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Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Chen Jinqiao, deputy chief engineer ->

SAN depth report ICT Summit 2011 held in Beijing on the 22nd, this report will be hot topics of dialysis in 2010, Reading at home and abroad and opportunities facing the development of ICT challenges, full access to triple play, 3G industry prospects of things, mobile terminal, the user rights protection and other major and hot issues

for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Chen Jinqiao, deputy chief engineer.

Leaders, Good morning colleagues, on behalf of the field of telecommunications regulation in 2010 in a number of important regulatory developments and some of the features, and its hot-depth analysis. We feel that the international perspective, in 2010 the total international or around more than just how to push in that the further recovery, while promoting competition, efficiency, and promote the integration and transformation of the industry to do a lot of work this angle, and our Chinese domestic communications regulator, we have many leaders PUC arrived at the scene from the research point of view we have made a summary of about ten words, one is service-depth transformation of our industry, there is to explore the integration of a regulation, which is made more important progress, we try to give you a moment to sum up.

First, we briefly review the main focus on the global broadband communications regulator should be introduced some adjustments, to promote effective competition also played a role. In the universal service, interconnection, allocation of resources, infrastructure, consumer protection, network security and access policy adjustments, and some of the new telecom tariff aspects of progress. As just there in front of expert academicians Wu mentioned that in many countries and regions, in 2010 there is a significant change, that is, the meaning of universal service was extended, mainly on account of the deepening of the digital information society development, is to universal access to broadband services pulled, Finland in July 2010 with broadband rights, every citizen has the right, there are broadband and broadband Ji Jinti plans on the agenda, this is a very important change. Second, we also give you my colleagues this afternoon show some details on the digital dividend spectrum allocation, more than the total mentioned earlier, the U.S. is more aggressive, probably hinder the operation of 500 trillion spectrum for broadband services, the What is the dividend, we understand not the same, that is the specific user groups, low-income countries, low-income people to pay a transfer or transfer between industries in our country the term is widely misunderstood, with special reference to disputes between the industry, involving radio and television from the next generation of mobile communications to the transfer which occurred when different interpretations of it.

digital dividend in fact, is multi-band spectrum allocation, the States are not the same before and after the European Union in 2010, also in the auction, between 700 trillion and 680 trillion in a band, which is a wireless broadband service needs. In addition a number of experts also mentioned that the so-called infrastructure, the national broadband strategy is the most radical America, the United States it has a background, from 2008 to revitalize economic growth, it is actually to broadband as a means of stimulating economic growth, From the regulatory point of view we observe that the U.S. regulator FCC proposed a broadband plan, the original in the communications field for USF as a major transformation to the CAF, in fact, about the importance of industrial countries for broadband, not just the industrial sector, authorities, regulatory authorities are also actions, and proposed specific action,christian louboutin black crepe Troisronds 100 sandals, such as connecting communities, connecting schools, hospitals, and so connected these special institutions, countries should have done from a regulatory point of view a lot of this work. Besides us, as the Ministry of Industry is the competent department for both the industry regulator, should be said that we take more effort than it.

also have a concept in the international arena, in the last year, re-surfaced, is the management of the network neutrality issue, we think that the Internet industry and traditional communication sector efforts in terms of broadband infrastructure and business innovation disputes, but in the last year, said the United States should strongly promote the requirements of FCC votes 3-2 vote en rule establishing a new network, this reflects the advances in technology, industrial development, in favor of competition policy orientation differences, yet there is no uniform conclusions.

Also on Consumer Protection, 2020 European Union countries on the future market-driven integration, significantly lower travel rates, the EU market is the equivalent of the Greater China market, in this range, further adjustments data roaming tariffs, what it meant, it is the sovereign countries, and our continent as a whole, we want to market, lowering the threshold for it, there is a pent-up demand, broadband demand is suppressed, the consumer we talked about so much , the demand for entertainment has grown, there is the price is the most important factor.

our major work from 2010, the domestic regulator, the Ministry of Industry on the basis of the above telecommunications regulation, its core is built around standardized and orderly market competition, for example, the monitoring carried out on the behavior of assessments, other aspects of the tariff regulatory regime for the formation of relatively complete, transparent to the user's right to know, right to information protection. Also launched number portability in the pilot work, which is the basis for the market.

also done some work last year, we believe that is called cross-border regulatory co-ordination or call it three-dimensional control, as we move the Internet, due to cross-border industrial integration, out of a large number of innovative products and services, this is a cross-border, such as financial products, such as education, entertainment, online games, music, etc., it relates to the various departments. The most typical beginning of last year involved we have to mention that triple play pilot work, why do we say that 2010 is the integration of monitoring what keywords, most important of which is to promote the events, then in 2056 we are a the core of the work.

another terminal in the integration of nature management, mobile Internet software and hardware integration as well as service integration, there is cross-border and cross-industry services to bring the issue, there is simply a power of the Ministry of Industry In fact, it is difficult to solve, whether you say that we cooperate with public security organs and departments to do some safety management or not, for real-name authentication Ye Hao, in this work which is actually very complicated and many details. There is also a work of last year, the Ministry of Industry has done us a very important effort to protect the interests of consumers that we carried out special projects, functions in some low-end phones, including the smoking cottage phone fees, We made a special treatment and relevant departments have achieved some results, we believe the next few years is also a priority.

