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-> Mianyang Municipal People's Government Zhao, Deputy Secretary-General are

reporter Hu Chunmin

time: at 9:00 on December 1

Location: Office Building Management Committee of Mianyang Science and Technology City

figures: Deputy Secretary of Mianyang Municipal People's Government Zhao are

in Mianyang in the backbone network construction, mountain triple play, content distribution platform to achieve model innovation. Network integration of pilot cities, but also the first triple play in 12 pilot cities, the only medium-sized city, the country will be 330 prefecture-level cities,Christian Louboutin Bianca Patent Platform Pump, 2862 counties to explore new ways of triple play. As a pilot project in Mianyang triple play key decision-makers - Deputy Secretary of Mianyang Municipal People's Government Zhao have recently received the

pilot basic conditions

Zhao view that covers a wide range of Mianyang have been completed, transmission of high quality, a combination of wired and wireless communications networks and radio and television.

radio and television network, in Mianyang is the first digital TV overall conversion model city, urban digital TV overall conversion rate of 97%.

broadband communication network, the basic realization of the city,Christian Louboutin Simple Pump Nude, 120G.

3G wireless networks, 3G network signal has already covered more than 75% rural.

recent years, Mianyang keep track of network convergence technology and market developments, and is committed to triple play solutions for terminal equipment and systems development, with a total solution provides the ability to master the two-way communication technology, information technology equipment interconnect (IGRS), a new human-computer interaction techniques; in a unified content protection system (UCPS), digital audio and video codec standard (AVS), information equipment and resource sharing standards (IGRS), more than 30 the formulation of national standards.

Mianyang work is carried out triple play good for the market. May 2000, Mianyang, which was set up radio and television networks operated by joint-stock enterprise company. The end of 2010, will be basically completed the integration and two-way radio and television network transformation. At present,Chrsitian Louboutin Sexy Sling Glittered Stiletto, Mianyang launched video on demand, interactive games, distance learning and other new features in digital TV, new business pilot, with nearly 1 million cable TV subscribers, 4.5 million telephone subscribers,Christian Louboutin Yolanda Black, 300,000 Internet users, the number of users is still every year.

more importantly, Mianyang has outstanding industrial advantages. Mianyang City in 2009 large-scale electronic information industry has 95 companies, industrial output value of 55.123 billion yuan, the new product output value reached 80%. Mianyang is the largest cable broadband network R & D base, the national demonstration base conversion, air traffic control system research and production base, west of semiconductor devices and semiconductor lighting products, large-scale research and production base, China's largest base of digital audio-visual industry.

focus on promoting industrial development

Zhao considered that, Mianyang carry out experimental work has the advantage of triple play has a more solid basis for the electronic information industry, but operating the market in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, so there is a big gap, so the focus of Mianyang, or triple play pilot work on the promotion of industrial development.

in mobile phones, televisions and computer three-screen terminals and other terminals, the current Mianyang have mobile phones, two TV screens, while also working to introduce the computer industry, encourage Changhong, Jiuzhou overtaking, Zhao view that the pilot use of triple play to explore and innovation can go in front in the industry. For example, Mianyang, a new generation of information industry will focus on next generation Internet start of a new generation Internet architecture, technical standards, system solutions and so on. He said the establishment of a new generation of Internet, the end product will be re-positioning, definition, use the concept of integration and the development of new form of thinking, innovative new models.

in the development of software industry, due to the triple play requires a lot of embedded software,Christian Louboutin New Decoltissimo 85 patent pumps, system software, application software and chip design, so the success of software industry in Chengdu experience to draw on in Mianyang.

industry on the Internet of Things, Mianyang has a very good foundation. In the power sensors, magnetic sensors, RFID, radiation detection sensors, audio and video sensors, inertial sensors and other sensors take advantage of the market, Changhong,Christian Louboutin Ron Ron 100 black pump, Jiuzhou, Southwest University, to provide system solutions with the ability.

In addition, the triple play will be as smart home, intelligent community, such as digital city to bring new development opportunities. Mianyang Changhong, based Jiuzhou national technology centers, combined with experimental work to promote triple play an active part in IGRS, UCPS, of things, the Internet television and triple play applications, the standard new business research and development.

Zhao expressed, Mianyang will be pulling triple play business,Christian Louboutin Toutenkaboucle 150 suede buckle sandals, cultural and creative industries to promote the development of Mianyang. Unique culture with Western heritage and rich tourism resources, Mianyang will focus on creating one set of technology and Western culture as a strategic center of the emerging cultural industries.

strive to create a mature model

Mianyang's triple play focus on experimental work to explore patterns, to the north of Sichuan Mianyang triple play as a small pilot. Beichuan has a basis for reconstruction, but also geographically representative - a city, town, there are mountains, easy to form the model can be replicated. Zhao agreed that, Mianyang triple play will be achieved in the following mode of innovation.

First, to explore the city's new backbone network model, the unified arrangements of the city planning department, the city cable networks, wireless base stations such as the construction of the backbone network will be a unified company or units to complete, to avoid duplication. In another example, fiber to the home and construction engineering and urban planning together, the new district must do fiber to the home. In addition to do fiber to the home, but also to encourage real estate developers to do further light conversion, the Government will provide appropriate assistance.

Secondly, to carry out exploration in the mountains, triple play pilot. Mianyang wireless digital television company co-operation with China Mobile branch in Mianyang, in the mountains resumed broadcasting wireless business. Mountain areas in Mianyang, telecommunications and broadcasting infrastructure are relatively weak, and triple play by the Mianyang Mianyang wired and mobile two companies together to do, build a new model of cooperation - TV Network is responsible for downlink transmission + mobile base station network is responsible for uplink transmission. The system not only meets the problem of mountain people watch television, but also for the earthquake relief work has played an important supporting role.

Finally, to explore innovative content distribution model. IPTV in addition to doing telecommunications work, focus on content distribution above also achieve greater innovation. Established the current telecommunications in Sichuan province, city and county levels content distribution system, creating






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