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Pictured: The Sixth Summit digital new media scene, Chief Engineer of China Radio International Belts speech.


2010 年 8 24, the Sixth Summit of Digital New Media (CDMS) was held in Beijing, the meeting organized by the BIRTV Organizing Committee, Web site support.

Pictured above: The Sixth Summit digital new media scene, Chief Engineer of China Radio International Belts speech.

Following Record:

Belts: Good afternoon, I am honored to have this opportunity to introduce us to think and solve problems. The two leaders spoke in front of just did a great inspiration to us, we want to Ye Hao-called new media, digital media Ye Hao, in fact, it is important that nothing less than the whole building is five or five modules, including from our point of view of programming, the most important acquisition and production, then there is a good storage system, then there is broadcast, if the beauty of the land as if a high level, but also a high security monitoring and a good transport network.

actually a programming unit or system,Christian Louboutin Slingbacks, more attention is the acquisition and production of this program, the program involves the collection and production is actually a platform or a media in the end are traditional media or new media . Today, I want to report the Multimedia Integrated Services Platform cloud design philosophy, we promote the building of a project.

I would like to introduce ourselves what we have in five basic idea of ??how to use the cloud to solve a new production platform in the media collection difficulties, confusion. First of all I would like to cloud our thinking why, in 2004, 2005, when,Classic Collections-Christian Louboutin-Cheap Christian Louboutin, as you may know, international radio stations broadcasting over the past mainly engaged in foreign, foreign radio there was a great confusion is now less and less short-wave by the environment, or the audience fewer and fewer users, so to promote the new technology transfer mode, so the birth of our new media, multimedia program forward. Acquisition of new media and multimedia system platform piece, he would face a big problem, I guess the problem may be many units, particularly units, such units will meet the media, the first question first of all that is new and old systems matching problem, in order to build a new platform, the platform is out of the old, or continue to use, and of course you have the money to eliminate, but in fact a lot of construction funds and other reasons, or want to continue, that is, the old and new systems to interconnect. Another new media and old media as exists between the completely different structure, so the interaction between them on how to use the balance between the old and new systems and applications. With the development of the technical level, we found that the cloud is the only solution to this problem, at least at this stage is the only good way. With this technology cloud the first processor, in particular the comparison of the server, with the continuous progress, in particular the use of the birth of the Internet server computing power-sharing model.

further business, cloud computing has become the main mode, just talked about the Google, IBM, etc., I personally think it is a good layout in the world, to adapt to various network level, such as how to use high-end users, end users and even the common use of low-end services provided by Google, which is the benefits of the cloud. The characteristics of the station again, he is a propaganda media, multiple languages, with radio, television, print media and other multimedia services to carry out integrated services, both web, mobile TV, IPTV, we have nearly 40 overseas production point, the program production process but also a platform to share my country, and its equipment replacement and by the local, capital and other effects, so I offer the services of this platform must be able to update my desks can continue to support overseas update the kind of branching system, if present, do not use the cloud is difficult to complete. Therefore,Christian Louboutin Henry Tan, when designing the platform there are so few issues that we need to consider, our system uses the group approach is the way a single platform,Christian Louboutin Miss Boxe 100 wedge pumps, using most of the traditional island way station, or by way of the cloud it is important that a network building security, security under the Broadcasting White Paper now, it's building is closed, but our reporters traveling around the world, if it is a closed network, it is difficult to complete the things we need to do, which is worth pondering, and then With a turnkey service, or after the completion of a network is not completed today will never change, along with the demand, the user changes the development of format, you need to constantly update, upgrade. We do turn-key or with the escalation of the cloud, with the service works? There is also now the process of using a private cloud, or a total of clouds.

of the above problems, we solve the idea of ??positioning the first to use the basic ideas in the cloud, and we carried out in the clouds building and promoting the concept, but also to follow the basic standards of the industry. In a standardized SaaS and PaaS development, as well as the basic framework for broadcasting White Paper. Plug-in module of the service I think is very important, and we hope it is relatively independent and complete. The progress of our PC quickly, there is X86, but also Apple's system and so on. Objects for different users, even if more than 2,000 domestic point, there are different grades, while the memory is not, in these users want to focus their new platform I have to go to my server farm or the cloud storage Download the body to provide him with appropriate services, rates and the corresponding software, use this software to meet his own hardware system can accomplish the task, which is SaaS, so that different levels of the machine adapt to my new platform technology. Another PaaS, all overseas production area and the station regarded me as a platform for domestic main platform provider, to provide me to obtain the software, take me as the main structure, with other production sites and content acquisition distribution point interaction, communication.

