China Datang Telecom ICT exhibition debut

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【Communications industry Reuters Datang Telecom Group power, displaying Datang Telecom Group to promote TD-SCDMA technology in the mobile Internet, Internet of things, triple play and other strategic areas of emerging industries, innovative applications.

TD-SCDMA: in-depth innovation and enhance user perception

recent years, Datang Telecom Group in the promotion of TD-SCDMA3G international standard industrial process, the mobile communication user needs sustained attention,Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 patent pumps, continuously enhance the innovation strength, occupied the TD-SCDMA system equipment market 30% market share, terminal chips and solutions for more than 50% market share, has become the leading TD-SCDMA Industry in the main drive and industry leaders.

this exhibition, showcase Datang Telecom Group and China Mobile to develop their innovations, the exhibition of products and solutions can effectively improve network capacity, enhance network performance, convenient and practical engineering optimize the user perceived as TD-SCDMA system, the improvement of application development and multi-scenario optimization of the network continued to play a backbone role.

as TD-SCDMA network optimization experts, this display of Datang Telecom Group launched its innovation in the industry iNOMS intelligent network optimization system can effectively help operators to rapidly raise the overall competitiveness, save construction operation maintenance costs. Where, TD-SCDMA networks in automated road test of SPAINADT 2010,Christian Louboutin Hassaneta 120 leather and linen sandals, China Mobile, 2G 3G automatic test equipment procurement tender way to get number one 3G technology, and achieved more than 40% market share of outstanding achievements in 22 provinces by extensive use of the company.

is worth mentioning that the Datang Telecom's TD-SCDMA terminal display protocol conformance tester is the first TD terminal protocol conformance test system, to fill in the field blank instrument industry, and has become the instrument of China Mobile Research Institute of the terminal project is the only designated instrument.

this exhibition, visitors can experience up close the latest of Datang Telecom Group, TD-SCDMA terminal chipset and solutions, TD-SCDMA mobile phone application software platform, TD-SCDMA test terminal,Christian Louboutin Henry Black, to experience the most cutting-edge technology. Which, INNOPOWER chips is the driving force behind a major highlight of the show, independently developed by Datang Telecom Group and was officially launched in April this year, for different market segments to provide full range of solutions, including L1708, L1808, L1809 has been fixed wireless phones, smart phones and other wireless applications volume applications.

mobile Internet of Things, Triple Play: Zero wonderful experience

present, triple play marketing information services have become an important direction, and show great potential for development mobile Internet and emerging strategic industries ranked of things, but also the development of information services have become the new engine,Christian Louboutin Catenita 120 leather slingbacks, this exhibition will become the most talked about technology and application. Datang Telecom Group will actively promote the TD-SCDMA technology and the integration of the strategic application of emerging industries. As the mobile Internet, the carrying platform of things, as well as CMMB / effective combination of cable television networks, TD-SCDMA will greatly help China's mobile Internet of Things and the rapid development of triple play. The exhibition, Datang Telecom Group to showcase the area in the TD-SCDMA technology based on the realization of innovative applications, will show the imagination of the audience information life,Christian Louboutin Attention 100 cutout mesh and leather boots!

in the and the core strengths of innovative technologies. AirWeTG3008 mobile phones and games to mobile phones as the representative of UNIGAME mobile entertainment terminal, Datang Telecom Group, developed in cooperation with the Xinhua News Agency Mobile Hyun makeup

not only further expand the human things, human and material objects and physical connection with the extension of communication, but also so that the original manner changes in labor productivity and optimization. Currently, Datang Telecom Group's The exhibition, Datang Telecom Group M2M modules and applications shown, RFID applications and sensors, monitoring,Christain Louboutin black leather 'Roman 120' button detail, positioning, sensor network products such as perception layer, wireless, fiber and other network access solutions for the network layer, as well as industry and telecom operators operating in the M2M platform of things; and Datang Telecom Group for the mining, oil, nuclear power, water, agriculture, industry solutions in different areas,Louboutin on sale, and urban areas of operation and management of the exhibition series of solutions become a major highlights.

in this exhibition, Datang Telecom Group to show the The PON + EoC series, with rational allocation of resources,Christian Louboutin Lady Glitter Slingback Gold, improve resource utilization and other advantages of the broadcasting operation support platform. Visitors can also home information, mobile payment, Ophone smart phones and other terminals,Christian Louboutin Simple 70 leather pumps NEW style, experience CMMB mobile phone business, video integration and other characteristics of the

TD-LTE: continuous innovation, leading the development

from 2005 to the end of April 2010,Christian Louboutin Brigette 140 python shoe boots, the field of Datang Telecom Group TD-LTE/4G manuscripts were submitted 2606 by 893, in the TDD first in the worldwide manufacturers, has become the standard 3GPPTDD technology leader and major contributor, the dominant's TD-LTE-Advanced is the only recommended by the Chinese government, as the candidate international standards for 4G. This exhibition, Datang Telecom Group to focus on TD-LTE display the latest technologies and solutions, demonstrate TDD as the industry pioneer and global leader in prowess.

Datang Telecom Group, the highlight of the TD-LTE important to enhanced technology - 8 double beamforming antenna technology, Datang Telecom Group and China Mobile jointly innovations for TD-LTE real commercial network to provide a solid technical support, has become the TD-LTE technology innovation a major contribution to the field. The exhibition site and the Huairou field of high-definition video interactive experience platform, based on TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE common-mode program that demonstrates TD-LTE network environment 3DVOD demand and high definition 3D gaming business, bring to the audience more intuitive high-speed 4G information experience.

terminal in the TD-LTE test technology,Christian Louboutin Attention 100 cutout mesh and leather boots, Datang Telecom Group has achieved a number of industry first, and the formation of a complete test system solutions. Through the introduction of panels and guide the audience a deeper understanding of the TD-LTE Terminal Instrument Industry.

in this exhibition, Datang Telecom Group exhibited a driving force behind the series of self-development based on INNOPOWER chip LC1760's LTE solution, this scheme can provide LTE / TD-HSPA / GGE (GSM, GPRS, EDGE ) multi-mode standard,Christian Louboutin Declic 120 suede pumps, can be connected with the PC card applications support data can also be connected with the AP to support mobile applications.

along, Datang Telecom Group adhere to innovation, excellence, explore a science and technology innovation advantage into competitive advantage, maximize the value of scientific and technological innovation to achieve and promote the TD-SCDMA3G innovation technology to bring people to a life of better information and communication.

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