Standards should promote development of the industry

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Zheng Yan

This does not, encounter a few days ago, Deputy Secretary-General of China Electronics Standardization Association Pang Chunlin, to ask him what is now the most popular standard application, the answer is even mentioned in the conceptual phase is still in the

use of 3G networks, will be on the road in vehicles and traffic control system real-time connections, and other vehicles exchange traffic information, choose the best driving route; the car into a mobile Internet terminal, allowing you easy way browse news,Christian Louboutin Fifi 85 patent pump, video conference, send and receive mail, visit the community ... people talking ... after 20 years just urban traffic Imagination Expo GMAC-SAIC Automotive Museum in the public display and enterprises around the quietly started.

just revealed signs of new business opportunities, they began to seize the standard high, forward-thinking companies should be affirmed. However,Christian Louboutin Boots, the Secretary-General then referred to a huge thing, allows the author a long sigh.

recently, a domestic company introduced the first generation However, the product listing, but where the consumer hit a wall. Advance application is not that consumers do not like it, but the most basic map navigation features often appear similar to the Originally, the developer in order to ensure the so-called core technology and standards are not competitors to follow suit, to give up many mature domestic provider of map navigation software solutions,Chrsitian Louboutin Sexy Sling Glittered Stiletto, has developed a new fresh start their own navigation software. Developers have neither the experience to do the navigation map, and without large-scale trial, a problem not worth a fuss. Looked so promising business plan, and through a series of enhanced vehicle road test, car driving safety test terminal, etc., has formed a number of unique technical standards, but it was finally destroyed in the navigation software to link the most simple, really is a pity!

a long time,Christian Louboutin Rolando Hidden-Platform Pump, competition in the international standards, our business has been a disadvantage, the use of foreign standards every year, the foreign party to pay the high royalties, intellectual property disputes by foreign standards for holders of prosecution cases have also occurred. Can be said that the field of domestic business has been simmering in the standard breath,christian louboutin dark brown suede Bourge tall boots, that is, from the manufacturing country will grow as the standard power.

recent years with the TD-SCDMA, IGRS and other international standards, the International Organization for Standardization in China say the increasing awareness of business standards also greatly enhanced. However, we should also see that even as the TD-SCDMA, IGRS this benchmark standards, the government, associations and enterprises strongly support the great efforts of the industry alliance, the success of commercial applications are hard to say, the problem Where is it?

constitute barriers to entry, or see if you can drive the industry through the development of competition and cooperation? I think the answer must be the latter.

standard checks and balances of market competition in the opponent's threshold, should cooperate to promote competition in the industry means. Whatever the criteria,Christian Louboutin Simple Calfskin Bootie, only to adopt an open attitude towards cooperation and achieve mutual growth of the industrial chain, build a sustainable business model in order to be more recognition and business applications, but also to maximizing its value. Otherwise,Christian Louboutin Miss Boxe 100 wedge pumps, if the fear of being blindly imitate others, catch up with the attitude taken to be closed, even the best can only be a standard display.






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