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IT Times, Li Qian Fu

disappeared, the entire martial arts,Christian Louboutin Declic 120 suede pumps, hot, every year ten million subscribers increased. 115 million, which is published by the Ministry of Industry of broadband subscribers to the latest figures. Behind these figures are dressed, as more operators to join the small, poor competitive behavior disorder frequently occurs: after closing the user to play the missing money, cut the cable and even kicking competition, brand awareness largest operator on the waterfront. Compared to mobile operators in the market competition, competition in the broadband access market is more

play after missing money but no one

Guo Yi (a pseudonym) did not expect that broadband operators actually took the money soon after the inexplicable evaporation, and Internet access fees paid by also white boondoggle, > Guo Yi, who lives in a district, Longgang, Shenzhen, last year the district where there is This year in March, he called a promotional ad on the telephone, was immediately followed by the other door. Installation process is very simple,Louboutin on sale, the other led directly into a cable, not Modem, registered users do not have information directly to the Guo Yi an account and password. Guo Yi paid 650 yuan, according to the agreement can enjoy 14 months of broadband service, that is, to use next year in May end of the period.

use more than a month, Guo Yi thought he was lucky, However, to April, good luck SOCIETY FOR end, he found no connection has been logged. So he dialed the telephone installer,Christian Louboutin, the other side says Waited two days, Guo Yi found that the situation remains the same, and so he then calls the other phone, find the phone has been shut down, people have already evaporated.

Guo Yi said, the community, and he had the same experience that many people,

Guo Yi,Burburry Studded Wellington boots, said he did not know now,

martial artist, one full one 5-pin joints fracture

an elbow fracture,

Ge leap introduction, things happen in the July 25 evening, the two employees in the Hankou station stall Lane North Village IV promotional materials distributed to local residents, while in the finished work to be seven or eight young men surrounded. The attack process is short, less than half a minute to Zuoniaoshousan the group, but the two have been covered in blood, lying on the ground unable to move.

then that the two employees were taken to Union Hospital and the Hospital of Wuhan City XI treatment, 5 sewing needles. According to Ge leap speculated that the murderers and Wuhan Great Wall Broadband closely related competitors, business counterparts,Christian Louboutin Declic 120 leather pumps, due to fierce competition for business disputes occurred, the final warning, the problem was resolved.

Wuhan Great Wall Broadband reported to the police, and said to be able to provide clues to help the police catch the perpetrators of the public offering a reward of 50,000 yuan. meeting to discuss this problem.

employees were hit in a few days after the incident, on August 1 and 2, Wuhan Great Wall Broadband cable was maliciously cut twice, resulting in tens of thousands of users off network.


telecommunications capacity on rush into question not only because of its with the have some questions.

in the search engine type Web site home page, company name is Even more surprising is posted on the website home page tagline is actually On the page Speed ??telecommunications lines such practices can not help but to question.

speed line telecommunications in the end is what the background it? At the end of the Internet Illegal Information Reporting Centre of exposure to pornographic websites serving 10 Internet service providers, the reporter found the name of speed telecommunications lines. Reporters found that the line-speed telecommunications and the recent popular concern to the industry, Dr. Peng has a close relationship between the company, reporter. In the Shanghai market,Classic Collections-Christian Louboutin-Cheap Christian Louboutin,

,Christian Louboutin Slingbacks-Christian Louboutin, plug, put. Paste, the paste is in the residential area of ??small ads on the wall the door, and even bar public on both the community, thus affecting the appearance of the psoriasis community. Plug into the community is to promote a single mailbox. Pendulum, in the district set up their stalls.

small broadband providers have posted small ads are never tired of, and to fight against competitors, tearing each other's ads, or ads will be covered in each other's own advertising is standard practice. several times of conflict.

posted almost every day, otherwise not see.

Area with the Yangpu district, the reporter saw the communication within the corridor are posted on the cabinet with several layers of small ad bandwidth, ad the bottom layer of paper is blue, the middle is pink poster paper, the outermost layer of the ad reads,

not only in Shanghai, An old residential area in Chongqing, the walls of the corridor on each floor are several thick Complaints from residents reflected every day several people in the advertised set aside specifically attached to the competitor's advertising, not long left in the wall masterpiece. Wuhan is one of friends told reporters that they had not found the cell broadband small ad, but starting in April started a home broadband providers advertised, then posted another one started, the two sides every day you come to me for.

reporter's notes

chaos have Dodge

last year as the three operators to carry out the whole first year of business, each operator in order to expand market share, seize the mobile communication users, employed every means. Three companies in order to combat competitors and even cast aside, resorted to underhand, various Wenzhou newspaper had reported that a large number of mobile phone use Telecom's network testing paralysis regulate the telecom market last year,Christian Louboutin Open Lips 120 suede pumps, the order issued under the notification, for non-standard competition, the Ministry of Telecommunications Ordinance in accordance with relevant requirements of notice of criticism or administrative penalties for serious cases transferred to judicial organs.

And now, the broadband access market, more emphasis on the chaos. Subject to compete more, not only the three basic telecom business, there are an unknown number of small broadband access providers. Access providers, particularly small, in order to seize the source, the means can be described as unscrupulous. Conventional means is the price war, providing cheaper than the big operators of the charges, but the service quality is often not guaranteed, or much lower than the actual speed advertising, or service is missing. Only be considered if the contract dispute, then the money received by the user play after missing the injured admitted to hospitals and other properties were worse. These nasty behavior seriously disrupted the market order and undermine the market environment of fair competition, leaving users unable to protected interests.

chaos have great order, the competent authorities not to go after the incident to deal with specific events, but strict regulation measures should be introduced to significantly improve the

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