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A piece of paper locked iPhone, the New Deal ripple. Flying against the outside world a variety of Who exactly fashionable around the iPhone into a

statement released Ministry of Industry and what signal?

12 1 May, China Unicom launched the New Deal. 2 evening, the Ministry made the first statement of the incident, saying The statement led to some speculation, the industry concerned about whether to change China Unicom.

lead counsel in the associations Qiu Baochang:

letter to the Department's position is not without targeted. It stressed that China Unicom to do service work, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests, indicating that it no qualitative matter, there is no conclusion, let Unicom own reflection,christian louboutin black crepe Troisronds 100 sandals, self-examination and whether the legal compliance, to correct problems in a timely manner. This is so foreign words.

I personally believe that this approach is short-sighted Unicom, large companies should not mind and vision. In this way would be unwise to control customer churn. iPhone can not always such a fire, a shortage at present there is some degree of hunger marketing components. But the alternatives may appear soon, the supply situation will not last.

new media critic Chen Yongdong:

the statement from the Ministry of Industry and China Unicom's response, it seems kind of hard to explain, said something unknown caused consumers speculation There are several guesses the results: First, a problem that China Unicom Deal, otherwise how could that conditions.

letter to the Department's position is very important, although somewhat vague,Christian Louboutin Banana Cork-Heel, but I hope the relevant authorities in the management and supervision mechanism can be leaps and bounds, some of the rules made more aware. Guess people do not want to mess all right, if all the words are clear.

whether the alleged monopoly of China Unicom Deal?

Unicom said in public, even though such an approach it is The most recent days, several articles Unicom bursts explanatory message, answer all questions.

Xiang Ligang, CEO Dumbo:

monopoly argument does not hold. For consumers, iPhone has a contract machine optional, while a bare metal to buy, you can choose different ways, so what monopoly? Unicom not sell mobile phones, it offers more services, if you want to receive these services, consumers of course, compliance.

lead counsel in the associations Qiu Baochang:

I personally believe that China Unicom Deal with the ;, 40, might be involved in conflict. Relevant provisions are: contract can not be restricted other rights, increase the liabilities of the other terms, or should be regarded as invalid. Therefore, no basis for unilaterally stop the move may breach the suspect down. Enterprises should not only honest and trustworthy, but also a sense of responsibility, but should have a broad vision and aim higher, to treat users.

lock machine is the international practice it?

Although Unicom emphasized both at the international or domestic, mechanical card bundling practice is the practice of telecom operators,Christian Louboutin Henry Tan, but still have user complaining. There are details of the user questions, such as mobile phones lost how to do?

independent telecom analyst Wang Liu-sheng:

Unicom is to learn from international telecom operators common practices and experiences and build awareness of the consumer market contract, and breach of contract for a certain party restriction and punishment processing.

awareness of such a contract areas in the Chinese consumer market is still relatively lacking, will be resisted by some consumers, and consumers in the form of the Unicom brand damage.

Professor Jianqiu Beijing University of Posts:

modem card is bundled with international practice. Nearly all of the iPhone plan operators are bundled contract, there Qicheng more iPhone carriers are required to not use the services of other operators. However, very little teardown phenomenon overseas, there is no

lead counsel in the associations Qiu Baochang:

Although Unicom was intended to combat the Even the international practice, if the conflict with domestic laws and regulations, does not apply.

Telecom version of

except against the arrogance of the Some people move for Apple iPhone Unicom and infighting compared to another version of Unicom to defend his

red wheat Software president Liu Xingliang:

Mobile,Christian Louboutin Banana Cork-Heel, China Unicom deliberate, not in the wine - not the purpose of iPhone4, but 3G. On the surface, these two

data show that new 3G users in China Unicom is one-fifth of Ben iPhone4 come. Envisaged in our previous, 3G should be the maximum thrust from the operators,Christian Louboutin Bianca Patent Platform Pump, the situation is eye-popping - the biggest thrust is the iPhone and Android.

This is a tragedy. In any case,Christian Louboutin Mid-Heel Knotted Napa Pump, the terminal of a star is always limited and can not affect the pattern of competition. The next biggest threat comes from number portability, a completely free number portability. If Beijing launched number portability, my first rush.

local Unicom Staff Hu Wei:

on the iPhone, China Unicom may also be called the Battle of Mobile. But frankly, I thought like a market share of China Mobile's dominant operator in this way should not be involved in the dispute. iPhone Unicom's WCDMA network only choice in order to truly perfect experience. I hope people will stand in safeguarding the interests of users more of the perspective of healthy competition,Christian Louboutin Patent Pump, not only on the angle of mercenary business interests.

Morning News reporter Jiao Likun

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