AT & T acquisition of T-Mobile Android strengthen its market position or inf

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CNET tech news reports from Beijing on March 21 (text / Sun Feng Lei): Last Sunday, the second largest U.S. wireless carrier AT & T announced it will spend 39 billion U.S. dollars acquisition of Deutsche Telekom USA subsidiary of T-Mobile USA. BDA analysts believe that a single super move from the scale of the acquisition of AT & T to consolidate the market position,Christian Louboutin Open Lips 120 suede pumps, but may have a Android phone a negative impact on the ecosystem.

acquisition overlord achievements

AT & T after the acquisition became the largest U.S. mobile operator to strengthen its market position in the United States. AT & T and T-Mobile were ranked second and fourth for the U.S. mobile operator AT & T deal will add 34 million subscribers to reach 129 million subscribers, accounting for about 43% of U.S. mobile market share, which exceeded Verizon Wireless to become the largest U.S. mobile operator.

on T-Mobile, the perennial bottom living in the market, the development of limited space,louboutin sales, was acquired after all, a good choice.

Previously, there have rumors, Sprint and T-Mobile to achieve the marriage, but in the end due to higher bids AT & T, Sprint made the acquisition to fail.

AT & T and T-Mobile's network standard is GSM and WCDMA, the two networks using the same standard, the two can integrate their network resources, while Sprint and Verizon use CDMA standard is .

AT & T side said,Christian Louboutin Simple 85 Suede Pumps, users of mobile base stations and from Xin Tian benefit of wireless spectrum. The deal will support the ability of some local calls increased by 30%.

However, the single-chao, a short time, this acquisition will not have AT & T's network quality has improved much. AT & T and Apple launch the iPhone, the iPhone users to stimulate mobile data traffic,Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 polka-dot pumps, causing the user to the quality of AT & T's network have a lot of complaints.

occupied volume, so the response to this problem is particularly evident. more power to bold innovation,Christian Louboutin Guerriere 120 suede ankle boots, such as first Android phone HTC G1 is launched by the T-Mobile. With T-Mobile itself as weak operators, has been pursuing the low end of the tariff policy to safeguard the part of the low-end users.

single super that if T-Mobile into the AT, if the continue to T-Mobile brand,Christian Louboutin cognac suede Lady Derby 120 lace up peep, continue to operate independently,Chole Wooden wedge leather sandals, perhaps,Christian Louboutin 100 jazz pumps, but also allow T-Mobile to maintain its original innovation.

If AT & T T-Mobile to take on a stronger integrated approach to the operation of T-Mobile, AT & T to keep iPhone in the case of the user, Android phones will weaken the support, T-Mobile Therefore, more flexibility will be lost, or potential negative impact on Android.

other aspects of the industry chain from the point of view, this acquisition will not only impact on Android phones, will also affect Sprint and communications equipment manufacturers.

Sprint T-Mobile in the acquisition of defeat in the competition and expand its cooperation with T-Mobile and Verizon the gap between the two rivals. Sprint and T-Mobile had two vulnerable groups in a number of regulatory issues will be the same interest, jointly with AT & T and Verizon are two strong rival,Christian Louboutin Patent Leather Pumps, and Sprint can now alone.

communications equipment manufacturers will be disappointed with this purchase, the original two GSM customers,Christian Louboutin Simple 70 leather pumps, has now become an equipment vendor customers to reduce, their fate will undoubtedly put a difficult situation,Christian Louboutin Hassaneta 120 leather and linen sandals, and their profits fall risk.

risks facing the approval

T-Mobile USA President and CEO Philip Hamm To T-Mobile employees in the mail said: U.S. government approval; in the acquisition, we will remain an independent operation. The acquisition is expected to be completed within 12 months. Please remember that each employee, and continue to focus on their daily work, meet and exceed customer our expectations. A Washington public interest group Public Knowledge said the deal would lead to

To ease the concerns of regulators, AT & T statement will spend 80 billion dollars in U.S. rural areas, high-speed wireless broadband network expansion. AT & T had the goal is to use LTE 4G network covers 80% of the U.S. population,Christian Louboutin Toutenkaboucle 150 suede buckle sandals, and now that goal has been increased to 95%. AT & T said that customers of mobile base stations and from Xin Tian benefit of wireless spectrum, the transaction will support the ability of some local calls increased by 30%.






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