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Pictured: ICT Forum 2010 site in China, TD Technology Forum General time speech.


2010 Beijing International Telecommunications Exhibition officially launched on October 11, Sina for the current exhibition, ICT Forum of China 2010 exhibition as the main forum for communication, Sina science and technology for live coverage of the meeting.

Pictured: ICT Forum 2010 site in China, TD Technology Forum General time speech.

Following Record:

time: Thank you all tired when compared to the afternoon to listen to my speech, I try to talk about the wonderful thing,CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Bana 140 patent pump, my topic is TD technology to promote healthy and sustainable development.

has three parts: first, a simple talk about the TD-LTE and TD-SCDMA relations; second, to talk about some of the key TD-LTE problem; third, to talk about our own, that is, TD Technology Forum can play some of the unique role.

TD-SCDMA development to the present, the commercial process has been almost two years of the time. Some relevant data we can see in various media, I do not explained in detail. I would like to emphasize that so few data: First, we went to June 2007,Christian Louboutin Open Lips 120 suede pumps, the number of online users more than 10 million, accounting for 42% of number of 3G users.

Second, we put on the market for TD-SCDMA terminals has exceeded 400. TD increases the number of users each month has more than 100 million users increases, is a very fast. End of this year, we will be TD network coverage over 300 cities, basically we the Chinese city of moderate size, we consumers can be used for the services of the TD-SCDMA.

TD-SCDMA based on the current state of development, so we can make some judgments:

First, China Mobile, our operators and we are all aspects of the industry chain Under the active cooperation of manufacturers, put a lot of financial and human resources so that we and application of TD-SCDMA network to rapid development, the speed is very fast, than we originally envisaged.

second, TD-SCDMA current development is a very healthy, stable state. Contrast the development of GSM, compared to the development of WCDMA abroad, we can consider the development of TD-SCDMA mobile communications with our technology and market development law. Perhaps there may be very concerned about the TD-SCDMA who very much hope we have a TD explosive development. However, we think that may be due to the network optimization process, the end product of the maturation process, you need to run up in the market. Sustainable development through the number of users, to make our network more optimized, prompting more mature end markets.

So, if a very large number of users explosive growth, and perhaps for our TD-SCDMA, or for any commercial development of communication technology, and not necessarily very good thing. Therefore, we emphasize that it is better to fast, but it is also healthy and steady development. TD-SCDMA should be said to do this.

we also see that our TD-SCDMA network is in continuous optimization, user experience is better in the constant performance. We have reason to believe that TD-SCDMA will soon have a very good user experience and very optimistic about the economic benefits. This is based on the current development of TD-SCDMA made three basic judgments.

TD-LTE development, in support of our government, in a strong operator push down,Louboutin outlet, in the industrial chain, the active participation of manufacturers, it should be said into the fast lane entered a rapid development track.

as China's mobile communications industry, long a key link among the layout of our government and operators in China, the prompt start of the TD-LTE technology research and product development, development should be said that we caught TD-LTE, as well as the development of 4G technology, a good opportunity.

same time, the Government, our research institutions, operators, manufacturers of the joint efforts of our experimental progress of TD-LTE is a very smooth, we may have seen some reports of some Introduction.

TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE relations, in short, TD-SCDMA is the TD-LTE development. Without this foundation,Christian Louboutin Simple Botta Leather Boot, then the TD-LTE development is unthinkable. TD-LTE while TD-SCDMA is to ensure sustainable development. Any kind of communications technology, if there is no hope for the evolution of the value of a follow-up, it is difficult to expect its development is what kind of situation.

TD-SCDMA as the basis of TD-LTE so embodies several aspects, after so many years of industrial and commercial CDMA's accumulation, we have formed the accumulation of four areas:

< p> First, the core technology, and high-technology talent, we have formed a very rich accumulation.

Secondly, through the development of TD-SCDMA to build China into a relatively complete industrial chain of mobile communications.

Thirdly, through the development of TD-SCDMA, master made from the technical standards to its industry, to the full process of business experience, the accumulation of experience and technology is also very precious.

Fourth, the successful commercialization of TD-SCDMA, for the evolution and development of next-generation technologies, providing a very good foundation.

we can see the TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE development there are many differences:

First, the development model, TD-SCDMA is China's local enterprises mainly for development. We might have a little involvement of international companies at the general point. TD-LTE development and international cooperation must be based axis, from the start by way of international cooperation for development.

Second, in the industrial process, we industrialization of TD-SCDMA is relatively little late starting point, we have been working hard to catch up with the process of WCDMA and CDMA 2000, it should be said that such a commercial node Our effect is still good to catch up, we can and the other two 3G standards under a high.

Third, market expansion, we in the development of 3G, we in the 2G, both the application of technology products or markets, have fully matured. But now, when the development of TD-LTE can be said that the situation of 3G business is in the ascendant.

