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Zhang Yi

telecommunications networks, computer network and cable television triple play will open more of China's space television applications. Triple play, the TV-rich applications will replace the only television programs, home entertainment and work as new content ... ...

knowledge and understanding of most people is that 3D films, it is because 3D technology Since the invention of 160 years ago, more being used in industrial, scientific research, medical and other fields, most people had little contact with in everyday life 3D technology. In our understanding of, 3D technology is the use of a movie theater or living room give you visual pleasure.

However, China has begun triple play plans, and the massive popularity of 3D television, will make all the difference. In the near future, 3D will be more into our lives, even to subvert our way of life established in the 2D era and way of thinking. If you say that there is a 3D TV technology leap in physics, then it and the Internet, telecommunications networks, combined, will produce a strong chemical reaction, which amplify the technology's influence on our lives.

triple play when 3D TV experience, will be placed in your living room is not just a TV, but a strong network of terminals, you can use it to run 3D programs can also be 3D page shopping, and your friends can also be carried out 3D video calls. Sean Kyle, according to Intel technical experts expected, 3D Internet will be achieved in 5 years, will be widely deployed. At that time, our Internet users will be faced with one or more of the to carry out this place for travel, business, school, friends and other colorful activities. This indicates that the application of 3D from the cinema, out of scientific research in the extended, comprehensive access to people's daily lives.

perfect match

3D TV's launch, giving us a big surprise, it makes us into a new three-dimensional world, but to industry models, the one Taiwan and Taiwan independence, 3D TV, 3D technology is far unable to play to maximize the advantages and applications. But the triple play, will be thousands of families in the 3D TV screens to link up many new applications will thus came into being, and based on 3D technology throughout the industry chain will gradually clear.

the so-called

triple play in the fundamental sense, is to achieve resource sharing and efficiency is maximized. This means that a lot of resources by the individual into a public, many of the original commitment by the government or a company's problem into the world of all network participants to common problems. Still in the initial stage for 3D television, this is undoubtedly a great opportunity.

First, 3D content limitations will be resolved. The lack of 3D TV content is the biggest obstacle to the promotion, because 3D TV technology standards in China have not yet introduced, so many manufacturers do not want to put too large, resulting in a 3D TV and 3D chain complementary products, including DVDs, 3D glasses,Christian Louboutin Simple 100 Pumps, not mass production, unit production cost is very high, naturally hindered 3D TV sales. Therefore, get rid of 3D television source shortage in China would like to put a television body, but also limited the ability of television.

professionals believe, 3D TV only with the Triple play, the user simply by stable high-speed transmission network,Christian Louboutin Very Prive Satin Platform, and quickly search massive network resources to the appropriate 3D movies, animation, games and TV content, to be able to receive and end 3D TV broadcast, in one fell swoop ease the 3D television sources thirst problem.

addition, if the 3D TV only as a television program broadcast terminal, then the people's viewing habits,Christian Louboutin Yolanda Suede, it is difficult to become an inevitable choice. But once connected and networked world, 3D TV will be, and phone, computer, become the choice of most people can not avoid, or that it simply is television, telephone, computers, game consoles and other equipment complex. Families in the future, you can not refuse the existence of such a device.

TCL chairman Li Dongsheng that the opportunities. TV is not simply a network TV receiver, it is with network television receivers and other features of the new vehicle, change from passive to active choice, which will give media companies more room for innovation. >

Internet-based 3D technology to bring television to the Chinese companies not only through the Internet trend, the market demand to achieve the diversification of market segments under the snatch, more importantly,Christian Louboutin Very Prive Satin Platform, through the TCL as the leader of the Chinese color TV enterprises mass force, and created a new business model, its core content is built on the basis of large-scale manufacturers and content service platform business integration and innovation. This dynamic model ultimately will comprehensively promote the domestic Internet TV market in the future for a long period of time, not only will become mainstream products in the Chinese market, but also affect the overseas TV market.

can be said that triple play will promote the popularity of 3D TV, and 3D TV offers a triple play was the best the terminal, the confluence of two major trends can be called a a marriage made in heaven.

widely used

possible. Compared with the current Internet, 3D Internet has two obvious features, one constructed reality. In the 3D virtual world, people will see a world almost exactly the same real world, this is a high degree of simulation, virtual places, in parallel with the real world, second world, which many virtual life figures of all kinds of 3D objects and the environment. These figures, as the same as in the real world thinking and behavior. Second, beyond the reality. In the real world on the basis of reduction, beyond reality. In the three-dimensional Internet world, only you can not imagine, can not be achieved without you, it will maximize the user's creativity,Christain Louboutin black leather 'Roman 120' button detail booties, and a huge market efficiency.

Imagine if all the goods on Taobao 3D form can be used to show what will be the scene. Three-dimensional forms, can show an object in all directions, with two-dimensional images unparalleled advantage. Companies will release their products into the online three-dimensional form, to show all aspects of product appearance,Christian Louboutin Simple 70 leather pumps, with interactive operations, demonstrate the product's features and use of operation, make full use of rapid spread of high-speed advantage of the Internet to promote the company's products. For e-commerce, will sell products made in the form of three-dimensional line, the customer through the observation and operation of the product can have a more comprehensive understanding of understanding, will likely decide to purchase a substantial increase, as more sellers profits.

businesses now have started a similar attempt, Outlets Lin Zhuoyan China Ltd. Chairman of the Board of this newspaper said they planned to build an online outlets, product line will use the 3D display technology , so that online shopping can be more clarity on the goods and intuitive understanding.

3D triple play after the game will also be one of the areas most worthy of attention. 3D charm will be able to pull more powerful level of an ordinary game design and exquisite TVGAME in front of the game players experience. Turn on the TV movie, turn on the TV to play games, and can reach the big screen cinematic effect. After triple-play, TVGAME game will have online multiplayer capability, a console gaming experience Dan's game, with friends on the online interactive system level, and then pulled through the TV and PCGAME 3D game level distance. In the PC, play games, and 3D screens in the huge online network games, is clearly not in the same category of.

In addition, the use of 3D Internet video conferencing, three-dimensional shock effects, real-time reproduction of the meeting of the scene, the real show the overall image of the participants and build the real difference between meeting without the meeting mode, to achieve communication maximum efficiency. Its vividness, detail, interactive session, the unique advantages,Christian Louboutin grey patent calfskin Declic 120 slingback, it will completely subvert the image of the remote video conference, as intuitive, natural byword. The use of 3D technology, users completely inspired enthusiasm, and perhaps will replace physical meetings, video conferencing industry is a huge space for development.

3D graphics computing has entered the more general commercial applications. Construction of small shops can afford to use 3D technology, hardware and software, the related engineering problems for evaluation. 3D interior designers can also make customers walk through the house. Real estate sales staff can buyers from all angles to show a property,Christian louboutin black suede calfskin thigh high platform boots, and show the situation inside and outside the property.

However, the major commercial companies to join the video revolution, there are still some obstacles. First, 3D video and graphics also need the latest equipment; Secondly, the bandwidth requirements are very demanding: the rate of at least 2Mbps; Furthermore, most of the latest technology is still too expensive. Clearly, the triple play and 3D television display technology upgrade will gradually clear away these obstacles, and now the cost of 3D video applications continue to decline, increasing bandwidth, the public has begun to experience the power of 3D, 3D video will be a universal inevitable trend.

Despite the maturity of the market will take time, but the policy level, attention has begun the development of 3D. According to informed sources, the ministry has 3D included in the

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