Huawei blocked reflects what the U.S. market

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Revoke the patent acquisition of U.S. corporate 3Leaf

Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer of an acquisition of U.S. corporate commercial transactions blocked again. February 20, Huawei Technologies said in a statement sent to the newspaper: means that Huawei's efforts to once again enter the U.S. market What causes free competition to be tied? In this process,Christian Louboutin Henry Tan, Huawei is last resort? Huawei will abandon efforts to adhere to the U.S. market?

text / reporter Li Guang Yan

adhere to no avail Huawei May 2010, Huawei 200 million acquisition of San Francisco Bay Area technology developer 3Leaf Systems assets, including the purchase of servers, patents and hire employees. 3Leaf Systems is engaged in the work of the different servers together to form a more powerful machine. However, in November 2010, the U.S. Department of Defense requested pay information for the review of Huawei.

Subsequently,Christian Louboutin Lady Glitter Slingback Nude, several members of Congress sent a letter to U.S. Treasury secretary (Timothy Geithner) and Commerce Secretary Gary Locke (Gary Locke), said that Huawei has brought a risk to national security, the telecommunications equipment maker attempt to acquire U.S. technology should be closely examined. Recently, CFIUS decided that Huawei should be stripped of its acquisition last May 3Leaf company. U.S. Treasury and the Ministry of Commerce is an important member of CFIUS.

Huawei has repeatedly expressed its readiness to open its facilities for inspection,Christian Louboutin New Simple Pump, in order to dispel security concerns. Also, February 15, Huawei had explicitly rejected the request of CFIUS,Christian Louboutin Pigalle spiked ballerina flats, want to wait for Obama to make the final decision. If Huawei rejected this request, under the CFIUS process, the next U.S. president needs to make a final decision within 15 days.

However,Christian Louboutin Suede Butterfly Bootie, the February 19, Huawei announced the withdrawal of the acquisition of application.

repeatedly blocked

Huawei said the stick to the U.S. market

In fact, this is not the first time that Huawei,Christian Louboutin black leather Guerriere 120 wrapped boots, the so-called Telecom equipment vendors overseas acquisition cases. In 2008, CFIUS to block the Huawei and Bain Capital on the electronic device manufacturers the joint acquisition of 3Com, also out of the grounds at the U.S. At the same time,Christian Louboutin Simple 85 Suede Pumps, ZTE and other communications companies have repeatedly been overseas mergers and acquisitions in India, the EU's difficulties, because the table more or less

analysis of the industry, Huawei has repeatedly clarified its readiness to open up their facilities for inspection,christian louboutin coral leather Discolilou 140 platform sandals, the United States remains the same as the In recent years, with the Huawei,Christian Louboutin Very Prive black suede, ZTE,Christian Louboutin Banana Cork-Heel, China Mobile and other telecommunications companies in China as the representative of the rise of European and American counterparts to create a strong competitive pressure, some governments to protect domestic enterprises, which often look for excuses in the merger review. To deceive the public, It is reported that CFIUS was established in 1988, the United States specifically to deal with foreign investment department of management, the original intention is to protect national security. Matching with the Commission, it is especially set up for foreign investment approval system.

Although this has been Currently, the market outside North America, Huawei developing well.

experts recommend:

government departments come forward to access to WTO

Insiders said Huawei and ZTE's overseas business practices have been repeatedly blocked, and foreign But mergers and acquisitions in the domestic market vigorously,Christian Louboutin Marcia Balla Patent Pump, the so-called free competition was given a double standard. It was also the voice of Government promises, but China Strategic Economic Dialogue in which things have been promised performance.

in China's accession to the WTO, we followed the idea of ??free competition,Christian Louboutin Guerriere 120 suede ankle boots, and this idea is advocated by the United States, so this time limit investment in China is no doubt contrary to free competition and fair competition concept. To this end,Christian Louboutin Bibi 140 leather platform pumps, she suggested, in view of the United States violated the WTO practice has been advocated by the free competition of such a concept, so I think the Ministry of Commerce should resort to this thing WTO,Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 polka-dot pumps, through the World Trade Organization to reflect our point of view.

this, Huawei said, As the next step to deal with Huawei, will resort to WTO, told reporters Huawei related, there is no more detailed response.

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