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Of: Li Xuesong

retire after Ren, who control the Huawei? As the world's second-largest telecom equipment maker, Huawei has 66-year-old founder of Ren can not be replaced within the enterprise has the influence and control, one.

However, faced with According to public statistics show that the next 5 to 10 years, China will have 3 million private enterprises are facing succession issues and updating. Chinese private enterprises have gone through the course of nearly 30 years after the first generation of entrepreneurs, after years of arduous pioneering, has been close to exit the business group stage, many companies are entering a stage of new replacing the old, and how to pass the baton to the hands of the next generation, in order to maintain the sustainable development of these enterprises are facing a major problem.

coordinates of competence and integrity, how to achieve balance between the two?

Yin Mingshan, chairman of the Chongqing Lifan Group, has expressed such a view: hastily to the professional managers, our business would quickly die. in between slowly die and die quickly, I chose to slowly die. selected inherited his father's father sending his son a horse and rode away. Lenovo Group's outstanding performance as Yang, Liu took an early split Lenovo,Christian Louboutin Yolanda Spikes 120 leather peep-toe pumps, Digital China to Guo Wei,Christian Louboutin Catenita 120 leather slingbacks, and gradually achieve the transition to Lenovo Group to Yang. Although the acquisition of IBM back again after Liu, but the succession should not disrupt the original plan. Haier, TCL will have been hesitant, has not seen signs of his successor.

should be said that Ren is a very far-sighted entrepreneurs and courage. Many of his speech within a very wide spread in the community, many of these also become important to entrepreneurs and MBA students intensive information. Ren stake in view of low, only 1.42%, select an existing ability, but also absolutely essential to the successor trust.

enterprises in the selection of successors when they are faced with a dilemma, choose pro or CHOOSE. The former address the issue of loyalty and reliability, the survival of affiliates; the latter capacity and competence to solve the problem of relations between enterprises in the future. Successors capacity is one thing, but not reliable, infidelity does not work, which like the coordinates of the two dimensions, competence and integrity, to find a balance, form a combination Caixing.

both old and challenge the power transmission is a new topic

elected successors to the business of power transmission is the key to the pen, wow haha ??so, the United States that, Huawei is also true that, after several After decades of business cycles, it has become a collective problem of private enterprises.

selected to become the successor to corporate culture, business philosophy, and other factors, inheritance and implementation, at the same time can be loyal to the company, succession development, based on the current exploration and innovation. In addition, good personal quality, rich experience and experience, excellent job performance, ability to work is the successor to Superman's basic conditions.

selection is to train successors premise. Personnel selection must be as a long-term and important business task. Companies must adhere to the openness and transparency, competition and selection principle, insist on work needs, the qualities and skills-oriented, so eclectic, so as to recruit more capable personnel, selecting the best.

educating people is to train successors protection. Enterprises should distinguish between different levels and in different objects, echelon formation, classification training, thus reducing the cost and improve the efficiency of educating people. From the basics to build step by step training selection mechanism is a means to ensure that talented people.

employment is the key to train successors. Business leaders to be good employers, to your heirs, or you plan to identify a successor to the workplace culture and job opportunities, to him or them to realize themselves, show talent, reflecting the value of the opportunity. Empowerment, giving responsibility to give pressure.

guest, is to train successors conditions. Guest, long, develop their potential and use their skills. Guest, short, short of its limit, to avoid it short. Capacity to capacity, competence over their own people,Christian Louboutin Mid-Heel Knotted Napa Pump, and strive to make the best use, only the best use. In order to find talent to develop successors to create a good interpersonal environment.

to Ford's case, the succession issue, the Ford family is always first choice, if not select his successor from the family considered only among professional managers from outside, or select . However, in order to ensure that the family inheritance, even if you select an external person, the right to vote on the board, Ford still has up to 49% of the voting, which shares an innovative model - gold shares. And this power transmission, for the Oriental culture enterprises, such as Japan,Christian Louboutin Yolanda Black, South Korea and China's Hong Kong, Taiwan, the performance of family firms is even worse.

solve the problem of several types of power transmission mode

first model - take years or even decades. Especially in those with stable known large companies, such as IBM the famous

GE hundred years of history had experienced any of seven key leaders, most notably Jack. Welch later described his choice of successor in the work that is not only the most important of his career, one thing, but he faced the most difficult and most painful choice. From the spring of 1994 work began to pick his successor, he listed a total of 23 candidates; 4 years after the original 23 down to 8 bits; and after the selection subject to further determine the final three; this through the three candidates competing to win the ultimate Jeff Immelt, GE became the new leader.

look at the whole process, which lasted 7 years, can be described as changeable, the ups and downs. This risk.

second mode - . Successful application of this model is representative of Lenovo Liu and Cheung Kong's Li Ka-shing. Liu by Lenovo and Digital China spin-off companies have been widely praised. In the spin-off companies, Liu said, although the palm of the hand back of the hand are the meat, but choose a proper way, determined not to allow Digital stick However, no matter which side bigger, think of the cake is bigger. If after one trapped, the other can immediately helps.

Li Ka-shing's son Victor Li has two excellent and Richard Li. He character calm, pragmatic style of the eldest son Victor Li Li for the Cheung Kong Group's new head,Christian Louboutin black cutout letter leather Tell Me 120 pump, the other advocating freedom of creative financing, like the show's second son, Richard Li, the other record TOM.COM, Pacific Century and other undertakings. Li Ka-shing pleased to see that the two sons of the rapid growth and excellent performance.

third mode - Anyone want to successor to it? In this case,Christian Louboutin New Simple Pump 90, Nan Cunhui Zhejiang Chint Group, proposed the establishment of

private enterprises in Zhejiang in 2004, CEO Roundtable, chairman of Chint Group, Nan Cunhui, revealed his thoughts on the succession issue. He said: and tests. If Synthesizer, you can Chint Group appointed by the Board to work; if Synthesizer,Christian Louboutin Boots-Christian Louboutin-redlouboutinsales, is the black sheep, we will set up a fund to the original shareholders, experts managed by the fund to support those black sheep. In other countries, many companies have foundations, the name of a family business, but I can not fund free to manipulate the successor to the property, the need for professional managers and management oversight bodies, such as the Ford Foundation is very famous so. Thus, policy makers and the operators of the company have a clear purpose, not because of inadequate capacity of the successor operation of the business development of harm.

is slightly policy management consulting partner Jun Li Xuesong

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