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Join Huawei launched the country's first Beijing Telecom 2.1GHz network based on EV-DO Rev.B. EV-DO Rev.B network to the single user up to 9.3Mb / s downlink data services experience. Deployed in the 2.1GHz band EV-DO Rev.B, can effectively enhance the carrying capacity of the network to provide reliable 3G high-speed mobile broadband services for China Telecom

SingleRAN based on Huawei's leading solutions, Beijing Telecom's 2.1G DORA network software upgrade will only smooth evolution to EV-DO Rev.B,Christian louboutin outlet, fast, low-cost deployment. Huawei the world's first dual-band 2.1GHz and 800MHz EV-DO Rev.B data card EC367 also available online through the testing and certification,discount christian louboutin, will be available in volume in early 2010.

the current rapid development of Beijing Telecom 3G services, 2.1G frequency bands will be able to effectively support the new 3G subscribers to develop and meet the needs of mobile data services. Proven,Louboutin outlet, 2.1G network coverage performance, business performance, 2.1G/800M dual strategies of the key elements of interoperability deployment conditions are met, providing the same business with 800M network capacity. According to the solution of Huawei, 2.1G network deployment quantities equivalent to 800M network expansion,Christian louboutin hot sale, dramatically reducing the project implementation difficulty and cost of network building.

Zhao Ming, President of Huawei CDMA product line, said: CDMA industry point to the significance of self-evident. Huawei will continue to invest in promoting the evolution of CDMA industry on the road to the future to play the lead role. solution provider, Huawei are working together, including China Telecom,Christian Louboutin Boots-Christian Louboutin-redlouboutinsales, the world's leading CDMA operators to actively promote the EV-DO Rev.B business process. June 2009, Huawei's CDMA operations in the fourth Global Forum on Development has released the first commercial EV-DO Rev.B system solutions. July 2009 to 8 months, Huawei and China Telecom in Guangzhou Research Institute completed the first EV-DO Rev.B laboratory test results show that the solution is fully equipped with Huawei DORB field testing and test commercial conditions. (Anji)

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