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-> Because the Pad is sanitary napkins, so there will be the packaging of inspiration

iPad Daily News (Xinhua Net Qiu Jing) WiFi Edition iPad has launched a large half months, but due to limited WiFi access to the Internet, many of the looking forward to 3G version iPad, a reporter yesterday, the industry has learned that China Unicom may be the fastest launch of 3G version this month iPad.

9 17, in the Chinese market before Apple released a WiFi version of the Unicom iPad,Christian Louboutin black patent Lady Sling 120 slingback, which is the 16G version of the price of 3988 yuan, 32G version was 4788 yuan. Starting the day to usher in a lot of fans. According to Hangzhou, a counter staff revealed that Apple's products, 17 day, 80 more than the sales iPad, the next few days,Christian Louboutin Decolette Patent Pump, basically to keep more than 10 sales a day.

However, due to limited access to the Internet WiFi Edition iPad, let iPad 3G version of the timetable in the domestic market is often mentioned. Sept. 20, Apple sent out the official website for the upcoming 3G version of iPad information. The good news is that the 3G version of Apple iPad network license application has been submitted, is expected to announce final results after two weeks. Through the network if the 3G version of iPad license,Christian Louboutin grey patent calfskin Declic 120 slingback, then the country was finally time to market licensed basically clear.

Yesterday, reporter learned that China Unicom may be the fastest 3G version launched this month iPad,Christian Louboutin Glittered Asymmetric d'Orsay Flat Sandal, As for prices, and the iPhone 4 may be the same as that taken in the form of the contract plan, that is,Christian Louboutin Platform Pump, and 3G Internet access charges for bundle.

with the iPad the birth of the introduction of third-party accessory vendors iPad protective cover, the protective cover iPad itself even more attractive than it seems.

Pad in the U.S. slang for the middle finger pads and sanitary napkins is the products, so manufacturers have designed a The Currently, there are two color scheme options, one is white, the other is red.

iMaxi body shape is very large, expand the size of the block near the wings of a single sofa. The product design company hip handmaids said, if you want other colors can be customized.

leather market is flooded with these new ideas, original attraction iPad a little protective cover and inadequate. An apple a counter reporter from Hangzhou learned is that the original protective cover than the iPad iPad late arrival to the single price of 298 yuan,Christian Louboutin Alta Ariella Talon 130 leather bootsv, but sales have been general. However, Taobao, even though reporters had not found

monopoly in the iPad accessories shop, Leopard, bag, and British-style ... ... endless variety of styles. A crocodile-patterned leather holster,Christian Louboutin Henry Tan, a month's sales reached more than 1300 pieces; price of purchasing up to 1,188 yuan in the United States, there are some buyers iPad holster.

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