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Into China more than a year before a mobile system semiconductor company Newport Media Inc (referred to as NMI) has become the largest domestic market, analog TV chip suppliers, the same time, its very optimistic about the TD / CMMB mobile phones and chips market. Recently, NMI Fei Xu,Louboutin on sale, general manager of China accepted the SAN interview, spoke of their analog TV chip and TD / CMMB market perception. The following is an interview with Record.

Sina Technology: 2008 Newport Media to enter China, from a little-known chip companies over the past year to become the largest domestic market supplier of analog TV chips, you feel?

Fei Xu: Thank you! NEWPORT MEDIA into China for nearly two years to get a rapid development, from initial SOHO China headquarters in Shanghai, now nearly a thousand square meters of OFFICE, Shenzhen and Beijing this year we have also opened an office in direct support of the local customers.

retrospect, we entered China in 2008, accompanied by hard time in the Chinese market has been quite some time, have been quite successful in the Chinese market. NEWORT MEDIA starting from zero market share to today's pattern, is NMI NMI headquarters support and all my colleagues in China to work hard to obtain, during which is quite hard and difficult.

Sina Technology: Analog TV mobile phone chip twists this year, a very low price, I heard that line are to 1 U.S. dollar, and almost profit, as a major supplier on the market response to your strategy?

Fei Xu: We have entered since Q4 last year, analog TV mobile phone chip market, in less than a year, the market price fell from 4 dollars to 1 U.S. dollar is currently about industry, there is a lot of non-rational behavior .

for NEWPORT MEDIA, analog TV market in the face of irrational competition, even as market turmoil, we formulated the integration of advantageous resources for multi-dimensional company product development strategy.

our successful launch in the analog TV chips before the pre-development in the Chinese market, we have succeeded in creating in 2009 the ISDB-T (Japan, Brazil and other South American countries and the digital television standard) digital TV mobile phone hot spots. ISDB-T has been exported to South America is the largest market chip suppliers.

In addition, the potential for the world's largest digital TV market in China, we also tailor the 65nm's CMMB SOC and CMMB + UAM SIP chip. Therefore, X coordinate,Christian Louboutin Sandals-Christian Louboutin-redlouboutinsales, we analog TV chips / ISDB-T/CMMB continue to do so digital TV chip COST DOWN, the cost of providing our core competitiveness. Y coordinates, we continue to integrate our technology, to provide customers with value-added features of products, such as our ISDB-T and analog TV single-chip NMI625, to greatly customers. We rely on our company in the ISDB-T and analog TV chips benefits to help clients break through the South American market compared ISDB-T partial restrictions, coupled with analog TV, to greatly enhance the customer demand for mobile TV viewing satisfaction, solve the ISDB -T signal in Brazil and other South American countries covered only less than in big cities, while addressing the retailer can not sell to the deployment of ISDB-T signals northern South American countries and Mexico in Latin American countries. A NMI625 can-take-all the entire Latin American market and expand the market capacity. Samsung this month on their Android PHONE used NMI625, an increase of ISDB-T digital TV and analog TV dual function.

Sina Technology: Are you very optimistic about the triple play on the TD / CMMB fusion is very respected, and why?

Fei Xu: Yes, I state advocates of independent innovation, promote the triple play strategy is fully endorsed and supported by. China's economy through reform and opening up 30 years of rapid development, has been on a historic new stage, China can no longer rely on low-cost labor process to ensure sustainable high growth economy, and this is the need to rely on independent innovation and build China international brands to achieve. The TD, as representatives of their own innovative communications industry, CMMB TV as a model for independent innovation. Greatly boosted the Chinese people's confidence in scientific and technological innovation. The triple play is the information the inevitable trend of development of the industry, I personally believe that China relies on integration of TD and CMMB business with Chinese characteristics is bound to get out the way triple play, which contains a huge market for gold.

I was also involved in the field of TD and CMMB chip, I think a lot of industry leaders for the TD, CMMB made great efforts, now is the time to harvest the market. I personally do not agree to follow the development of foreign ideas such as 4G LTE to develop vigorously, I have been through the standard-setting TD, chips, base stations and other equipment from design to product of the course to mature, it needs nearly 10 years of power, was current development of TD do not agree,Christian Louboutin Simple 70 leather pumps NEW style, I think that is not scientific and objective. WCDMA is the experience to know the development of several decades to reach maturity and height of this situation. Put out the scientific development of TD requirements of the law is unreasonable.