In addition, we have talked about,CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Bana 140 patent pump, Telecommunications Research Institute changed the telecommunications regulator in this area, we as an industry authorities, in particular have done some innovative work, concrete work for everyone to do list, such as the 2010 filing on the Internet, as well as network security management, as well as the drafting of appropriate regulations, as well as at the end of the market introduction of the Internet Information Services Interim supervision order and so on, this is the Internet industry, its competent authorities What kind of a way to explore more conducive to the orderly advance our competitive Internet market.

outside the Ministry of Industry except, of course, there are many departments, including the introduction of some of the corresponding supporting laws and regulations, or new laws and regulations, or amendments and supplements to the old law.

there is the clean network environment, we also took place late last year, some things, operators, mobile data with large-scale development,Christian Louboutin Suede Butterfly Bootie, so some users not informed in consumption, resulting in a high roaming clearing fees Ministry of Industry is also coordinated, there is to promote the universal implementation of the upgrading of several years we have carried out the purification of the network environment, including actions against the special VoIP phone, and last year launched a mobile phone real name system, which is clean network environment.

last year in equipment management, we monitor from passive to active service, now also related to how to how to reduce costs while enhancing service capabilities and level, such as Academician Wu mentioned large-scale and miniature in parallel, we manage our terminal is also able to continue with the original traditional way, apparently does not work, we also made some adjustments to enhance service capacity.

the next few issues of analysis, we believe that in 2010 there are several hot spots, the first in the Internet sector has a lot of great things, push us to improve the rules of regulatory authorities and management tools; second the pilot is about triple play, we do a simple evaluation, little prospect of doing something,Christian Louboutin Shelly Leather Pump, and now there are many views on the industry, network convergence is to progress as a failure or whether it is smooth, its future work will focus on how to start to do some analysis of our ; other consumer interests, we did in 2010, is a key focus of reminder we give you.

on the mobile Internet we believe that 2010 is indeed obvious in the whole mobile Internet, the management needs of more and more intense, especially cut from the terminal, from the application of income, which has become a consensus . First we look at the Internet market, it should be said that in 2010, frequent hot spots in the Internet market, and we made the event a sort, there is related to the national interest, involving a tremendous impact in society, as well as rules related to the existing regulatory challenges, all of these problems is particularly influential, known particularly high strength, and our management felt that there are some passive, or that may be the lack of explicit rules, or else there are rules, but lack of means, these issues highlighted in our letter to the Department as the industry department at the Internet management is lagging behind.

We further analysis, we believe that the whole in the Internet market, we believe that management is lagging behind the reason is because these four reasons, one is the business of our national innovation capacity of the Internet market is relatively quite digital copy more easily lead to vicious competition among enterprises. The second is that we feel the existing traditional means of the original do not adapt to the current Internet market, the total of more than 32 Internet companies that is not a trillion, not only economic growth, we also changes in order to change the Internet, we see the Internet itself, it has the hijack leader, Emperor to the nobility, the traditional market segments that the Internet is entirely a small market, it is not such a thing, the Internet becoming more and more media oriented, it traction with our regulators, we have the Ministry of Industry, we communicate more and more emphasis on social control of regulatory agencies, we focus on this area, there are a number of social services, we may be insufficient in the past, present, the more increasingly become a strong management needs.

from international experience, in fact abroad on a variety of Internet management system, all of these sectors it is one thousand million lines, or collection of lines in the communications network implementation of regulatory authorities as a major foothold in the channel or it point. So we think that, as the industry regulator on the Internet management, its main role, we are responsible for infrastructure, business competition, network security, etc., the whole industry chain competitive cooperation, the competent department of the communications industry we really can not bear can not be avoided or responsible, we are still relatively good at present, we have to chase back to solve a specific case.

from the analysis of future trends in managing the Internet, we have to comply with the troika as the core management system, and further improve, the next step in the technical work but also do a good job, good base System,Christian Louboutin Alta Ariella Talon 130 leather bootsV, We have more security means not only this aspect of the Internet as a purely competitive industry, the Internet is also a media platform of the tool, its role and influence far beyond the traditional communications industry in general,Chrsitian Louboutin clay suede Spartenvol 100 crystal sandals, we have to adapt This role change.

from the trend, straighten out the regulatory system, a clear regulatory rules, on the triple play, triple play last year, the State Council, introduced the New Deal, divided in two stages, the progress of last year, we have picked out the pilot cities the first batch of pilot cities, and the focus to promote two-way radio and television into the telecommunications business, so far, there is real progress, the overall observed to be slower than we expected, but faces some obstacles. The main obstacle,Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 studded denim pumps, we believe it is above the current entry in the market still has some of the barriers between sectors, these barriers still need to be overcome, there is lack of top-level design sense, before the introduction of the pilot list, and some details have not been good consultation such as basic communication we are looking forward to the fourth largest market will not appear subject, because the state radio and television this market has not formed, this is a simple example. Ministry of Industry has made some efforts to operators, is still in a preliminary stage, so our next step up institutional mechanisms have to start from.

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