Expert mobile phone real name system not panacea

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Reporter Lin Lin

According to the voice, capacity, visited Nanjing in the Mobile, China Unicom outlets, communications market, postal kiosks, and contact Taobao shop and found little difficult to implement real-name system.

Indeed, judging from the past month, there are good real-name system for mobile phones there are also questionable, on the mobile phone real name system in the implementation process may involve the protection of personal information, operators how to effectively promote the mobile phone identification truly protect the interests of the users. Interview with an unnamed industry researchers say, mobile phone real name system is just a measure of personal information protection law in the absence, also need to follow corresponding policies.

affect efforts to promote social credit

mobile phone real name system in the eye in the implementation of the May 1, mobile phone users real name registration system (the mobile phone real name system) formally implemented, mobile phone real name system be the focus of public attention, but a measure designed to benefit the people has caused many people concern.

to which the experts said that mobile phone real name system will indeed promote the process encountered many obstacles, this phenomenon was mainly caused by the lack of social integrity of the public concern. Past two years, as the network application services and 3G technology, mobile phone cards are not their real names who wantonly use of illegal dissemination of information. Spam messages,Christian Louboutin BIANCA 140 KID, text messages and other incidents of fraud to the public both on the frequency of mobile phone real name system is full of expectations, but also for mobile phone real name system may lead to negative effects of fear, in the initial stage on the sidelines is normal.

According to Sina for the mobile phone identification survey, real name system will appear worried about personal information leaking respondents accounted for 69.4% of users,Christian Louboutin cognac suede Lady Derby 120 lace up peep toe ..., more and more worried about cell phone fraud accounted for 13.2%, worried received more accounted for 10.2% of spam messages, do not worry about what only 7.2%. In practice, the social credit system in place, the people on the phone real name system comic, but also to worry about mobile phone real name system can not underestimate the complexity of the registration.

protection of personal information is the key

early in the implementation of mobile phone real name system, and more so the attitude is to encourage more users to voluntarily come to apply real-name system, it is recommended the individual operators check the legal aspects of information to make a reasonable review of the obligation to, but not in the specific operational requirements are too stringent and too heavy.

Now that telecom companies do not have identity cards with the Ministry of information networking, no way to verify the authenticity of the relevant identity information, so although the real name registration in the mobile phone operators also try to check the user's ID number and address, But the authenticity of the information needs further promotion, even if the banking system to check the identity cards of Ministry of Public Security of information, but it will inevitably be fooled by high levels of identity fraud. Therefore, in the real-name registration process,Christian Louboutin Lady Peep-Toe Slingback Pump, whether there are criminals using false registration information to the detriment of the legitimate interests of users, but also need to attract wide attention. Also,Christian Louboutin Attention 100 cutout mesh and leather boots ..., if the early real-name registration

visible, operators in the mobile phone real name system not only to the burden of implementation cost pressures encountered in the implementation of the problem,Christian Louboutin Sexy 100 patent-leather peep-toe, but also in terms of personal information to verify there are difficulties. Especially in the face of relatively large number of groups of agents, we understand the three major telecom operators in China in addition to 67,000 own business hall, also developed some 259,000 co-operating room and a large number of agents selling point. Sales channels in many convenience to users, but also increases the government and operators of user management more difficult.

mobile phone real name system is not everything

lack of protection of personal information is a problem throughout society, mobile phone real name system not solve the fundamental problem, the bank sold the depositor information, you would have a real name system, but difficult to stop this phenomenon, so mobile phone real name system is not a cure-all panacea.

experts said in the interview, mobile phone real name system is still in the promotion of early, not right away, quick results, people's expectations of the mobile phone real name system is too high, the lack of protection of personal information in our context of the law , mobile phone real name system can play a role is limited, and should not be problem-solving hopes on mobile phone real name system, but also the need for more supporting policies and measures introduced Caixing. The era of legal protection of personal information, personal information will appear the phenomenon of high-end sale. At present,Christian Louboutin Attention 100 cutout mesh and leather boots, our personal information protection laws and regulations lack of regulation also exists in the problem of unclear responsibility, sometimes to the families of the telecom companies the personal information protection heavy duty, but related measures did not follow up on,Christian Louboutin New Declic python, allow enterprises to protect all personal information is difficult to really place.

mobile phone real name system problems,Christian Louboutin Simple Botta Leather Boot, but also to establish the improvement in the social environment and progress, in particular the establishment of social credit system. If the whole society to recognize the real name system is to regulate an important means of self and others, and truly personal financial credit, criminal record, income level, tax number and the name of an individual are closely linked. So, the name is a person's brand.

real names and personal information protection complement each other. In the real-name system continuously push forward the process of

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