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-> IPhone 4 (Sina science and technology with map)

SAN Sept. 20 news,Christian Louboutin D??collet?? 100 pumps, insider, start the iPhone 4 in the appointment, China Unicom will iPhone 4 in the recently held national conference on the deployment of specific sales ,Christian Louboutin Guerriere 120 suede ankle boots, the current iPhone 4 have been gradually sent to the country, some local authorities have already arrived.

plans to open 25 sales

China Unicom sales of the iPhone 4 paid great attention to confidentiality, no reproduction of previously seen on the early leak,Christian Louboutin Alta Ariella Talon 130 leather bootsv, making the iPhone 4 sale speculation time again as the error message.

Earlier, China Unicom in at 10:00 on September 17 began to accept the appointment iPhone 4 contract plan, it is learned, even so, users of China Unicom currently only mall on the reservation, when the official release on the iPhone 4 users When will I get the iPhone 4 will still be a secret,Christian Louboutin Simple pump 70 kid, even if the branch does not know the specific parts of the official arrival and time to market.

Sina Technology for two days a number of business offices in China Unicom, also found that although the Internet has an appointment, but that does not represent the operating room has been officially opened iPhone 4 sale signs hanging around the business hall Jiewei iPhone 4 out of the publicity banners and contract plans and other materials, sales staff do not know the specific circumstances of iPhone 4.

However, informed sources,Christian Louboutin New Simple Pump, China Unicom, the two held the upcoming iPhone 4 sale on the deployment of a national conference, China Unicom, the company headquarters and almost all the provinces will be involved in front-end marketing, including marketing, sales Department, China Unicom Huasheng, electronic channels Center, Customer Service Department, the official iPhone 4 will arrive and time to market will be fully understood.

and is reported that China Unicom plans to formally put on sale on April 25 iPhone 4, will not officially on sale until after the National Day. Unicom version of iPhone 4 channels mainly two types, one is 联通营业厅, one of its agent partners Suning Appliance.

bare metal is not clear whether the sale

ended September 19,christian louboutin black crepe Troisronds 100 sandals, iPhone 4 has gradually sent to branch offices around China Unicom,Christian Louboutin Rolando Hidden-Platform Pump, have been part of the local arrival of the official opening is expected to sale, China Unicom has an appointment online users will be the first to get the goods; same time, users can also apply for the Chinese 联通营业厅, but because of tight supply, will initially only some provinces and cities will get the spot. The customer service and other departments will be fully operational after the official sale service.

China Unicom only packages online reservation with iPhone 4, the user must also purchase iPhone 4 network, as to whether to sell bare metal, it is not clear. (JUVENILE)

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