LBS provide users with location -based service attendance

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SAN FRANCISCO finally start the iphone4 lost, report the loss of cell phone numbers to keep that in addition to the poor calls, but without his method. However,Christian Louboutin Simple Pump Nude, the future, the use of LBS-based services location sign (ie, Location Based Service) will be able to track cell phone location, find picked it up, or captured thieves.

LBS provide users with location-based sign, search, games and information push services.

too convenient living with the LBS. Wang Yigang to the company because the ability to be led to recognition, promoted to director of brand promotion. To celebrate the promotion, he intends to entertain the whole company,Christian Louboutin Pigalle Point-Toe Pumps, but in the choice of restaurant when they encountered difficulties. He is not familiar with the surroundings, and finally took the long way around to find the recommended hotels online.

In fact, he need not such a big fuss, and now will be able to quickly filter through the LBS the best option. For example, you can search by phone muttering to 1 km from shopping malls, restaurants, promotions information, but also according to previous evaluation, make more informed choices.

the future development of LBS also will explore the changes to the query, not a passive search,Christian Louboutin No Prive Slingback Metallic Fabric, but take the initiative to send the information to the user. Holding a cell phone shopping, which can be automatically displayed near the businesses, which offer activities of these businesses, we easily know that gourmet food and entertainment close to a good place. Even,Christian Louboutin No Prive Slingback Metallic Fabric Evening, we can take the initiative to set up personal preferences. If you are a HIFI enthusiast,Christian Louboutin Patent Leather Pumps, like movies,Christian Louboutin Sexy 85 patent pump, you can set the points of interest accordingly, only the display near the stereo store, movie theater offers.

with LBS improve life skills. She is Luchi,Christian Louboutin Yolanda Black, not only no sense of direction, but can not tell their location, call for help and could not lift her crisis. Now, in the whisper net She said with a smile, alone,Christian Louboutin Glittered Asymmetric d'Orsay Flat Sandal, after also not afraid to go deep forests.

LBS positioning navigation function can do more,Christian Louboutin Guerriere 120 suede ankle boots, if Tsai is a donkey,Christian Louboutin grey patent calfskin Declic 120 slingback, not want to leave the ordinary tourist routes, but would like to explore more places but can not develop viable Raiders. Use LBS, just download the line, senior ALICE,Christian Louboutin black patent Lady Sling 120 slingback, you can easily solve.

then release the thought that if everyone got used to Holidays, few people think of beautiful scenery and a place to relax, just see the amount of local sign location information, to avoid the incursion into

LBS to change the distance between people. Imagine? Maybe one day you dine alone,Christian Louboutin Greissimo 85 black pump, but found that there has become a friend of the party, we all use LBS to talk with the next table, even on the big screen in a restaurant to discuss the cuisine, the comments could also be the most subtlety incentives.

very interesting is not it? Ago to find like-minded people, only through the forum or participate in certain activities can be obtained easily in the LBS was able to find such friends. Because the relationship is based on the behavior of LBS, hobbies, and even set up based on income levels,Christian Louboutin Brigette 140 python shoe boots, which have in common,Christian Louboutin Cate patent calf boot, let strange people had to communicate the basis of instantaneous shortening the distance between people.

future, LBS can also change more. Although the LBS application is still in its infancy, there are bottlenecks, innovative applications are just the tip of the iceberg. I believe, with the development of LBS, especially giants like the United States and abroad LBS Foursquare, the rise of the Chinese whisper network, will accelerate the arrival of intelligent life. Perhaps in the near future, LBS will be applied to the life of an explosive,Christian Louboutin New Declic suede, millions of people will walk on mobile devices and enjoy the tremendous change in a small location.






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