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Yan Wei Chang

triple play of the pilot program reported the time the State Council, has been delayed again, this time by the end of May.

newspaper has learned that early in April, the Ministry of Information Industry and the State Administration of Radio,Buy christian, Film and TV triple play gave the State Council Leading Group submitted a ) The latest news is that this time and pushed back.

In this scenario, almost all businesses need to coordinate the following items are listed separately from the Ministry of Industry and SARFT their own solutions and aspirations.

this background, on April 23 in Beijing will open a closed-door becomes meaningful. This discussion will be triple play at Sharon in the form, it is learned,discount christian louboutin, the parties hotly debated at the meeting.

countdown in the program submitted critical juncture, the Ministry of Industry and SARFT, the two major stakeholders in the system have begun a new round game. It is reported that they are in the pilot scale, such as opening up of the core issues, coordination of the department of broadcasting and telecommunications systems quite difficult, both sides are reaching a new consensus for the difficult coordination.

out war

4 month, the Ministry of Industry and SARFT, through consultation, to keep the differences between the Leading Group Office of the triple play.

According to this understanding, the draft, there's a lot of differences between the two sides did not set out solutions, but these differences one by one classification presented in the draft.

turned over the day after the draft, the State Council Leading Group that called triple play SARFT and the Ministry of Industry and the three telecom operators to meet the person concerned. Team leader of the

read the draft, according to sources, the two turned over a list of the two pilot cities coincidence rate is not high. But the learned, Hangzhou, Jiangsu, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, six provinces will most likely appear in the pilot will be released one month after the list. However, the two sides made demands on their own, seems intent on bypassing the pilot cities, and further requests across the country, the other side of the business open to myself.

three carriers on behalf of the Ministry of Industry requirements, Internet, virtual private networks, domestic multi-communication services and Internet data center business temporarily into the scope of the pilot. But, in fact, these three basic services of Internet access, directly related to the telecom operator's core competitiveness - the Internet backbone access. In recent decades, the business is now for China Telecom and China Unicom monopoly.

Now, not only the requirements of the department of broadcasting these value-added telecom services and opening up, and put forward,

in the voice business, broadcasting and telecommunications also failed to reach an agreement. Which, in the department of broadcasting enterprises to develop basic telecommunication business, telecommunication made some concessions, as But the radio and television companies do not meet the pilot areas system, require the applicant to carry out telecommunications services are not subject to geographical restrictions pilot. In addition, radio and television also requested, cable operators in the formation of its Internet backbone, IP phones and other telecom operators based on the original business, are not subject to geographical restrictions pilot, but for the country started.

Similarly, radio and television also requires telecommunications business to its opening, the scope is national. Such as IPTV and mobile TV in the two telecom companies short board, the Ministry hopes that telecom companies not only to television viewers via the Internet to transmit programs, and has the right to charge, and is not limited pilot cities. If true, this means that, in addition to current affairs and other programs, the public through a network cable, you can watch from China Telecom, China Mobile or China Unicom, or push any of the television program. Thus, not only lost the broadcasting business content, Department of monopoly, was also cut off the charging channel.

double put the other party is not satisfied with the concessions in the pilot cities, which makes the list submitted by the pilot useless.

newspaper learned of the information from the current point of view, only two runs in each city reached an agreement on the principal amount. The two sides reached an agreement in 2010, triple play 2012 pilot phase, each pilot city, IPTV transmission services, in principle, by a telecom operator; cable TV network based Internet access service IP telephone services and domestic , in principle, by a cable television network broadcast companies.

However, to the maximum possible to broaden their sites, and limit the erosion of its own other business,Christian Louboutin Sandals, broadcasting and telecommunications made for each other


triple play pilot program countdown is making an unprecedented pressure on both sides.

Administration of Radio Science and Technology Department, an official told this newspaper that responsibility. Regardless of which channel out from what must be some control, must be responsible. This is not change! . The next day, SARFT announced that two terminals for the TV license threshold: According to both the new regulations, each terminal must be built-in Internet TV only integrated client license side, forming one to one binding, in order to achieve SARFT on the content of every source of Internet TV have considerable control.

However, the major domestic TV manufacturers, TCL, Skyworth, Konka, Changhong's new flat-panel TV, the Internet function has become

Previously,Christian louboutin discount, SARFT Internet TV content have been identified and the license system, CCTV has been issued at the end of the International Network Co., Ltd., Shanghai Media Group, Hangzhou, China a few groups of three licenses for audiovisual content and the April 28 release of two specifications, is an integrated service for Internet TV license threshold.

this is the second time this month, SARFT issued regulatory policies.

4 12, SARFT issued to the provincial Radio and TV together, According to this article, in addition to landing has been made eligible for IPTV in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Yunnan Province, Fuzhou, Xiamen, and 2 provinces 12 cities, including Guangdong, Zhejiang province IPTV users to IPTV services, including telecommunications companies will be forced to stop.