I move, radio and television have done the exchange, in optimizing the TD 3G mobile networks, is becoming increasingly easy to use. Radio and television in the optimization and strengthening the coverage of CMMB mobile TV network, now has more than 300 cities. If the combination of the two networks will foster a huge market.

analogy, TD 3G, it is a 4-lane elevated, 4G LTE, it is a 8-lane elevated, CMMB is the air routes to multiple destinations (ie, CMMB TV channel), in Shanghai has Construction of two sets of high-speed transportation network, a 4-lane elevated, a set of air routes. Network convergence is like to build Shanghai's Hongqiao transport hub, making the three-dimensional integration of ground and air transportation to ensure that customers reach their destination the fastest. And since we do not need to do away the 4-lane elevated 8-lane elevated and other construction. For customers, there is also unnecessary to wait until BMW (4G LTE terminal), while vehicles produced in Shanghai Volkswagen Passat (3G terminal), can still speeding in the elevated quickly to the Hongqiao hub terminal, through the route to reach destination (see CMMB digital TV programs). If you do not enjoy as soon as possible to the existing network of services and compete blindly go and how to make better German BMW (German-made BMW's experience and time more than our rich), missing out on the market and development opportunities. If the entire network of operations, to know what kind of car is best to adapt to the Chinese market may create Chinese-style high-level luxury cars BMW. Germans may have to come to us learn.

Therefore, TD / CMMB network is the key to integration? I personally would like to propose a model of integration is different from the present, that is an interactive television program integration-oriented business hub for the integration of model building, which requires radio and television with the Ministry of Industry and the windows of paper pierce this layer, network integration services to TV application for the purpose of their duties, TD / CMMB TV market will rapidly.

such as the entertainment television channel, for example, are in the world for the hottest reality show,Christian Louboutin Alta Ariella Talon 130 leather bootsV, CMMB eye color television entertainment channel focused on the blind date of a file hosted reality show program and make a good (television content suppliers), TD / CMMB mobile phone / mobile end-user as the reality show's audience, they can be anywhere at any time to accept and participate in interactive and join the reality show, TD participating in the channel network (TD based network) That is the business hub for the integration gateway provides mobile short-interest TV channels with the CMMB entertainment interface, so end of the show the audience their message direct docking interaction CMMB broadcasting the live system, so the audience will be their terminal voice of the program to be presented and participate in an interactive manner, he / she can show them on the evaluation of the expression of male and female guests to all audiences, you can also recalling the tragic expression of his feelings of love or family publicity and all audiences.

the hub of this business integration can also take advantage of 3G mobile data service features video telephony gateway building is now live with the CMMB system docking. Thus, any holders of TD / CMMB mobile phones with video telephony functionality audience, can make CMMB entertainment TV channel live mobile video to see the audience, making the audience participate in the three-dimensional reality show, could prompt an audience of thousands of miles away and a reality show guest to promote a direct exchange of Cowherd and Weaver Girl Love distances. CMMB reality show that the breadth and depth of the well through the TD / CMMB network integration far beyond today's fixed on the TV reality show. With the hit show, TD SMS charges, TD video phone charges, CMMB entertainment TV channels in advertising revenue costs, will gold excavated a huge market, China Mobile and radio and television through the sharing, are cashing in full.

I believe, when the monthly fee can be as CMMB negligible income, can be done away with,Christian Louboutin Evening, CMMB becomes a free digital television system, and as we NEWPORT MEDIA's CMMB digital TV chip suppliers will be done at lower cost chips, such as Spreadtrum TD TD-chip baseband suppliers to do the low, making the TD / CMMB mobile phones do cost less, making the TD / CMMB TV audience of more civilians, participants will more. This is the chip supplier for the Chinese characteristics of the triple play industry should do a little responsibility.

Sina Technology: Xu of, your TD / CMMB mobile phone market to see how? NEWPORT MEDIA What is the market ready?

Fei Xu: As mentioned earlier in my opinion, in both mobile and broadcasting convergence in the exploration business and business models that may take some detours, I have better ideas above, they also discuss the mode of hope, maybe Article access roads to Rome, but one thing I believe, be able to find an effective integration of industrial chain, the way forward loop, and the trend of people's will can not be transferred.

move has now taken a big mine,Christian Louboutin Guerriere 120 suede ankle boots, started the TD / CMMB network integration work early this month, Central Purchasing to tender more than 6 million units TD / CMMB mobile phones, while next year might be 2000 10000-30000000 the TD / CMMB mobile phone needs.

I am more optimistic, if the breakthrough in the integration mode of progress,Christain Louboutin black leather 'Roman 120' button detail booties, I think 2 to 3 years in the television business, driven fusion, easy over the last million TD / CMMB terminals mark to Each TD / CMMB terminals (high medium and low), then an average of 1,000 yuan to end this, there are 1,000 billion a year market size and value. How to add TD / GSM short interest charges, TD video telephone, CMMB TV advertising, the output value of these years is difficult to estimate how much, at least recycling to a new mobile media platform, which will exceed the number of Apple value. China is the world's largest market, no doubt, the key is how this gold digging.

is because we have this faith, we NEWPORT MEDIA MBBMS CA-based framework to move the system, we developed a 65nm integrated CMMB demodulator receiving and descrambling based UAM auxiliary decryption function of SIP chip NMI501. For the TD / CMMB off the market to provide the most cost-effective TD / CMMB mobile terminal solutions.

present,Christian Louboutin Hassaneta 120 leather and linen sandals, we have TD in the mainstream platforms such as T3G, Datang LCI and others have in the depth of cooperation with China Mobile and other industry leaders and participants in the match. Believe that we will soon be in the TD / CMMB industry emerging.

Sina technology: Thank you! Goodbye.






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