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Xinhua Beijing on Dec. 30 (Xinhua Bai Ying) both rapid and sustained growth of the film box office, or substantial reduction of the offending ad,Christian Louboutin Shelly Leather Pump, either set of public communication, information services, culture and entertainment in one of the triple play .

nearly made into a TV audience of choice

Q: In this international financial crisis, many industries took a hit, but the film, TV and video animation are contrarian up to become a highlight. Ask, in this context, the measures we have taken?

A: Volume terms, China has become the world's film and television producer. This year, the film production has exceeded 500, the third biggest box office is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan, the TV series, the output ranked first in the world for many years. Film and animation to achieve a leap-forward development from 2005 to 2009, the TV animation production was 40,000, 80,000, 100,000, 130,000, 170,000 minutes, the highest in the world.

our industry around the production of power to a power shift, and adhere to the right path, a boutique, the effectiveness of talent, the focus of the three areas of work:

First prosperity creative production. We are a prominent position to improve quality, encourage originality and reward quality, strengthen the creative guidance, focus on supporting a major revolution and historical themes, rural, children, minority subjects, the introduction of a number of outstanding works. For example, more and more popular and critically acclaimed movie theme, Survey, domestic drama has dominated the market, nearly 80% of domestic TV viewers preferred.

second is to cultivate the market. Us to deepen our cinema system reform, strengthening the theater building. At present, China has 37 cities in cinema, more than 1,Christian Louboutin Simple Pump Nude,800 modern theater, the screen 5690. Our children, animation channel, focusing on strengthening the broadcast platform, the current total of 33 children's channels and five movie stars on the channel. We strive to run China International Radio, Film and Television Fair Exhibition of the important and active market, and promote production.

third is to strengthen regulation. We focus on the growth of national film and television industry to focus on broadcasting regulation, strengthen and improve macro-control. For example, we asked every day 17:00 to 21:00, at all levels of broadcast television stations outside the prohibition cartoons,Christian Louboutin Yolanda Spikes 120 leather peep-toe pumps, animation, children and other channels of domestic and imported cartoons daily broadcast ratio of not less than 7:3, this policy effectively promoted the rapid growth of domestic film and television animation.

What work?

A: As China's economy accelerated process of social information and promoting the We feel that there are two aspects of the current work is particularly urgent. On the one hand, to speed up the digital network upgrade. Digitization is promoting the Currently, in some places or analog cable TV network,Christian Louboutin Rolando Hidden-Platform Pump, only one-way transmission, not two-way interaction, although some digital, but the capacity is not big enough, limiting business development. We propose, according to the Broadcast television network. On the other hand, to speed up the integration of cable TV network, focus on changing the current scattered resources, fragmentation of the situation, as soon as possible whole network, interconnection.

through the promotion of two aspects. On the one hand, traditional radio and television services will be greatly enhanced. For example, to watch a hundred of people can listen to digital radio and television programs, you can see high-definition TV, video on demand can be, you can listen anytime, anywhere mobile multimedia broadcasting radio and television programs to watch. On the other hand, new industry, new business development will be a strong, radio and television features will be expanded and extended to provide e-government, e-commerce, culture, education and other services, greatly facilitate the mass production of life.

drugs significantly reduce illegal advertisements

Q: In recent years, the people appearing on the illegal radio and television shopping, health advertising a lot of criticism on individual talent, but also entertainment views, may I ask in this regard, we have taken management measures?

A: Generally speaking, radio and television development is good, but there have been some of the issues masses. In this regard, we attach great importance to increase the remediation efforts to clean the screen audio and safeguard the vital interests of the people, to provide young people positive and healthy cultural environment, mainly in the three aspects of the special action: First, the wind against vulgar radio and television special action, focusing on legal remediation classes, talk class, draft class and the related sections of other programs. Second, the regulation of false advertising violations, bad advertising special action. According to the State Administration for Industry and other relevant departments to monitor the results of this year, illegal advertising, especially radio and television advertising illegal drugs has dropped significantly. Third, the special action remediation Internet audio and video programs, focusing on remediation reactionary, pornographic and other harmful online audio programs. In 2009, we were prosecuting illegal websites 1721, closed down 1015. These are subject to the people, especially the parents of the wide acclaim.

we feel that a fundamental solution to this problem, we must adhere to the social benefit first, to achieve social and economic unity. For radio and television stations is concerned, we must first listen to a correct view of the ratings. We emphasize that listen to talk about ratings, but not to listen to the ratings as the first standard, but can not be the sole criterion. Currently,Christian Louboutin Miss Boxe 100 wedge pumps, we are speeding up the research, explore the establishment of a scientific program evaluation standards, and the correct determination of the scientific use of listening ratings system, which through institutional building, to ensure the healthy development of radio and television.

radio and television ensure that rural people are better able to listen to the radio, watching movies, watching TV?

A: China has a vast regional differences, and many rural areas there is a movie to watch TV listen to the radio difficult problem. In response to this situation, we closely focus on building new socialist countryside, increase resources to the rural tilt efforts to increase public financial investment, vigorously implement the villages, rural film screenings and other key projects, accelerate the construction of rural public service system and achieved remarkable results.

villages project, we completed two major tasks. On the one hand, through the direct broadcast satellite, etc.,Christian Louboutin Rolando Hidden-Platform Pump, and basically complete the nation more than 20 villages of the villages have electricity, many rural areas can listen to dozens of sets of high-quality programming to watch. On the other hand, we have enhanced wireless coverage. And Every Village building has been the central and local levels of government support,

the same time, we follow the , initially out of a movie with Chinese characteristics, the development of rural roads. In 2009,Christian Louboutin Simple 85 Suede Pumps, the country more than 780 million rural screening of the film screenings, the audience more than 1.8 billion people, basically realized the

Preliminary considerations are: 2015, rural radio and television from to achieve the equalization of urban and rural public services.

ability of the international spread of radio and television marked improvement

Q: Now the international community evaluate a country's overall strength is not just economic development, cultural soft power has become an important indicator, which inseparable from a national media in the international cultural communication and influence, does

A: This marks a significant aspect is that we go out in the overall strengthening of the basis of the work, start the construction of world-class media and achieved initial results. CCTV to focus mainly by domestic changes in both domestic and international, is now offering six language international channel, and built 50 overseas correspondents, including seven overseas centers news station, formed a global coverage of the news gathering network of overseas ground more than 160 million users. China Radio International, to speed up construction of a modern, comprehensive, and the new international media, the current language of 61 kinds of broadcast, broadcast time of 1700 hours each day, and built outside the whole frequency FM 50. It should be said, in recent years the international spread of radio and television has been significant progress capacity. Such as major international events now, we can in the first line, the first time reported the news of the original rate,Christian Louboutin Patent Leather Pumps, starting rate, landing rate greatly increased.

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