SARFT issued document such a high density, the outside, but it is behind the wide power grid, telecommunications network, the Internet more and more prominent inter-industry competition, the telecom operators will be fiber to the home plan further exacerbate this kind of competition, telecom operators need to know is sparing no effort to advance Fast fiber plan.

4 8, Ministry of Industry and the United States six ministries, the introduction of fiber bandwidth upgrade plan. Planning in accordance with the Ministry of Industry, next year to the average user bandwidth, speed 8-12 Mbit / sec, China Telecom, a technical staff, told reporters that the figure was chosen, not the technical requirements, but to achieve this as long as the bandwidth to allows broadband users on the network can easily watch high-definition video.

as with China Telecom in the house quickly made the appropriate strategic adjustment, the scheduled end of the year for 70% of urban residents increased bandwidth of 4 trillion to 12 trillion (see newspaper 4 19 reported that China Telecom tried to get the IPTV broadcasting system, before the approval authority, the first in the country caused by the hardware ready to be launched IPTV environment.

while the radio system will soon smell the erosion of this power of its own business. said.

in technology and business expectations, the telecommunications network for radio and television do not fear. Earlier this year, China Telecom Group, a senior fund manager to accept a small number of questions that p> In fact, SARFT stop IPTV's April 27, China Telecom in Shanghai issued a 3D high-definition IPTV and other new services. Soon, Chongqing Unicom also launched a commercial trial of IPTV services. In the city level between network operators, cable networks and Telecom's competition is the cut and thrust of the Internet. China Telecom's provincial-level units in the investigation, was surprised himself.

this in the residential broadband business, cable operators are also expanding the site. Its low cost, can often provide faster and cheaper access. Hangzhou, the number of cable operators have the bandwidth to 20 megabytes / second.

In The closed-door meeting, participants also seen that a long time,Christian Louboutin Pumps, there is no clear provision in the policy, the broadcasting and telecommunications have another cross-border business penetration of the status quo. Administration of Radio, a Division Director at the media respect, time that should be investigated such as Gehua cable broadband operators. great pressure from the other side, to upgrade their voice at the negotiating table.

what the final solution?

triple play, according to the State Council Leading Group for Xing Jiang Wu, deputy head of group of experts reveal that since mid-March meeting of the group work discussions about triple play, there is no re-convened meeting of experts.

and April 23 of this salon to become the concerns of the industry briefing. Although low-key as possible, but the subsidiary by the SARFT Sharon convened almost every aspect of attracting stakeholders. Ministry of Industry, SARFT, television, cable network companies, Internet companies and other areas to the representative.

According to one participant said, because free atmosphere, the comparison we said at the meeting opened.

According to our understanding of the latest progress in the triple play, IPTV and Internet TV broadcast content into the control has reached a consensus, radio and television broadcasters will still be responsible for the integration of audio-visual program content broadcast control, This is the current policy level has been relatively clear.

member of China Association for Standardization days, said Wang Hai, the television strict, loose on the network, which is now the contradictions. You see some programs on the Internet is legitimate, but you have to watch is illegal networks, like the possible outcome if the standard is the management of the Internet closer to the television management In fact, thus creating a conflict. The ideal goal is to fight for basic and digital cable networks broadcast the same channels, video on demand and other rights, independent control of EPG (Electronic Program Guide), direct and content of the source (TV station) to cooperate; If you can not cooperate directly with the content source, also hope to improve in the EPG and other aspects of the right to speak. This was also the demands of radio and television.

However, department of broadcasting companies to apply in the telecommunications business, the Ministry asked the department of broadcasting organizations and institutions to achieve business separate Network separated.

a telecommunications industry that, if the Telecom agreed to national cable networks as a cable television network in the triple play market players, national television cable network is responsible for unified planning and construction, telecommunications, also agreed. Given to national cable networks and cable networks in pilot areas during the pilot period shall be exempted from business tax and enterprise income tax preferential policies.

the fact is the cause of the broadcasting system for many years, enterprises and institutions apart is far to large-scale level. The station network separation in one fell swoop, the following areas in the city level is hard to implement. Because of television advertising revenue is not below the rank of high, fixed charge cable television network of local radio and television tend to occupy most of the revenue system, which will stage the separation of broadcasting organizations is not high.

to comply with market rules, separation of enterprise operation of the government and enterprises, radio and television system that requires a certain process, although both parties have a consensus on restructuring, but it is not easy to implement.

it now appears, from the government level to the telecommunications, broadcasting the two systems are recognized by three networks can facilitate network interconnection and sharing of resources, increase network efficiency and avoid duplication. But in this short period of one month to resolve these differences out of the final pilot program, also need to pay the arduous efforts.

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