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An iPhone 4, Jiyu so good to change a bad thing,Christian Louboutin Simple 85 Suede Pumps, it has become China Unicom's growing a severe test.

of: Su Juan

vowed to introduce Apple's popular iPhone mobile phone,Christian Louboutin Coral Patent Pump, China Unicom ushered in the iPhone 4 issues again and again confused users eyes. iPhone 4 is actually a controversy arising from China Unicom 3G era in the fierce battle for the high-end user experience of the first rigorous test.

Although the book early on means through the network to fans eager to open the door to Apple's early adopters,Christian Louboutin Patent New Simple Pump, but a few months later,Christian Louboutin Cate patent calf boot, iPhone 4 today is still hard to find a machine. Recently, a number of claims received informal notification channel, iPhone 4 will temporarily stop the supply. Had 4,999 yuan can start with the iPhone 4 bare metal, because the problem of shortage of supply, has been pushed up to the high price of 6,000 yuan, and face the end of hot stage, there is no short-term downward trend of prices.

and allow Chinese users to feel depressed, as the birthplace of Apple, iPhone 4 supply the U.S. market is unusual enough,Christian Louboutin Simple 100 Pumps, it is learned, the U.S. chain RadioShack has launched a promotion, iPhone 4, and the price of 3GS uniform decrease of 50 dollars,Christian Louboutin Yolanda Black, respectively iPhone 3GS 8GB 49 美元, iPhone 4 16GB 149 美元, iPhone 4 32GB 249 USD.

So in the end what the problem is difficult to lead Apple in China to become a princess proud conquest? I am afraid that China Unicom is also very upset himself. Thus, unless the Unicom from lower social status, or otherwise show good user, or hard to find a similar high commodity prices, will affect the hearts of China Unicom in the user's hard earned international image. But things just are not in accordance with this trend in the development.

wait for the new machine in the user, to pay a huge price of China Unicom to develop a machine card so he bundled the New Deal - Once a card separation,christian louboutin sale, it will be cut off services to China Unicom. This difficult decision was announced, it is inevitable for users to have a Although the machine card policies are bound to international practice, but in the early to train based China Unicom users abandon this approach. China Unicom, according to internal statistics show that more than 1100 million in China Unicom's existing 3G users, around 10% as iPhone users. IPhone 4 in which a total of more than 40 million units sold. The loss of proportion by the user, a total of about 290,000 Unicom iPhone is China Unicom does not seem to look a disadvantage, as the contract of sale machines, China Unicom has already cost the two years of service into the hands of time from the user. First, it is clear that China Unicom is not a bank, but not terminal vendors,Christian Louboutin Greissimo Crepe Evening, through the temptations of the conditions, China Unicom to the user. If you do not change through the end subsidies to the real end users,Christian Louboutin Simple Pump Nude, which makes China Unicom unacceptable.

trouble more than that. Early December, mainly due to the user Jinna made in Russia, three micro-Bo,Christian Louboutin Mid-Heel Knotted Napa Pump, resulting in data roaming charges 3,900 yuan, Despite the positive communication with the users after China Unicom to quell the incident,Christian Louboutin Mater Claude 85 python, but this point needs Unicom negative impact of public relations by means of a positive turn.

seem from the above events, not in China Unicom's own subjective errors, and even China Unicom also feel aggrieved. But why does 3G users in the most intense battle when the conversation drifted down? Since entering the 3G era, through cooperation with Apple,Christian Louboutin Very Prive Satin Platform Pump, and the initiative to eliminate roaming charges, the introduction of user charges for different packages, and other means,Christian Louboutin New Declic python, China Unicom's market performance can be described as stunning, the compromises made by the user is quite substantial. China Unicom also announced at the end of December this year,Christian Louboutin Simple 100 Pumps, the basic package before the official launch of 3G wireless network card C and half of card and on card charges, while the original A, B series of packages to further reduce the threshold to 46 million, lower than the launch of China Telecom in Beijing Minimum package costs 49 yuan. Compromise can do better than any competitor completely, but most likely to be stricken blame. The reason is probably as well as China's state-owned carrier's inertia is difficult to make a silent gesture of its brand and service users to have emotional sustenance. As a result, the slightest mistake, they lead to users Unicom weaknesses in the 2G era linked to attacks.

an iPhone 4, Jiyu so good to change a bad thing. Radiation from this lesson worth remembering. With microblogging, electronic reading, cell phones and other mobile Internet streaming media applications into users daily necessities, the high-end 3G mobile phone users to have a natural desire for terminals and networks. Once the user attention to any shortcomings will be hugely magnified. The operating companies competing for customers will also benefit from the market into a public relations war in World War II, the latter often is much more direct, will be the destruction of the entire brand image.

the enemy apparently has been officially under siege, for the 3G operators competing in the high-end user has entered the white-hot. China Unicom today has not, as usual, with WCDMA as well as for Apple's exclusive high-end users. Earlier, China Mobile launched specifically for the iPhone not only provide a At the same time, on the China Mobile will cooperate with the introduction of Apple's iPhone, the sound of a wave after wave. TD version, if not launch iPhone,Christian Louboutin shoes, through the introduction of the standard models do not want to change phone numbers to keep the 2G high-end users, for China Mobile, also apparently is a matter worthy of consideration.

is undeniable that, by virtue of the international 3G standards and cooperation with Apple, China Unicom, the spring has come earlier than expected, but also called into Xiao, Xiao He also lost high-end users for services, and management demand is not an iPhone can meet, not to mention that Apple still relies an extreme self, it is difficult to control the partner. Therefore, when the service support and product line can not be matched with the passion for 3G users, China Unicom will face the inevitable pain. From this perspective, iPhone 4 test perhaps a good thing.

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