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SAN FRANCISCO Sept. 16 morning, according to foreign media reports today, due to slowdown in the mobile market, China Mobile began to expand data services to obtain new growth, and plans to launch a subsection Internet search engine, Baidu challenge.

Wang on Wednesday in Tianjin Summer Davos Forum, held a media interview, said: , 'you what the next source of growth?' We think it is the data. saturation. This decision will allow China Mobile to compete with Baidu. According to IResearch data, which control 71% of China's Internet market share. Analysys International's data shows that Baidu search the mobile Internet in China as a leader share of 34.3%.

SW analyst Jimu Tang (Jim Tang), said: to achieve the desired results. China Mobile about 70% of the revenue comes from voice communications, but the growth has completely stalled. China Mobile's revenue to grow 7% this year, reaching 484 billion yuan. This will be from the company listed in Hong Kong since 1997, the slowest year of growth. Analysts estimate that China Mobile's growth will remain slow until 2012.

Wang said, mobile Internet and other data services revenue growth will be key,Christian Louboutin Toutenkaboucle 150 suede buckle sandals, data traffic has more than doubled during the first half.

Wang said, the SIM card is used to provide communications equipment, more and more capacity, so China Mobile SIM card sales in the coming period of uncertainty is expected to double. For example, cars can be inserted SIM card, which sends real-time performance data.

Wang said: p>

mobile market becomes saturated

consulting firm BDA China, according to estimates, more than 60% of the Chinese population have mobile phones, so the call revenue growth will slow in the beginning of this century, this a penetration rate of less than 10%. Beijing and Shanghai,Christian Louboutin Plisseta 140 satin slingbacks, even more than the 90% penetration rate.

at the end of July, a total of three mobile operators in China has 814 million registered users, ranking first in the world.

analyst at Samsung Securities in Hong Kong,Christian Louboutin Coral Patent Pump, Paul Wu (Paul Wuh) said last week:

Shenyin Jimu Tang said that as China Mobile's new services, mobile payments are most likely to succeed. This year the company agreed to buy about 59 billion acquisition of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, a 20% stake, to expand the electronic payment business.

Wang said China Mobile is testing mobile payment in Hunan and Chongqing, business,Christian Louboutin Pigalle Glittered Pump, and plans to launch next year in major cities for the country.

joint Xinhua challenge Baidu

Jimu Tang that is less than the 3G technology in China Unicom and China Telecom, China Mobile,Christian Louboutin Fortitia 100mm sandals, so it takes more money than the competition.

Wang said China Mobile will use the dominant position in the mobile phone market to expand the Internet search market. China Mobile's parent company,Christian Louboutin Very Prive Satin Platform, reached last month with the Xinhua News Agency, Internet search cooperation agreement.

Wang said, with the cooperation agreement, the two sides will set up a company and start next year to provide Internet search services. But Xinhua on China Mobile and specific stake in the company, has not been determined.

Wang said, users will be through PC and mobile phone with this new search engine,Christian Louboutin Greissimo 85 navy pump, China Mobile will not be excluded in its mobile phone network market leader Baidu.

Speaking of the Internet search market, Wang said: the services. p>






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