Throes of a transition to traditional telecom giant

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-> Left for the AT & T logo, since the company's frequent network congestion problems, it was to sign into the right kind of PS, which means that the company's brand appeared more serious flaws.

Last week, the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, Johnson & Johnson since the production line quality control problems arise once again into a large-scale product recalls. This is Johnson's first since last year's recall of 15 acts. According to Frequency so high that such a large number of recalls and market its brand caused a double blow. For a time, this used to be synonymous with quality, and a hundred years of history of the old multi-brand has been questioned.

Recently, dusty old brand is not just Johnson. Toyota's The brand has a long history of large series of setbacks, not only shocked the world, should lead to more business alert. In fact, in the telecommunications industry, the traditional giants are going through similar test. In the ever-changing market, the once-great brand has not become a business to continue to ensure the sound development of many old giant have been because the mechanism or mismanagement, or is suffering from the same or a different predicament. Although the problem of telecom giants such as Johnson & Johnson currently does not seem as serious,Chole Suede wrap sandals, but it is undoubtedly necessary means to take preventive measures. After all,Christian Louboutin Henry Tan, a strong brand in the hearts of users need to set up companies to pay a number of years of arduous efforts, the collapse is only a short time.

AT & T

disease: Network overwhelmed brand image caused by the unprecedented low

prescription: the short term to upgrade the network, changing the pricing model, the purchase of long-term availability of resources

AT & T telecommunications industry can be said that the greatest pressure in recent and old brands. Since 2007, the company collaborated with the Apple iPhone since its net in the surge in data traffic 5000% within 3 years. This led directly to the company network from the end of 2009, the number of degrees of congestion, and even paralysis. Although this led to waves of protest against the user, but apparently AT & T iPhone users of consumer enthusiasm for lack of preparation. Since then the company did not take prompt and effective mitigation measures, resulting in deterioration of its network barriers again. June 15 last year, AT & T started to accept reservations iPhone 4. The results of the influx of 60 million orders a day, or crushed AT & T's website, while Apple fans loot,Burburry Studded Wellington boots, one side is the AT & T bruised and battered. But AT & T after the explanation given is Although there are still on sale from the iPhone 4 10 days, but the conduct of pre-sale on the day after a hastily had died down. This series of network finally allow users to intolerable paralysis. Authority of the U.S. consumer magazine ; T removal of the eight This can be a hundred years in this house the flagship of the giant mockery and denial.

the face of such difficulties, AT & T of course, can not calm down. In the recent period, the company introduced a number of specific measures. Last June, AT & T stopped the new smart phone users for wireless email and Internet services are not limited pricing program,Discount Christian Louboutin shoes, replacing two limited data service packages. In addition, beginning in 2009,Christian Louboutin Very Prive Satin Platform, the company has to invest in network expansion 180 million. Of course,Burburry Buckled Multi-strap leather espadrilles, use a limited data plan and finance the expansion of the network to ease the pressure on the network can play an effect, only partial remission. To this end, AT & T late last year and spent $ 1,930,000,000, bought from Qualcomm that can cover the 300 million population of the spectrum, hoping to help ease the pressure on network bandwidth.

France Telecom

disease: employee suicides caused by the reform

prescription: avoid the pressure to change onto employees, increased human care

Last year,Christian Louboutin Simple Botta Leather Boot, March 1, Stephane Richard as the new CEO of France Telecom. His first priority after taking office was to lead France Telecom to Counting from January 2008 within the short period of two years and three months, France Telecom has selected 43 employees a way to commit suicide to end their own lives. These cases full of Can be said that

Richard soon as he took to publish a study aimed at improving human resources management and simplified management structure of the new policy. In fact, before the coaching change, France Telecom had to take some measures to deal with suicide risk, including the suspension of about 500 staff mobility arrangements, the freezing of further layoffs, psychological decompression opened a hotline to strengthen internal psychological counseling services, and staff care for each other if there depression or suicidal tendencies, and.

Although France Telecom has already begun operations, but from the opposite point of view think that the introduction of a series of measures to make people not help gasped - the number of suicides in the end still throws ills? The scenery of the giant appears behind the surging undercurrent But what other? In fact, since privatization in 1998, France Telecom on the internal reorganization has not stopped. In 2004, France Telecom announced plans to cut over the next 3 years, 22,000 jobs, equivalent to one-fifth of all employees at that time. But so far, the company still did not achieve this goal, only to cut jobs at the same time,Christian Louboutin Declic 120 leather pumps, the company's management is getting worse and cruel. France Telecom unions estimated that in the past 5 years, 10 million more than half of employees within the company experienced a job transfer, or even be transferred to other cities.

