China Telecom Shanghai World Expo stage from music never bow

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from strong support to innovative services

China Telecom Shanghai World Expo stage from music never bow

schonborn success from the moment the curtain to the Expo Today is about to fall, many a memorable moment, a witness to China Telecom honor its commitments and all-out struggle Expo.

2002 ??? 12 3, Monte Carlo, Monaco came from a successful night of Shanghai World Expo application, China Telecom Shanghai issued the first set of telecommunications cards commemorating schonborn success, and immediately in the Nanjing East Road Walking Street site for sale.

2006 ??? 9 27, China Telecom and Shanghai World Expo Bureau in Shanghai Garden Hotel signed on as 2010 Shanghai World Expo global partner.

Expo opening into a 30 day countdown, China Telecom Shanghai World Expo in the forefront of security headquarters, as early as 10 points, late 10's protect the nerve center of all-weather, full-service, full-service Expo.

as the World Expo global partner, exhibitor, integrated information service provider, China Telecom has a triple identity not only to provide time for the World Expo, a large range, the peak value, the most stringent communication support; also for the

integrated full service escort full

official from China Telecom, the 2010 Shanghai World Expo global partner, the China Telecom Expo with a triple in capacity - the World Expo global partner , exhibitors, integrated information service provider for the Expo to provide a long time, large-scale, high peak, the most rigorous communication security.

Expo of long duration, a total of 184 days; Expo site area, up to 5.28 square kilometers; services to people over the course of 7000 from around the world more than 200 million tourists visited the exhibition, to be possible to provide sufficient to meet the daily 30 million to 40 million and 80 million business flow smooth flow of peak traffic load.

such a long time, large range, the peak value of the test, has been involved in for the Olympics, Special Olympics,Christian Louboutin Greissimo 85 navy pump, APEC summit, the five-nation summit, the Boao Forum Communications major events at home and abroad of China Telecom to support work that is the first time. How to Expo will provide world-class communications services, and show the world the charisma of China's telecommunications industry is one of China Telecom faced an unprecedented challenge.

the opening of the Expo, China Telecom Expo Park directly invested nearly 605 million yuan to build 119 ICT projects, covering the whole of Shanghai World Expo for supporting the network construction investment of more than 3.5 billion, for the Expo carefully built a super stable, very large, full three-dimensional network operation and management of information.

This is a Expo business professionals network and special network video surveillance, etc., full-service Expo organizers, exhibitors, media, and to the field and through the network access of visitors.

the same time, this network of top quality, successful application of optical networks, including the city, IPV6, including cutting-edge communications technology; carrying the theme major information technology applications; to provide hundreds of Chinese telecom products and applications.

supported in this high-tech information technology expo, China Telecom launched a total of 18 major new products and Expo highlights 8 major science and technology, both can be used in the Expo area of ??????new business, more suitable Tianyi users in the country's new business; both China Telecom, the leading R & D, more number of international and industry-leading technologies (such as the 863 projects included in the automatic language translation system used in multi-language hotline 962 010 Expo); and National Development and Reform Commission's first major projects commercial IPv6 test network, but also covers the entire Expo site. City Optical Network, FDD-LTE technology, physical networking applications, the Expo kiosks, contactless mobile payment, mobile global eye, the hotel high-definition IPTV services, e clouds ... ... the world's leading mobile information and communication services, but also the first in the expo debut in Shanghai to take root.

in the last 2000 of 6 volumes of Emergency drill program was very thoughtful and detailed list, and continue with the Expo to improve and optimize.

China Telecom deployed to the exposition area of ??????over 1,000 types of support personnel to the highest level A-class protection of all network communication for the Expo opening ceremony and the official activities of the park opened to the garden provides broadband speed Internet Expo information management platform, 800M cluster command scheduling, video media, such as the opening ceremony televised full range of integrated information services to ensure that the organizing committee, media, tourists and other information services.

full range of service delivery to achieve the Sign Language counter; credit card spending accessibility, all offices of the POS machine 706 sets were installed, providing online business online payment functions; handicapped accessible facilities, 92 operating room equipped with a convenient channel for people with disabilities; convenient and accessible services: business hall set 120 self-service terminals, two additional 24-hour self-service business offices, launch services and other convenience receiving 5-minute counter and initiatives. Window of Shanghai World Expo in service evaluation of civilization, Shanghai Telecom was awarded for the telecommunications industry first.

protection in the Expo, nearly 5,000 employees direct services Telecom Expo 1700 Telecom volunteers devoted love.

spread of three-dimensional network of sea and air

Expo, China Telecom Shanghai with a smooth and efficient international communications network for hundreds of millions of Internet users, TV viewers with a variety of information tools , with tens of millions of audience share with Expo Expo event.

