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Four smart phones as the global brand all settled in China, had become a dominant history, diverse competition begun to emerge.

of: Su Juan

draped 3G Express, China is likely to become the world's largest consumer market of smart phones, of course, to become the world's first smart phone into the national referendum. Analysys International recently released data show that the first half of 2010, sales of the smart phone market size reached 24.054 million, sold more than 2009 full-year scale. However, smart phone penetration in China still remains at low levels. According to Analysys Enfodesk think tank recently released data show that the first half of 2010, smart phone sales in the brand about 20% of the market, but maintain the stock of brand mobile phone market share was only 11.16%, huge space for development. Especially at such a level of rich, diverse market opportunities particularly for any smart phone manufacturers are trying to be more ambitious in this dream incubation.

the first quarter according to IDC data,Christian Louboutin Lady Claude, the current top five global makers of smart phones: Nokia (39.3%), RIM (19.4%), apples (16.1%), HTC (4.8%), Motorola (4.2%), have tried in the Chinese market ahead of the layout. First, in October 2009, Apple iPhone with Unicom kicked open the door to the Chinese smart phone. Then, Google's Android mobile phone platform with the new generation of smart phones Qingqi brand banner. Recently, popular in Europe and America market, HTC smartphone experts was established Chinese companies,Christian Louboutin Very Prive Platform Pump, the desire to rapid development effort. At the same time, through the operators to expand cooperation with China and self-built sales channels, BlackBerry development effort again. So far, the global smart mobile phone brand All four settled in China, is bound to set off a wave of smart phones. Only in the 3G era,Christian Louboutin Very Prive Satin Platform, led in the case of custom operators, they can really become a mainstream remains to be seen.

no doubt, with the cooperation with China Unicom, iPhone has been officially take root in China, and growing gratifying. According to Admob data, as of May this year, the Chinese market genuine iPhone sales of 72 million units total. With the WiFi version of iPhone's formal entry into China, and the influx of iPhone4 experienced enough to cultivate the market of the iPhone could really become the mainstream of China intelligence models. To this end, the first time Apple has been less concerned about playing the Chinese market, Early August,Christian Louboutin BIANCA 140 KID, more than WiFi, the price is also cheaper than the thousands Unicom version of the iPhone iPhone bare Sanlitun in Beijing and Shanghai, Pudong, two Apple flagship store started selling the first day of the sale of stock. September, China Unicom will be in accordance with the previously announced as the introduction of iPhone4, and through the end subsidies to a more populist approach to the terminal which the highly anticipated arrival.

and Nokia and RIM Both the original bedding in the Chinese market for many years the company has recently also complementary points of a big great momentum in China. The difference is, the same is to provide users with end to end solutions, Nokia is not controlled by the telecommunications operators, is taking the consumer market, and RIM's BlackBerry under which it must bind with the introduction of operator services. Eyes on China unlimited potential of the personal market, RIM is determined to expand cooperation with the Shenzhou digital retail channel to a full range dominate the market. The two were from Northern Europe and North America's traditional flagship business phone, smart phone in China can keep its leading position in the field, and ultimately depends on a thorough understanding of Chinese users of the heart.

IDC analyst Aloysius bell (Aloysius Choong) that just started in China as 3G, while Chinese users access to data services is limited, so some companies still have a chance to enter the Chinese market. HTC is part of this company. Although the co-branded Dopod past several years in the Chinese market,Christian Loubotuin Leather Butterfly Bootie, but its share in the smart phone market is only 1.6%, while the HTC has to squeeze into the smart phone market in Europe and the top three, if in China, a larger market get the same share the vision of its first three among the world would be more secure. Currently, HTC Chinese companies are recruiting, but people doubt that, in the Dopod brand before it will be replaced by HTC,Christian Louboutin Yolanda Spikes 120 leather peep-toe pumps, you need to let the user know how long this has long been popular in Europe and the

In addition, it can not ignore the strength of local enterprises in China. 2G era experienced help MediaTek, China's rise the Yulong Coolpad, Tianyu, and other domestic brand mobile phone business,Christian Louboutin Hassaneta 120 leather and linen sandals, they are producing more low-cost smart phone, but the price on the Chinese market has always been a sensitive factor.

of course, must also be noted that free and open source Android mobile platform, and MediaTek launch for the system package solution turnkey, vibrant cottage for the Chinese market into the source of life in the 3G era. According to industry analysts say, MediaTek to intervene, can Android smart phone quickly pulled 73 to 148 U.S. dollars (about 500 to 1,000 yuan), so that the popularity of smart phones dream come true. This will undoubtedly turn in turn act on the brand of price, brand machines have to choose to reduce the hardware price, and make money through the service.

the end, or will form China's new smart phone business rules. Whether it is an high-end smart phones access to high profits, or lower hardware prices, operators through long-term profit grab service is brand mobile phones need to think about. As for the emerging mobile phone brand, how popular Internet applications, the combination of local and effective integration of all resources, with minimal cost of access to the most popular user experience is the need to learn. Even without the favor of telecom operators, as long as the unity of good mobile Internet businesses, low-end smart phones are equally likely to have the core competitiveness.

no doubt the Chinese smartphone market is entering a consolidation period, who can come to the fore at this time, who is likely to be the next king of an era.






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