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-> Child with the phone open the As long as you gently press the cell phone can be resolved. Yesterday,Christian Louboutin No Prive Slingback Metallic Fabric Evening, Langya Road Primary School students arrived at the Drum Tower in Nanjing, China Telecom Museum of future information, through the understanding from the live demonstration of commercial pilot, opened to the

phone card installed open access

a problem. Some children said that the fingerprint can be used to open the door on the fingers, and some say could open the door with infrared scanning Mask. Instructors gave a student cell phones, cell phone close to the wall, he saw the sensor, the door opened quietly. Commentators said that this is due to an electronic card on the phone, confirmed the identity of visitors to open access.

enter the clearly understand the history of the times of each communication.

touch screen mobile phone to control home appliances

guide He Huimin said that life is not only the future of the Internet, but also involves things.

we certainly fantasy is what the future life, can have a universal remote control, home automatically do so,Christian Louboutin New Declic python, also in accordance with the directive to look after their children and senior citizens ... ... and in the , these can be achieved. Children holding a cell phone outside the home appeared on the screen home lighting control, home appliances control,Christian Louboutin Very Prive Patent Pump, indoor monitoring the situation at home can see the baby. The reporters found that as long as the touch screen,Christian Louboutin Simple 85 Suede Pumps, can control home electrical appliances, how much food in the fridge, if you take away a food, numbers immediately changed. Even more amazing is that each food source of raw materials,Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 patent pumps, processing records, transport preservation, nutritive value ... ... will appear on the screen one by one.

most unusual family dynamic backdrop, as long as you click the button lightly, the walls have appeared on the autumn leaves,Christian Louboutin New Simple Pump, winter snow ... ... the dinner table is a rectangular screen, as long as the phone on the table, will miss the wonderful TV programs on demand. If you go out, can not read the video programming to mobile phones. The bar side of the computer, simply log on baby Tianyi phone line, we can see the baby in the nursery all the videos, watching a child eat at school, learning and so on.

have toll free phone card

Under the guidance of the guide, they get on the i-Next Smart car, gently touch the open button, with the rough road, cars are also swings, head of the large screen on the left shows the map seems to feel in the real walk through the city streets.

boarding teams do not rank long, do not worry about forgetting to get tickets, the future of the airport just swipe your phone at the entrance, the boarding time appears on the screen, flights and other related data. Ultra-high-definition video conferencing rooms, the problem will not be hindered from meeting on,Christian Louboutin Declic 120 leather pumps, simply select a city on the telephone, direct connection,Christian Louboutin Mater Claude Nude, can clearly see each other face to face that very real feeling. According to reports, this is

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