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Network news is now mayor of Wuhan Ruan fat has twice led to Beijing, the selection of Hubei Province, Wuhan City as the first According to sources the relevant departments of Wuhan, Wuhan have been to the Ministry of Industry, SARFT pilot submitted a triple play applications, the fastest out of the month is expected to result.

Wuhan municipal government, according to the relevant authorities revealed that Wuhan is actively seek to include the With Wuhan

Wuhan finalists highly likely

No doubt, the eve of Wuhan is in the triple play. Prior to that,Buy christian, both in the industry wisdom of

rumors of Ministry of Industry and selected the first batch of pilot include: eastern Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou; southern Shenzhen; northeast of Harbin, Shenyang; western Chongqing; central China, Wuhan, Changsha; North Shanxi Xinzhou, the overall layout of the covering all regions. The users vote for the ten pilot cities, the exclusion of Shenyang, Xinzhou, from Xi'an, Guangzhou place. The area is currently broadcasting a pilot city program list circle is uncertain.

, the State Administration of Radio Science and Technology Secretary Wang Xiaojie, Han had to say, the State Administration of Radio, and the Ministry of Industry are jointly developing the .

said Wang Xiaojie, Wuhan, there are at least three advantages, first, from Wuhan has a fiber optical core devices, photovoltaic modules to the system solutions optical communications industry chain; Secondly, Wuhan has been selected the first batch of pilot NGB city, and intelligent transformation of telecommunications networks have been fully implemented, the technical level leading nationwide; third, early in 2004 FTTH pilot in the Chinese,Christian louboutin hot sale, has entered the commercial phase, the current coverage of Wuhan fiber has more than 60 million users households, multi-operator community has access, broadband speed soon.

Wuhan Academy of Post ASTRI Zhao Zi-Sen had the interview with our reporter, said the possibility of Wuhan, a large trial of triple play.

introduction of time to read this week

public letter to Minister Li said April 23 in Changsha, the State Council has recently adopted the triple play to promote the overall program, specific pilot program in five at the end of the introduction.

Li said the system in question, it is the industry's triple play hot the two government departments involved in the Ministry of Information Industry, State Administration of Radio, and the management of the two government departments in charge of telecommunications companies and broadcasting companies, how to coordinate functions and interests, to jointly promote the triple play.

learned that the pilot program for the first two issued by the State Council Coordinating Group to fight back triple play, the SARFT and the Ministry of Industry Liangbu Wei is stepping up efforts to develop the third draft of the pilot program, expected as early as 5 submitted before 20 January. Li in the end by the introduction of the pilot program specific speech, the third draft should be passed for approval.


triple play which three network?

the so-called triple play, that is, network, Internet, communication network triple play, are no longer after the wiring, just a single optical fiber to the radio and television, telecommunications and Internet connected. This means that in the future as long as the people at home, a single fiber, we can solve all the communications, image,discount christian louboutin, voice and other services, online education, online health, can be achieved.

, for example, the process of watching TV,Christian Louboutin Pumps, if you fancy Which star clothes, jewelry, shoes, just use their remote control, you can easily learn the origin of these items,Christian Louboutin Pumps, price, purchase channels ... ...

(Yangtze Daily Chang Yan)

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