YeePay third-party payment will be more dependent on mobile Internet

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Reporter Liao Hongxiang

will be officially opened on September 1 third-party management of the new regulations cover will be a great opportunity,Christian Louboutin Bibi 140 leather platform pumps, in the But the market still shows strong demand for third-party payment, only the first half of the market size of over 454.6 billion third-party payment industry showed strong life. For the future development trend of third-party payment, our reporter interviewed YeePay ( Chen Yu, vice president.

seed grow into a tree

the growth of third-party payment is amazing. Ten years ago, is a starting point, a decade later to a turning point. 10 years, the growth of this market has experienced incredible process.

YeePay Yu Chen, vice president of the view that objectively speaking, the pace of development or third party payment quickly. The reason that fast because the starting point is too low, relatively speaking, still in its infancy. But last year the market has reached six hundred billion to pay scale, the industry's great potential.

according to IT consulting firm Analysys International's latest data show that the first half of 2010, third-party electronic payment market in China reached 454.6 billion yuan, growth of 33%, 89% more than last year.

user needs will also promote the further expansion of market size. Yu Chen said in an interview, by the impact of more traditional enterprises into e-commerce, third party payment before the end of the market size will easily break one trillion.

However, even at 450 billion this magnitude, the relevant regulatory policy has not yet been implemented. Although the regulators have been actively promoting management approach landing, but due to multiple reasons,Chole Wooden wedge leather sandals, giving birth at long last, have to wait until the New Deal introduced on September 1 this year only will be officially implemented.

The fact is, because there is no regulation, third-party payment industry in China have gone through 10 years of extensive management. But it is 10 years, rapid growth to the third party payment enough to change the way people pay for the degree. Today you pull a random person on the road,Christian Louboutin Décolleté 100 jazz pumps, there might be to use Paypal, YeePay,Christian Louboutin Henry Black, TenPay hundred third-party payment service to pay through the users and so on. Third-party payment or electronic payment is accompanied by the rapid development of the Internet growing rapidly and become an integral part of people's lives things.

for the New Deal, Yu Chen said,Christian Louboutin Fortitia 100mm sandals, speaking from within the industry, licensing is not a particularly sudden thing. Third-party payment is a relatively high threshold for the industry, and the issue of licenses and the introduction of management methods, their goal is to control the industry risk, to make it better and more healthily. Therefore, the long term, the introduction of management practices will certainly be the healthy development of the industry, is an effective promotion. In fact the experience of other markets as well. Payment is a money deal with the industry, it determines the sensitivity of the importance of supervision.

not only mobile payment

morning, as I said,Christain Louboutin black leather 'Roman 120' button detail booties, the mobile network becomes more open, more and more like the Internet,Christian Louboutin Pumps, so a lot of content will emerge with applications, which are required to pay a lot of platforms. 5 years ago, a dozen phone function has been very great, and now Apple's application store has more than 25 million applications, an explosion of content on the rich a lot. Growth of mobile Internet applications are a great demand for payment.

currently rely on the Internet platform for third-party payment, and in the future,Christian Louboutin Bibi 140 leather platform pumps, will be more dependent on the mobile Internet. Phone or a remote mobile payment has become an indispensable means to pay, while more and more areas of the terminal began to intervene in payment. Reports from foreign media, Google, and eBay has reached a preliminary cooperation will PayPal electronic payment solutions into the Android market, the convenience of users purchase applications in the electronics market.

Yu Chen said, first of all, the phone coverage than the PC, the Internet is much larger than traditional phone user base, far more than traditional Internet users; Second, the phone's mobile Internet to willingness to pay higher access users, mobile phone number appears to be very boring, very early in the content, such as: the music is very simple, very simple game,Christian Louboutin Simple 70 leather pumps, many people are still willing to pay. We pay the company a market that can develop in these requirements. Maybe this is Google and eBay co-operation of the driving forces.

third-party payment, but not just that mobile payment mobile payment methods. According to the latest intelligence Ereli The large-value payment only 4.9%; 13.1% of mobile terminal users to use online banking direct payments, more than 7 percentage points lower end PC. Pay more limited mobile micro-payment, in such a way is not conducive to development and expansion of third party payment.

Yu Chen believes that mobile payments and Internet payments are actually complementary and can not put it simply to pay the direction of development of mobile payment, payment may be the direction of diversification. Pay more and more channels will make users more ways to pay. To YeePay, the position

example, YeePay online business with China Unicom's cooperation with the Office for National Unity of electronic channels to provide payment solutions to achieve their online business functions.

is what will continue to strengthen the solution in the market segment service capabilities,louboutin sales, to provide funds for the electronic industry and supply chain management, integrated service road, after 6,7 years of development, and easy Po payment has been getting better. Yu Chen said, after the most difficult early stages, can make money now, and in 2009 the company became profitable. Currently YeePay carried out with the bank more in-depth to launch a number of innovative products and services, including telephone payments, and credit payments for industrial customers.

third-party credit card payment is not a simple function. Yu Chen said that in practice YeePay entirely neutral third-party payment platform, there is no link with any trading platform, together, we can provide services to any business.

sensitive security issues

Wong Kar-wai said that there was local rivers and lakes. Yu Chen said that the money is there is risk.

When a reporter referred to the recent exposure of the criminals continue to use third-party payment platform, fraud, gambling and other criminal behavior, Yu Chen's answer is extremely honest.

plagued e-commerce security issues for a long time in fact, due to a general lack of trust makes the consumer a sense of security for electronic payments, fell to lows, which is e-commerce development in China is relatively backward in developed countries one reason.

Yu Chen said that, China is concerned, most of the payment are by debit card or credit card, usually the payment have to use a password before they can pay. From a certain perspective, is more secure, but this approach also increases the risk of consumers, once the password theft losses arising from consumers themselves should take responsibility.

with low trust of buyers and sellers, making online transactions difficult to continue, it appears like a guarantee to pay the role of treasure such as the payment platform, it is also the emergence of such a sponsor, and promote the C2C the development of trade, and promote e-commerce to further mature. But for the aviation, telecommunications, administration and education industries for major clients, security of payment but will increase user complexity.

Yu Chen believes that the risks related to money,louboutin, the key to how to minimize this risk. The market regulatory system will be gradually refined in the New Deal, operation and development of the market will also be standardized, these risks can be reduced accordingly, while third-party payment companies will also take a lot of anti-phishing, anti-fraud, anti money laundering preventive measures. Only if we work together to build this environment in order to make the whole transaction becomes more and more security.






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