through our concept of using the cloud platform,Christian Louboutin Henry Black, we can adapt to the spread of rates from dozens of K, as well as dial-in rate, there are a variety of different grades, including mobile phones from the PC to the laptop at different rates , and they can download the appropriate software, of course, in order to ensure security, registration, user authentication is very strict. Can get can get their own services, including remote editing, proofreading are possible. Over the past must be the entire system, including user terminals and overseas system fully updated, now with the idea of ??the cloud, there is no such need, of course, the software will be an enormous amount of work. We use the service with style, not turnkey. To achieve this, we must do these points, one is for all 61 languages ??in 43 languages ??through the cloud design, with fool of the application portal. Another externally-style multimedia knowledge grid,Christian Louboutin Simple 100 Pumps, a variety of language translation, communication time, knowledge structure and use the backup sometimes very complex. Therefore adopt this approach, you can do some good with the host backup of knowledge to solve it more convenient. Another cloud-based disaster recovery system of stored data, we know that we usually have such a backup of the database as the strengths and weaknesses, but we feel with cloud storage as a specific user authentication, so security has a new improved , more flexible than the fixed model, data disaster recovery will be better. Cloud can be measured again, in the past more difficult measurement problems, including low-rate, low-storage devices, a more accurate measurement, but effective. As a result of this platform again the idea of ??the cloud, corresponding to the software for our improvement and development of a good foundation.

This is some of the work we have done for everyone to make a visit. It is because of the adoption of new ideas, our editing system can do very complex work, but also can do simple task, leading editors in the home to find images, sounds, though worse than the standard, but the formation of programs on the server or in my high stream of images produced significant features of the program effectiveness and efficiency.

time I want to say no in-depth, the basic idea for everyone to report it. The first is to do for some time because, after all, this is indeed the cloud and fire, said the industry can solve any problem. We deeply feel after doing some work to do things to see farther, cloud computing is not able to solve all problems, cloud technology is also used as a tool to address important issues, our multimedia editing solution to the current and future storage interoperability between When problems, but not exhaustive, not to solve a problem, while some content, such as three-screen integration of content and related new business, which can to some extent the way through the clouds and solutions integration , and unnecessary development system specifically for this purpose, the cloud can be a good idea to solve the problem, the key is how we do it. Again through the cloud effective solution to interactive technology radio and television network business, we believe that this has proven very convenient, but also successful. This is the international platform on mobile devices, mobile services, we are not using a dedicated system, but the concept of design through the cloud platform to the terminal to provide a variety of different services, as well as overseas resources, the production point to provide a platform that can I have done here in the production of mass back, we need to do large-scale overseas all the strengthening of Taiwan, just to have a good end, and this terminal is not very high demands. PaaS feature again using domestic partners overseas to provide secondary program content. All modules, templates do not have their own development, to me to get on the line, join me here to integrate the special needs of the future can be a push in the past, through the cloud to create content and system greatly simplified.

Although we are not engaged in business units, but during the Olympic Games and World Expo, for a number of local radio, local media can operate the relevant application platform, you can obtain a copy of the template to transform me, push send me here,Christian Louboutin Catenita 120 leather slingbacks, of course, is your standard scale. As I put your content on which a person does not know, so and reliability is guaranteed.

a technology is adaptive, what the amount is not omnipotent, the cloud is the same, so what I have recently been raised to engage the world heard of the concept of the cloud, this concept is not a problem, in fact individuals personal thoughts, we want to actually uncontrolled expansion of the Internet cloud, then there may be some problems. In fact, when the Internet as a local area network security is guaranteed, because of continued Internet expansion, making security less and less, I think the cloud is, any user to access the data cloud is a safety certification, registration, and registration process is what I deal with the safety of your identity, so why do private clouds, Xiaoyun the stage is safe, you enter not just come in my system, and to go through certification. However, there will be a bigger problem later. Therefore, there should be restraint, to protect the development. Further cloud the complexity and security is a relative relationship, the greater the complexity of the security offside low. But the cloud base is a lot of software, the software determines the complexity of the application of the system to complete the more, it is a dialectical relationship between the function of complex systems is based on security will not be too high.

never speaking,Christian Louboutin Henry Tan, except to solve the problem of cloud, a technology deal with the problem, or a tool, then open some of the cloud center of China Telecom, the mobile is, Google, IBM said they do not. And important building of the clouds from the transmission network can be, but the relationship with the transmission network is close, the better the transmission system, terminal micro-well, my adapter software, SaaS less storage, if your transmission system the better, my cloud system software or software the type of presence the less, that is, the efficiency of my cloud will be higher. So in fact it can be said in the past without considering the transmission network cloud, but it is necessary to consider the future of the transmission network, its transmission network to update the technology will bring clouds and a raise. Today I Luoluosuosuo of our practice and experience for everyone to do a more comprehensive report, if there is nothing wrong or inconsistent understanding of the local criticism please correct me.






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