discovery, the morning they went so far as to charge a customer more than 500 million calls. The store also the year the turnover of around 100 million, which is a 5-year 500 million turnover.

there is no doubt the clerk of the operational errors. Ms. Dai is anxious at this time, immediately use a landline to call the phone Pang, apology, she hoped that Mr Pang's calls to allow the deduction of more than sufficient, and commitment can be recharged a few hundred yuan bills as a thank you.

Ms. Tai said Pang hands invoice of payment, the store not equipped with camera,Christian Louboutin JS 100 paneled leather pumps, if Pang admit its fault, she simply can not pay, and she would go to the bank check out the afternoon, when do not know how to do.

recharge clerk accidentally hit the keyboard,Christian Louboutin Peep-Toe Pump, more knocking At this time,Christian Louboutin Patent Pointed-Toe Pump, Ms. Tai recharge points, only one person.

Pang's phone revealed that he had to hit more than 10 customer service calls.

Ms. Dai said, according to her preliminary investigation, the staff at the input of the 50 top-value, the open seat on the right printer, the left hand accidentally touched a computer keyboard,Christian Louboutin D??collet?? 100 jazz pumps, instant multi-input of the numbers,Christian Louboutin Lady Glitter Slingback Gold, so that the amount of recharge into 5,Christian louboutin black suede Guerriere 120 wrapped boots,012,133 yuan. Printer is started, the clerk points the

Ms. Tai Mr. Xiang Peng printed a wrong note,Christian Louboutin Mater Claude Nude, the Pang agreed to deduct more than filling the bill, Ms. Dai declined to charge him more than 50 proposals.

never existed more than 500 million mobile phone card Pang there more than 5 hours after the ashes. Owner and the owner are sigh.

(newspaper News On-Call 966 988 to provide clues to thank Mr. Peng) reporter Xiaxiang Zhou






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