Expo visitors traveled through a cell phone; media can enjoy Fast Internet; volunteers can phone into a walkie-talkie, a key to search for statements and objects; distribution of Internet users around the world by China Telecom can global content delivery network (CDN), smooth to watch Online Expo ... ... China Telecom Shanghai World Expo to weave a service

early as 2005, China Telecom Shanghai World Expo began construction of information and communication networks and infrastructure preparation. Expo Communications to ensure that

China Telecom still in the construction of Expo Park Expo Information 14 integrated access room,Christian Louboutin Wedding Shoes, the new 8915 core users km fiber optic cable backbone, the Expo business professionals network supporting core cable up to 7165.2 km, supporting the Expo video special network cable 6370.4 core kilometers, covering 13 of the China Pavilion, Theme Pavilion and all other venues 3G macro base station radio signals.

Zhang Shibo order to make this Also, Shanghai Telecom also enter the Expo area rigorous stress testing equipment for the service online Expo DC managed to establish a five-star rooms, that can withstand magnitude 8 earthquake, with 4 + 3 sets of redundant backup power supply to ensure foolproof .

The Expo is an information and communication event. Up to now, China Telecom Shanghai has undertaken the Expo public information network, the Expo management system is designed network, the Expo Data Center IDC operation and maintenance, the Expo wireless cluster 800M command, Expo emergency communications network, the World Expo Bureau office network,Christian Louboutin Evening shoes, the World Expo Bureau of video surveillance, the World Expo Bureau video conferencing, the World Expo Bureau of television transmission, the Expo 962 010 hotline, the Expo official website, online Expo Expo CDN network and a series of information management systems and information services.

order to serve the World Expo, China Telecom to meet the full from all angles by the Expo organizers, exhibitors, media, the audience (including remote online audience) the different needs of four groups. China Telecom, the laying of the content delivery network (CDN) has also set up 23 provincial domestic backbone nodes,Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 patent pumps, and global reach,Christian Louboutin Henry Tan, more than 100 countries and regions, so that the world hundreds of millions of users click on the Expo's official website at the same time without congestion.

people in the overseas visit,

been estimated that currently in Milan, visit the official website of the response speed of the Expo from the original 19.15 seconds, down to 2.17 seconds, the response rate in Dubai, from the original 23.84 seconds, down to 4.01 seconds. Expo Shanghai Online Global amounted to hundreds of millions of times users click on the Shanghai World Expo to the world's major television stations transmit TV programs over more than 1500 minutes per day.

Expo hotline at 962 010 is the Shanghai World Expo to learn about another important way. Behind the hotline is not only the operator of one friendly service, more a multi-language intelligent voice recognition system, and human and machine direct The speech recognition system can recognize a total of Chinese, English, French, Japanese four languages, it can not only take the Expo hotline at a daily average traffic into 8000,Chrsitian Louboutin clay suede Spartenvol 100 crystal sandals, and allow overseas visitors in the face of the Expo hotline question and answer even more precise.

