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-> Turn into a net success rate was more than a

number portability, especially the strict one-way number portability in mind is to balance the telecom market structure, but also to the core of the competition lead to the service up to a more open way, the choice to the user. After nearly a month of trial operation, the purpose of number portability is the initial realization of the dream of the user more choice and how far away from reality, the implementation problems encountered and how the confusion, what the policy gaps and vulnerability need to be addressed? To this end, the reporter conducted a thorough investigation of Hainan.

11 月 22 日 zero, Hainan, one-way number portability trials started, that is, except Hainan, the user can not move the TD number portability, the other mobile 2G users who switch to Hainan Telecom or Hainan Unicom, Telecom and China Unicom users can not to move or system conversion. From nearly a month of testing, the market reflects the relatively flat, and no rush scenes switch to other networks. From the statistical results also apply for number portability to Hainan Unicom's success rate was 18.89%, while the application for number portability to Hainan Telecom's success rate is only 15%, allowing Hainan embarrassing number portability situation. What is the reason most want to switch to network users can not switch to net?

signed or is signed

Recently, Haidian in the business hall of Hainan Unicom subscribers who switch counter,Christian Louboutin grey patent calfskin Declic 120 slingback, the reporter in a certain culture, general manager Mr. Wang is with the help of a salesperson issued a number portability application, about two minutes the system back to refuse the application on the grounds that signed agreement does not expire. Mr. Wang could not remember when his signed contract, so call 10086 asked on the spot, was told by the end of October 2009 had participated in the signing 1-year When questioned Mr. Wang has been a one-year period, inform each other before this event he also participated in the signing of purchase and polite, the two signed up total time required, so that by November 1,christian louboutin open lips, 2011 until maturity. Mr. Wang asked whether gifts or refund of fees refunded through such means as contract termination and was told no, he had to give up the number portability.

reporter learned from Hainan Unicom, such as Mr. Wang Most of these users are taken out because the party had received oil gifts, shopping cards, calendars, sign calls, etc., which can apply to transfer network.

It is understood that gifts or calls the current contract is bundled telecom operators an effective means of network users. However, for most users is concerned, these acts are often not aware of it. Records of complaints, the current challenge many users they are provide time for the agreement signed by the business when taken out of the side agreement is not often the reason for this or the system is temporarily unable to check other reasons rejected.

in 联通营业厅 user received a At present a complaint to 10086 or operating room, but did not get any answer to achieve early termination. Some users had complained to the Ministry of Industry to upgrade the complaint telephone number 12300, the answer is to consult with the mobile company. Users that access to an endless loop. After fruitless sighs.

unbecoming or change the real name

the morning, the number is 139 ××××× 498 Mr. Lin Hai, Hainan Unicom, the Office of Government business for number portability services. Application is issued, the system of immediate feedback as

According to the Hainan Unicom said user identity information does not match the application is rejected is the second leading cause, accounting for 10.15%. A user complained that their identity information to 移动营业厅 query no problem, but many applications have been rejected as the reason the information does not match. And this is also very helpless Unicom, wish to apply the feedback to get a real name does not match tips or information does not match, but they moved the company refused to protect user privacy,Christian Louboutin Wedges-Christian Louboutin-redlouboutinsales, what information users are therefore not inconsistent with the feedback. There are also non-real name or identity of the user does not match because,Christian Louboutin Super Woman 120 python boots, in the 联通营业厅 for number portability, require real-name registration companies to move or change the information. However, when the time came to 移动营业厅 being told, if you want to change the information must be signed for one year. To change the information can not be restricted by contract number portability, do not change because the identity does not match the information can not switch to other networks, the provisions of this conflict so that the user into a logical dead end.

irreversible or user retention

Liu is a reporter in the business hall that morning encountered the third application number portability for users. Skilled salesperson to scan his ID card, told him who switch of some description. When you hear the salesperson say, , so she already had other regrets. He thought a moment insist turn. After filing, so the system while the user finally does not appear as an immediate first two refused to reply. Gang out of business in a small desk, he received a phone call, the reporter heard him say: Half an hour after the call. a variety of mobile phones, mobile company offers packages in the hope that he consider not switch to other networks.

for number portability salesperson told reporters that because of her focus to the Number Portability Administration Center submit a business application start time, two hours must be sent back to the business application response. So if taken out of the side for the user to retain, must be completed in between, in order to Application for review because there are manual review, so whenever the issue of application, the person will be informed of information. Users can also sit at the counter several times before then, they received a call from mobile companies to retain phone. The receipt of such retention of telephone users switch to other networks is basically consistent with the conditions.