Fourth, the relationship with other standards, TD-SCDMA and WCDMA2000 competitive relationship,Christian Louboutin Yotruche 70 python-effect pumps, which is more clear. However, a general view of the industry will embark on the road of integration.

us to develop TD-LTE There are several issues worthy of our attention, the issue of international joint ventures, new applications, new business issues, technical issues for the short board TDD and FDD technologies and the promotion of integration.

to strengthen international cooperation, so four levels:

at the market level, we hope to promote local Chinese companies and international companies jointly develop, foster domestic and international markets. The product level, I hope we can together with local companies and international companies to play their good, in product development, operational aspects of good, cost-effective to improve our products and further reduce costs, improve quality,Christian Louboutin Boots, improve product competitiveness.

in technology, we hope that our local companies and international companies to work together, deep in the core technical areas of cooperation, together technical innovation. We also hope that cooperation in the capital, our local enterprises and international businesses to try out a new path, to form for some new technology, such as TD-LTE so that the new community of interests, closer co-operation, more concerted efforts to develop.

in international cooperation, we have several ideas:

First, international cooperation should include domestic and international carriers, manufacturers and research institutions, including industry organizations, including a full range of international cooperation. Because the development of an industry not just a certain part of the industry's work, but the entire industry must act together, work together to further cooperation to promote TD-LTE, and even the 4G technology.

the same time, we recognize that such a problem. TD-SCDMA is the distribution of benefits of commercial market for TD-LTE, in particular, international companies in the TD-LTE's planning and investment, plays a very significant impact, and we should support the participation of international companies to further TD- SCDMA network construction and business in the past, give them more enthusiasm,christian louboutin open lips, to put to the TD-LTE development to go.

we are talking about international cooperation in TD-LTE, we must not only inviting international companies to learn from their experience and technology. And also the better for our local enterprises into the international market, the better to explore the international market of space, will bring a huge opportunity.

This morning I met a senior international business management, he also mentioned the point, he said we in the Chinese market through international cooperation, can accumulate more of our local enterprises in the international market experience. In this case, the future development in the international market which will be more smooth.

engaged in the development of TD-SCDMA, we summarize the history of the development of TD-SCDMA, we found that in some technical, some products may hands a little late, you may encounter some of these obstacles and problems . The development of the LTE, we will advance more attention to these industries, these technologies, including the terminal core chips, including test systems, including the terminal operating system, measuring instruments, which is the more prominent aspects.

these products have a great feature, that is, their input is very large, such as terminal chip, may be millions of investment, may be bad deal. And the development cycle is relatively long, a chip or an operating system, not two years, it is difficult to be truly large-scale commercial level.

In addition, companies engaged in the development of this area is relatively small,Christain Louboutin black leather 'Roman 120' button detail booties, such as the amount-measuring instruments, meters, very few. Based on these features, so we promote the TD-LTE development process, we should pay more attention to technological development in these areas, more attention should be more investment, to be more support.

talk about an important issue,Christian Louboutin Simple 70 leather pumps NEW style, about the new applications and new business issues. New services, new applications, is the fundamental way to attract consumers, why did he use your TD-SCDMA? Why use TD-LTE, the inevitable is that you give him a better experience and better facilities, which depend on new applications emerging.

we can say that new business, new applications of our existence and development of the technology basis and driving force. If our technology can bring new applications to consumers, bringing new experience, the technology is bound to be no future.

the same time a new application is to win all aspects of our industry, the interests of ensuring sustainable development. Traditional business, we have hard to get more profits, and we must introduce new services and new applications.

new business, new applications are very much about this topic, we all have a lot of insights. I would like to emphasize a few points:

First,Christian Louboutin Lady Glitter Slingback Gold, we develop a new business mobile communications, mobile Internet should be the core. A friend told me that you do in mobile communications, why should the brains to think that business? We have been very mature. I think certainly for our mobile Internet communications applications in new areas of development to bring a very large opportunity.

the same time, now more popular word is I think we should be good communication network and a combination of things, to develop a number of industrial applications, such as telemedicine, etc., not only for our personal benefit and convenience of consumers, but also for our industry, as contribute to the development of our economy.

I want to emphasize is that we talk about a new business, new technologies, not just want a revolutionary new business, new applications, of course that is needed. Meanwhile, we should pay attention to the premise of a wider bandwidth, how to improve the existing business as we welcome the experience. The development of a new network, we can not say to remove the old network as a prerequisite.

the last few words about building a framework for technology convergence. This is a very big topic, first of all, we see the TD-SCDMA technology system following a lot of core technology are interlinked. The possibility of integration of the formation of a consensus we all have.

we see both a large local manufacturer, or international manufacturers, they are also planning the development of both TDD and FDD. We do not need two opposing camps then pull together to do things. At the same time, we say that technology integration is easy to say, it is a very large and complex projects. We can not only repeated in the argument on the concept, but should in some specific, practical work efforts. TDD and FDD for example our how the networking group, our end product is what form, etc., to begin research in these areas.

Otherwise, FDD Ye Hao,Christian Louboutin Henry Black, TDD or technology and industrial development so fast, we integrated the time if you can not keep up this pace, the future system of two technologies will result in unnecessary fusion of the future trouble.

Finally, I would like to give you a brief TD Technology Forum,Christian Louboutin Décolleté 100 pumps, Technology Forum and our TD TD-TEL in the development of the application. Forum has 10 years of the course was first CDMA Technology Forum is to promote the exchange of CDMA technology seminars and international cooperation. With the CDMA commercial, we put more focus onto a prospective follow-up studies, such as 4G technology, so we changed its name to TD Technology Forum, the core of our work is now TD-LTE technology exchanges and cooperation .

First of all, we are an open platform. We will be inclusive, allowing more and more rich in ideas and technology system in our platform for exchange and cooperation. Can even have different views, of course, can not simply deny the TD.

same time, as the core of TD Technology Forum, we want to promote and participate in international technical cooperation to promote to a new height. In fact, whether the important national and international equipment manufacturers and operators, are our governing TD Technology Forum members, they have a very active communication and work.

Finally, we have a platform to promote technological innovation, a variety of new technologies, new business, new products, we are willing to come on this platform for technical exchanges and cooperation, foster new areas of mobile communications of growth.

above our TD-LTE development on the views and opinions and hope to gain everyone's attention, I hope we can have more communication, thank you!

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