France Telecom's The late 80s, early 90s, the global telecommunications industry through the introduction of split or the introduction of new operators, has basically broken the monopoly. With the February 15, 1997 69 countries worldwide jointly signed Sudden changes in many state-owned enterprises is also saddled with the burden of operators in the old temporary disarray, transition delay, without any careful consideration of the people will change how business caused by the impact of the original structure. Shift employees will be the pressure for reform has become a common problem of the global telecommunications industry, British Telecom had planned to freeze in early 2009 to cover staff salaries and corporate profits decline in global service sector the negative impact of poor performance.

Deutsche Telekom

disease: management of stress induced by listening scandal

prescription: management of a big shake

2008 年 4 月 28 日, the legal department of Deutsche Telekom received a fax from a company called The company claims to be The object of these phone records are mostly employees of Deutsche Telekom. Fax said, monitoring the project by the Deutsche Telekom Board of Supervisors direct command of the former cost of the Deutsche Telekom supervisory board office by the former CEO 凯乌尔里克 payment. Since then, Deutsche Telekom's

According to the Deutsche Telekom this time is a painful transition period. Like many phone companies, Deutsche Telekom much traditional fixed-line revenue and customer flows down mobile phone and Internet phone troubles. In 2006, Germany had 1.5 million fixed-line users to leave Deutsche Telekom switching to other carriers. In addition to mobile phone competition, more low-cost fixed-line operator joined the competition to reduce rates, forcing Deutsche Telekom to take measures to reduce costs. To this end, in early 2005, Patrick announced the reduction of 8,500 employees, which makes his relationship with the unions suddenly tense. At the same time, the Board also appeared within a larger conflict. In early 2006, Rick has launched an ambitious restructuring plan, announced 32,000 job cuts. August that year, Rick announced more cost cutting measures, which makes his relationship with shareholders and the sharp deterioration in trade unions. The purpose of surveillance is to monitor the general staff on the one hand, to avoid a strike; the other members of the Board is to monitor, identify those who leaked secrets to the media

While listening Deutsche Telekom scandal until Rick surfaced more than a year after stepping down,Christain Louboutin Big Lips bootie 120, but I think the management of Deutsche Telekom big shake that are closely related with the matter. The end of 2006, Deutsche Telekom,Christian Louboutin Décolleté 100 jazz pumps, announced that the face of shrinking fixed-line revenues and the stock continued to fall bleak situation, forced to replace the head, 4 years in office did not help the company create new Rick was forced to step down,Christian Louboutin Simple 70 leather pumps, the original T- Mobile's CEO Obermann stepped. Oberman is a recognized young people to quite modern management style. He came to the adjustment of the management team, replacing the T-Com and T-Mobile director of sales operations in Germany,Christian Louboutin Attention 100 cutout mesh and leather boots, T-Mobile's CEO and head of Deutsche Telekom and other human resources managers. Group CEO and several main business of the company's managers, its replacement candidates, which for a large group, it can be said is rare. Deutsche Telekom said the large-scale change management is to enable the new management team led by Deutsche Telekom move to pave the way to achieve regeneration.

* * *

AT & T, France Telecom, Deutsche Telekom only reflect the experience of the traditional telecom giant in the transition process in the exposed part of the problem. In fact, almost all of the traditional telecom companies have encountered the transformation of more or less Earlier, British Telecom has suffered because of poor business structure as long as several years of sluggish growth problem, obviously tired; and Telecom New Zealand, but also because of technological change is too impatient cause paralysis of the network several times, seriously affecting customer loyalty. Conversely, some relatively new telecommunications brand are demonstrated superior innovation, such as the rise of Japan's latest in the telecommunications upstart Softbank now has been on increasing the number of users with mobile leader NTT DoCoMo of Japan to compete. The British have a layman virtual operator Virgin Mobile has to rely on the fresh fashion brand captured the hearts of many users. Rapidly changing environment in the telecommunications market today, A large number of facts tell us that when the user in selecting the service may still be a good impression there would be gold standard, but it is definitely not about the final choice of the decisive factors. Therefore, the traditional telecommunications giant should learn to put aside the brand superiority, winning quality of service quality.

(Source: China Information Industry Net - People You Dianbao of: Xiao-Jing)






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