First official response to Huawei Huawei Metro not to invest in real estate

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Southern Star intern Liu Liping Wang Xiao-News reporter August 16,Christian Louboutin Rolando Patent Leather Platform Pumps, Shenzhen City Longgang Area Planning Huawei results hold another briefing at the meeting,Christian Louboutin Christian Louboutin Multi Booty 140 boots, in addition to planning and design units have been replaced,Christian Louboutin D??collet?? 100 pumps, the original name From

fact,Christian Louboutin Simple 70 leather pumps, since the sort of questions.

yesterday,Chrsitian Louboutin Sexy Sling Glittered Stiletto Nude, a spokesman for the south have responded Huawei, reference data, shares of the activities. and there is nothing economic Huawei associated. Huawei makes real estate investments. > A story of urban renewal is a very brilliant initiative,Christain Louboutin Big Lips bootie 120, dubbed 'Huawei Metro' concept is also very attractive 'eyeballs'. For the

However,Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 polka-dot pumps, according to insiders,Christian Louboutin Denis 85 cutout leather sandals, the reason why the previously proposed do not want to use Huawei,Christian Louboutin Attention 100 cutout mesh and leather boots, .

reporter was informed that the Metro is currently being developed under the latest plan,Christain Louboutin Cate patent calf boot, the town's position is: high-tech industries as the dominant feature of the urban complex Area,Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 polka-dot pumps, including at least five four-star hotels and above,Christian Louboutin Bibi 140 leather platform pumps, number of large trade and numerous complex real estate projects.

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