China Mobile brilliant debut International Telecommunications Exhibition

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Mobile change their lives

wonderful debut of China Mobile International Telecommunications Exhibition

Morning News in 2010 (the 19th) China International Exhibition in 2010 10 11 to 15 October in Beijing China International Exhibition Centre (Old Building) at.

in the current telecommunications exhibition, China Mobile showcases a range of innovative communication ideas and achievements of the visitors through on-site interactive sessions with the application of personal experience, the successful interpretation of the

current telecommunications exhibition, China Mobile were set,Christian Louboutin Toutenkaboucle 150 suede buckle sandals, including personal applications, Internet of Things and industry applications, mobile technology, including three new galleries,Christian Louboutin Very Prive suede black, display the information of all aspects of production and life to bring people experience.

personal applications to mobile applications Pavilion Shopping Centre (MM) as the core, to demonstrate OPhone largest mobile phone terminal, showcases the concept of portals including MM MM games, flying letters, phone reading, 12580, mobile payment, wireless music, mobile TV and other value-added services including a variety of applications. Makes your head in the enjoyment of visitors to the new application experience, while also feeling the life of modern information services to the height of convenience.

in this exhibition also set a one on one on-site communication.

in this exhibition, the three major mobile phone operators to pay has become a common main push products. The mobile's China Mobile's mobile wallet in the show, you can see, the phone has and bank cards, such as water and electricity accounts and credit cards together to bind to. Then, on the phone,Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 polka-dot pumps, mall advertising, promotional discount will appear in time. In the future, just carry a cell phone,Christian Louboutin Denis 85 cutout leather sandals (sold out), in daily life and other aspects of a variety of consumer, can easily solve.

mobile exhibition will showcase new technologies in science and technology innovation of China Mobile's practical results, showcases TD-LTE, cloud computing, DSN & PNAT, C-RAN and many other new technologies. Based on TD-LTE technology brought about by the time the two high-definition audio and video interaction.

China Mobile site related parties, based on China Mobile's TD-LTE can support transmission of high definition television video linear editing. Currently, TD-LTE and shoot high definition video transfer application has been the approval of the Shanghai TV station. It is reported that, relative to the previous meeting on the large photo with the transmission business applications, high-definition video transmission for mobile communication network bandwidth, delay and codec devices are made stringent requirements, and the present business of the video shoot that transfer delay encoding and decoding devices is limited by the quality rather than network.

early warning for natural disasters prevention and safety incidents and other hot topics, exhibition and industry application of things is reflected in the things the Chinese mobile development, public safety and disaster early warning areas of innovation, including the elevator guard, bus services pass, pass livable, urban consumer links, School Paper, geological disaster prevention system, including the application of information has been concentrated display. Visitors through on-site interpretation and practical experience,christian louboutin copper leather Short Tina 120 fringe pumps, but also the era of information of things with a deeper understanding of life.

to demonstrate the development of information communication technology in social development,Christian Louboutin Tasseled Latticework Sandal, improvement of life's great role. China Mobile on new communication technologies, new products,Christian Louboutin Devalavi Chunky-Heel Slingback, new applications and on-site display of the interactive sessions,Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 patent pumps, not only for visitors to personally experience the life better sense of social responsibility.

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