It is understood that most of the countries who switch to ensure the smooth progress of the business, under which, if the user made application for number portability, unless the user to terminate the process voluntarily, out of the carrier shall not in any technology or marketing tool to prevent users to switch network. That is, operators in the carrying out of turn during a move made to win back customers is not allowed. Ministry of Industry in the The Hainan Unicom has reflected the cost of moving the company to force a useful behavior to retain customers in the network, particularly for high-end customers to send or phone calls, etc. to retain customers. And this is difficult to obtain evidence, but also how to prevent problems.

half an hour later, Liu turned once again received the Mobile phone operator, he told each other good consideration,Christian Louboutin Yolanda Spikes 120 leather peep-toe pumps, because very much like to use 3G + iPhone, so make sure switch network. More than two hours later, manager of China Unicom's customers sent a text message to reporters, Liu said switch network success.

In addition, it is understood, the application number portability as well as the reasons for unsuccessful application number is already down or the number does not exist, accounting for 1.488 percent. The salesperson told reporters, many users even in the application occasionally also called inquiries, please call this number a few minutes later they get such a dilemma response. After the layers of filtration, can successfully switch to other networks, such as winning does.

switch to other networks after the success of the trouble

number portability is not successful the user is depressed, while the portability of success but also encountered some users think of the trouble.

vs refund the balance transfer is not difficult to bring

the user to apply for number portability, the salesperson will tell each user, the phone in the Once number portability business bid is successful,Christian Louboutin Miss Boxe 100 wedge pumps, enjoy the points in the original network, benefits will be fully cleared. Integration and offers the operator switch between the different standards can not carry'd easy to understand. The problem can not be transferred balances portability allows the user a headache.

number portability services in the successful bid, the current regulations to carry out the side the user can apply for refund business hall, but there are a lot of user complaints refund difficulties. For stored before the calls, prepaid card refund the balance of prepaid expenses and other operators need to carry out the consultation, what circumstances can retire, what circumstances can not be returned, now the answer is required under the circumstances, and refund the same off-grid treatment. However, in implementation, or have unexpected problems, the number is 136 ××××× 743 complaints from Mr. Chang after a successful deal with the transfer network, early in December to 移动营业厅 a refund of fees, the salesperson said that although the have received to retire file charges, but the specific refund when you can not determine the time. Another 151 ××××× 777 user complaints to the 移动营业厅 a refund of fees, the salesperson said the user has removed the information system can not be found, so I can not refund.

vs phone industry can not receive text messages received unreasonable

Recently, the Internet for the number portability is the most successful Fanying not receive, such as banking, securities and other industries SMS problems. Many users said that their bank cards,Christian Louboutin Christian Louboutin Multi Booty 140 boots, credit card information received less than the credit card spending. It is understood that a number of Hainan Unicom has also received complaints from users similar.

the number portability testing, the Ministry only for mobile voice services, interconnection point to point and point to point SMS MMS implementations for the specification, content and implementation methods for business a variety of mobile value-added services is not required for the opening. SMS is currently the industry is widely used in China, involving businesses, large banks, securities institutions, small shopping malls, a variety of member organizations. It is understood that the industry SMS (Group SMS platform) generally need access to the three operators of the industry to achieve the information SMS Gateway issued. Implement number portability, the user number and the corresponding home network no longer has a fixed relationship between the SMS platform, the industry will be unable to know the user number of the home network. We can see from the routing scheme, the original route segment in accordance with the design, number portability will lead the user can not receive text messages issued by the industry SP. SMS problem for the industry, government departments are stepping up research is currently addressed.

text messages in addition to this major industry issues, the current most fundamentally, the call can not guarantee the complaints users have complained of Hainan, number portability,christian louboutin, the mobile user or fixed-line users to call the number by Technical staff said that this may be relevant to carry out the operators did not complete the production of user data. However, according to the Ministry of Industry, business center and all telecommunications data between the broadcast. Entry into force of broadcasting, the telecommunications business operators shall complete this site within 30 minutes of synchronized database. Users appear to carry the call for the transfer of complaints such pressing issues as class of business, such as fault location is the reason for carrying out the operator, the local communication within 24 hours prescribed by the Board disposed of and not longer than 48 hours, while a similar user experience this site The phone went dead issue, three operators are no more than 4 hours are basically resolved in 2 to 3 hours. As for the fault location for the remote when his network operators, Hainan Unicom relevant personnel said there was no clear processes and time requirements. Problems, China Unicom company officials reported to have been through various means, Fang Yunwei staff, the other operators, Communications Authority, Ministry of Industry and other relevant departments, to be painstakingly. Currently, a user can not receive the promoters of the Tianjin Bohai Sea oil through long-distance calls a month of complaints not yet resolved. The two operators, and poor coordination between the lack of supervision gives users a lot of trouble. Prior to the Ministry of Industry have been possible for the above-mentioned problems, many requiring operators to verify the data this site, avoid the transfer of data portability a result of users making use of local, long distance and roaming occurs when the block situation. However, the results now, it seems there is no implementation of the provisions, not punishment.

how to effectively protect the interests of subscribers who switch users in the test must also be cause for concern.

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