In addition, Shanghai is the Bureau of International Communications one of the three major export, with 6 systems, a total of 10 undersea fiber optic cable and other places in Shanghai Chongming landing. More important is that Shanghai's international communication services through the country's total more than ??????, in addition to a large number of switching circuits around the world through Shanghai Tongda other countries and regions. Therefore, Shanghai and the surrounding area of ??????security submarine fiber optic cable related to the communication support during the Expo security.

fishermen of each distribution is marked with undersea fiber optic cable to the chart, also produced a printed 'submarine cable protection is everyone's responsibility' of the T-shirt, gave the fishermen to wear. revealed that this year 18 April, Shanghai Telecom has officially launched the international sea cable route ship dynamic monitoring system (SDMS), so that the protection of submarine cables is more effective.

far from the World Expo held in order to protect the undersea fiber optic cable, along with law enforcement Shanghai Telecom, a total of 3378 vessels dispatched patrol boats to patrol the total mileage of 42,039 km, equivalent to a full lap around the Earth,Christian Louboutin Slingbacks-Christian Louboutin, the submarine cable The failure rate dropped to its lowest point.

attracted the attention of international submarine cable operations community, there are several parties proposed submarine cable operators to choose Shanghai as an international cable landing in the sea; and the Many have a large user base and overseas industries such as banking, insurance, etc., have also expressed willingness to cooperate.

withstand extreme Kaoyan wonderful never ending

since the opening of the Shanghai World Expo, in turn experienced a stress test, holiday peak, high-temperature heat, extreme Renliu so numerous tests, the Expo has always been run information and communication network smooth, assumed the main support tasks Communications Expo Shanghai Telecom actively respond to challenges.

the face of the test, the Shanghai World Expo will produce an excellent answer, but behind all the work includes the contribution of communication support: the face of a huge crowd of extreme peak demand growth in the communications, Shanghai Telecom to international first-class network quality communications support to achieve the Expo foolproof.

10 16, the number of the Shanghai World Expo park day visitors reached 1,Burburry Buckled Multi-strap leather espadrilles,032,Christian Louboutin Bibi 140 leather platform pumps,700, breaking the day's total visitors to the Osaka Expo in 1970 created a record club.

back in before 16, Shanghai Telecom has started under the relevant requirements of the Special network for all kinds of business park, emergency communications networks, wireless networks CDMA, 800M device and network implementation of a comprehensive road test, and do a good job for the Expo Hotline 962 010 super duty traffic officers to strengthen the preparation. These efforts, making the face of China Telecom Shanghai should ease passenger flow peak and orderly.

16 on the day, China Telecom Shanghai company to arrange for the park security staff to 449 people, accounting for the Expo security team for nearly 50%. Day, CDMA mobile network operating all normal; available to Expo organizers to use the 800M government network load during peak hours is still more than enough.

In fact, in the Expo park the day passenger record, as people view the rising enthusiasm of Bo, the Expo hotline 962 010 also created a new high. Expo Hotline at average daily passenger flow peak call volume actually more than 40,658 times per second peak there is a section of telephone access,Christian Louboutin Catenita 120 leather slingbacks, played a very good communication and coordination role. Day of Expo Shanghai Online page hits have more than a million times.

the face of millions of visitors Expo, China Telecom's fixed shift fully converged information communication network advantages of full-service, timely protection both inside and outside the park visitors and organizers, media, Internet, telephone and other basic needs, but also fully meet the official website of the Expo Bureau, the official hotline, Expo Expo office and proprietary information such as operation and maintenance of security systems. At the same time, China Telecom Shanghai has also used the next generation Internet, the latest of things means the flow of information will be perceived trends in access to statistics and other information passed to the Expo operations, sent a lot of surfing and messaging, to discourage tourists not to enter the Expo Park, effectively easing the impact of large passenger flow.

for the protection of mobile communications and Internet access needs, China Telecom, the emergency call 9 ease emergency communication vehicles to reinforce the Expo visitors and the media call the Internet, television and other major media are more video of emergency dispatch line, ensure the live television program transmission. Also caused extremely large passenger flow management attaches great importance to Shanghai Telecom, Shanghai Telecom Zhang Weihua, general manager of the front of security staff required effective implementation of the security work.

184 days of the Shanghai World Expo, Shanghai Telecom to play full spirit, did not have any slack, well after more than 2,000 day and night to prepare for the World Expo provides a full-service, all-weather, all-round service.

Expo Hotline at zero complaints,Christian Louboutin Plisseta 140 satin slingbacks, zero submarine cable fault million accident-free cutover - Behind these records is carefully prepared and scientific management, is the meticulous work attitude and professionalism are many serious increased exercise and summary.

China Telecom as a historical mission and social responsibility of the state-owned enterprises, according to a

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